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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Joined Chouzuru July giveaway


Hello Peach!
Chouzuru open giveaway for this July.
Chouzuru got very lovely giveaway as the prizes..
Gosh! *mouth watering*

and if you want to joined this giveaway please click the link below :D
read the rules for giveaway, so you can have bigger chance to win Camera Canon DSLR..

giveaway open until 1st August 2014..
so you just have a few days left to joined..
only 1 day left..
:') *no problem, im ok*

so hurry up join this giveaway ..

Thank you for reading my blog !
and don't forget to join this giveaway ...
good luck everyone :D

Giveaway Time! XD
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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Review: Sugarpot Wax Gifted By Bunny Beaute Cosmetica

Sugarpot Wax
Gifted By Bunny Beaute Cosmetica

Hello Peach!
today i got review about sugarpot wax gifted by Bunny Beaute Cosmetica..
i got so very excited waiting my packet arrived...
who doesn't? this booming stuff is now going on for the beauty bloggers.
sugarpot wax smelling is so good and mine is chocolate!
affordable price and also they said waxing with painless.
well, is it true?
if you like, please keep reading my review below!

here is the product i'm talking about:

Chocolate Flavor!

Take a look what inside
Cool Wax

Cool Wax
Sugarpot Chocolate


Instruction Part 1
Indonesian (i will translate in English)

Instruction Part 2

Instruction Part 3

Instruction In English Keep Reading The Article Below

Additional Instruction:
How to save it:
you can save sugarpot wax for about a year only! (1 year).
save it in the room temperature and keep it closed the jar tightly!

Warning Instruction:
1. length of the hair minimum is 0.6cm
2. Area waxing with sugarpot involved: feet, hand, face, armpit, breast, bikini line and Brazilian
3. suggestion not using sugarpot wax 3 days before, during, and 3 days after menstruation. because the skin is got very sensitive.
4. after sugaring, you better not going to sauna and spa.
5. for some skin type will get redness after sugaring. this is normal and will be back normal during less 24 hours.

My feet picture:

With Flash

Without flash

Tools what you need to prepare:

1. Wax Stripes
already come from the packet

2. Spatula
Also, come from the packet

3. Bowl and Hot Water
Pour Water half bowl.
don't pour it full!

what you need to do before waxing:

Make sure Keep it Dry
from any wetness

Pour the powder to the area you want to waxing!

Step by Step:

1. Warming the sugarpot
until it get texture changed like honey

2. Spread the sugarpot wax to the area you want
remove your hair

3. Let it be stick for 10-15 seconds.
dont wait to long, it gonna influence the thickness/stickiness when you pull off

can you see the differences?
so clean and smooth man!

5. My feet hair is now gone!


After Waxing
With Flash

After Waxing
Without Flash

Description of Product:
Sugarpot Wax: sugarpot is methods of waxing with organic sugaring.
hairy plucked up roots causing hair growing slowly and takes a bit longer time to growing again rather than shaving. sugarpot made of very organic and doesn't contain chemical formula. safe to using for variants skin (normal-sensitive).

How is the texture and what is the function?
Sugarpot Wax: the texture is very sticky and a bit hard before you warming with hot water..
but after you warming with hot water, the texture is going melted just like a honey..
the function is obviously to plucked the hair off.. *teheee*

What i love?
Sugarpot Wax: its really does prove it waxing without pain!
and personally i dont believe it until i experienced it by myself.
i used to be haters until i prove it ! :p

What i hate?
Sugarpot Wax: CAN'T BE EAT! this is unfair, because the smell is very tasty you know! :p
so far until now i love this product! ;)

actually the stripes can be reused!

1. Pour It The Hot Water AGAIN!

2. Leave it and Soak for about 30 Minutes

3. Rinse and make sure the hair is not stick around
after that dry the stripes beneath the sun!

How Much Does It Cost Sugarpot Wax?
it does cost 80k IDR (Indonesian Rupiah)/ Less than 10$
you got 10 stripes and 2 spatulla! :)
big deal right?

How to purchase Sugarpot Wax?
Contact with Bunny Beaute Cosmetica
Facebook: Click Me
Facebook Fanpage: Click Me
Instagram: Click Me
Line: bunnybc
Handphone: 08787-6683-346

so, i think thats all about my review..
let me know what you think..
please drop your comments on my post!

good luck everyone!

Clara xxx

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Review: Skin Life Facial Wash Gifted By Cowstyle

Skin Life Facial Wash
Gifted By Cowstyle

 photo 1dbb8472-5023-4e52-81a5-971954760508_zps99880249.jpg

Hello Peach!
by last march i got gift from cowstyle..
i just won cowstyle product only by share and like on their fanpage..
(that whats i must to do join the quiz) *teheee*
sorry for my friends on my facebook, timelines drowning with my spamming ..

i got so very excited waiting my packet arrived...
to be honest, it takes time to waiting this product ..
it took 2 month just waiting this package arrived at my home safely..
but its ok, ain't change my excitement to keep waiting and waiting.. :p

here is the product i'm talking about:

Cowstyle Product Facial Foam

Cowstyle Best Seller Flyer

and here is about the swatches:

Swatches put on my hand

Spread The Foam on My Hand

and here is the picture closer and details:

 photo IMG_0628_zps9170c141.jpg  photo IMG_0629_zpsbe0f5af6.jpg
Instruction Cowstyle Facial Foam

the instruction in japanese language :

 photo e830f4f7-6705-4fa9-b81a-d0ffafb462e4_zpsd9806a00.jpg
Japanese Word
(trust me, i have no idea either)

Description of Product:
Cowstyle Facial Foam: cleaning and less oil on face. camouflage scars acne. Also, make the face glow and bright after washing face with the skin life foam.

How is the texture and what is the function?
Cowstyle Facial Foam: the texture is obviously foaming, because it's a foam texture.. lol *palm face*
and the function is good for the acne or blemish skin.. because the skin life edition is intended for people who has acne problem skin.. not only sell the facial foam, but they also have another treatment skin life for the acne problem! *save a bit money going to the expert or doctor*

What i love?
after i washed with this cowstyle skin life, my skin face a bit lifting ..
and my face totally clean after using this product.
my face feel fresh and cool..
love it this product!
and even my acne is not totally clean yet, but it does prevent my acne to come back..
so interesting!

What i hate?
so far until now it fine on my face..
i don't get any irritation or my face turns red because i used this product..
well, its good!

How Much Does It Cost Skin Life Facial Wash?
it cost maybe around 49.900 IDR (Indonesian Rupiah)/ 5-7$
maybe you can check on their officially website..
just to make sure i'm not wrong to tell you the price tag..
because the price can change anytime by the cowstyle company...

How to purchase Skin Life Facial Wash?
you can find it in the outlet collaboration with Cowstyle company.
involved: Guardian, PAPAYA, Metro, Watson, Yogya Super, Setiabudi Super, Grand lucky.
or you can buy it online on:
Sukamart --> Click Me

Officially Account Cowstyle For Further Information?
Official Website: Click Me
Fanpage Facebook: Click Me
Twitter Account: Click Me
Youtube Account: Click Me

so, i think that's all about my review..
let me know what you think..
please drop your comments on my post!

good luck everyone!

Clara xxx

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Review Softlens: AGEHA Japan Softlens Super Big Grey

Review Softlens:
AGEHA Japan Softlens
Super Big Grey
By: @ClaraNovK

Hello guys,
today im gonna review about Softlens..
most of girls will love this because you don't need to wear glasses if you want to go special event..
sometimes wearing glasses bring you so many problem..
example: your eyes will tired easily, and also glasses is just blocking your truly beauty..
so softlens is bring you best solution for your eyes problem ! :)

and i really love using grey softlens..
i dunno why, i just feeling sexy if im wearing grey color ..
more mysterious and sexy :p
Brand: Ageha Japan Softlens
Color: Grey

Here is the picture from this Product..

The product from Ageha Japan Softlens
Edition Super Big
Color Grey

Description from this product:
Diameter: 15.0mm (before) and 17.0mm (after)
Minus: -1.00
and only 6 months supplied
(means after you broke the seal, it will be expired for 6 months later)

Before i open it..

And this is softlens after i open it ..
grey, soft and beautiful

applied softlens on my eyes..
my eyes look bigger now .. 

and ageha softlens

My Final looks with ageha Japan softlens 
super big Grey

Better Resolution 
of the picture

What i love?
make my eyes looks bigger
15mm (normal size) and after you applied it gonna be 17mm (after applied)..
and really nice grey color
looks more natural and beautiful <3 love it 
and i don't need to drop water softlens when i go outside..
very comfortable and easy to use..

What i hate?
so far until now, i love it this product..

How much the softlens?
Normal price they sell the product: 270k IDR (Indonesia Rupiah)
but right now they have discount 34% off
so you get it only pay: 178k IDR (Indonesia Rupiah)
very big deal right?
so what you waiting for, go straightly through their website and order!
Click Here

Where you can purchase this?
you can purchase it on Ageha officially website
Click Here

How to contact Japan Softlens?
well you can contact them at:
Facebook: Click Here
BBM: 25a8140c
Telephone: 0818-0790-9033
Instagram: Click Here
Twitter: Click Here
Line: YuliaLusiana

so what do you think?
drop some comments on my post below.. 
let me know about your very honest opinion..

Thank you for reading my blog!
and good luck everyone ..

Clara xxx

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Makeup Tutorial: Emerald Summer IBB Make Up Challenge July 2014

Makeup Tutorial:
Emerald Summer
JULY 2014
By: @ClaraNovK


hi guys now i am come back again with another makeup tutorial..
it's a summer time! wohoo soo excited about it..
i'm join again makeup challenge for this month with IBB and The faceshop.
the theme is colorful, fun and summer!
what a beautiful!

but before you joined for their makeup challenge..
you must follow all social media the faceshop has it ..
made screenshoot or capture after you have done!
like this mine ..

Like Fanpage Facebook The faceshop:

Follow Pinterest The faceshop:

 Pinterest The faceshop

Follow Twitter The faceshop:

 Pinterest The faceshop
Twitter The faceshop

this is my thousand times do makeup challenge, but never win! :p
but yes, it's ok.. more practice, the better you are.. 
hope the goddess fortune is by my side!
wish me luck!

the theme for this month is colorful so i picked emerald soft turquoise color..
and then nude pink matte lipstick color!
and also i do curly my hair to get the sexy summer hair looks..
and bronze my face, darker than my skin tone..
i do my best for this time! 

and if you curious about this review, please keep reading my post..
thank you ! :D

here is my mandatory tools for makeup tutorial!

My Makeup Tools

Emerald Summer Makeup Looks!

 photo 12aaaddb-9727-4383-be62-63563abffb64_zpsf31bef77.jpg
Eyes Open

 photo b3c9909b-349d-4777-bdbe-3185a3a3b5a5_zps92f1a29e.jpg

Eyes Closed

FINAL LOOKS! hope you guys like it..
and enjoy about my review..

 photo 5429f658-d82a-430a-858d-a02e3b57bb9f_zpsf8f022e5.jpg
More Details!
took a pic with digital camera

 photo 33378287-2e85-467b-ba9d-a0e8e7b2685c_zps2c7a6043.jpg
Final Looks!
took a picture with digital camera

 photo 6dfa8a6d-e015-4256-b3ee-82cccf13cd32_zps2983000f.jpg
One More selfie..

Finally i made picture with my digital camera ..
so my friend will stop complaining for the unclear resolution of my picture ..
because some of my friend keep yelling and giving me advice to using my digital camera..
but im too lazy to that, because i can't straightly edit my photo with my ipad... :p
which is if i'm using my digital camera, i have to move it all my data to my laptop first..
don't have much time for that .. *teheeeeee*

so what do you guys think?
drop some comments on my post below..
let me know about your very honest opinion.. :)

good luck everyone!


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