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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Miss Internet Indonesia .

My name is Maria Clara Novita K.
I really need your help  ... really need your favor for this competition . :p

i am competing with other contestants from Indonesia.
the winner with the most votes in this round will represent Indonesia in the International Round.
so what you have to do now is very easy.
give me vote on my profile.
i need more visitors and more promotion and more help from everybody in this world . :p

i am now on 627 place with 2 votes in the may round of Miss Internet Indonesia.
at the moment, i need "only" 188 votes again to get among the top 10 contestants.
i have a great chance to win the local round and qualify into the international final around!!!

open the new tab and then copy paste this link below into the blank box :

*sorry you cant automaticly click the link. (i dunno why).
you have to copy paste first this link into the new tab. 

11 days more the competition will be expire .. so hurry guys . :p 
 I dont want to beg and force  all of you ,  feel free to visit me and vote me ..
I really appreciate people who give me vote and visit my account .. 
Thank you before and help me to be a Winner in this round . :) 
with love ,

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