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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Review Softlens: AGEHA Japan Softlens Super Big Grey

Review Softlens:
AGEHA Japan Softlens
Super Big Grey
By: @ClaraNovK

Hello guys,
today im gonna review about Softlens..
most of girls will love this because you don't need to wear glasses if you want to go special event..
sometimes wearing glasses bring you so many problem..
example: your eyes will tired easily, and also glasses is just blocking your truly beauty..
so softlens is bring you best solution for your eyes problem ! :)

and i really love using grey softlens..
i dunno why, i just feeling sexy if im wearing grey color ..
more mysterious and sexy :p
Brand: Ageha Japan Softlens
Color: Grey

Here is the picture from this Product..

The product from Ageha Japan Softlens
Edition Super Big
Color Grey

Description from this product:
Diameter: 15.0mm (before) and 17.0mm (after)
Minus: -1.00
and only 6 months supplied
(means after you broke the seal, it will be expired for 6 months later)

Before i open it..

And this is softlens after i open it ..
grey, soft and beautiful

applied softlens on my eyes..
my eyes look bigger now .. 

and ageha softlens

My Final looks with ageha Japan softlens 
super big Grey

Better Resolution 
of the picture

What i love?
make my eyes looks bigger
15mm (normal size) and after you applied it gonna be 17mm (after applied)..
and really nice grey color
looks more natural and beautiful <3 love it 
and i don't need to drop water softlens when i go outside..
very comfortable and easy to use..

What i hate?
so far until now, i love it this product..

How much the softlens?
Normal price they sell the product: 270k IDR (Indonesia Rupiah)
but right now they have discount 34% off
so you get it only pay: 178k IDR (Indonesia Rupiah)
very big deal right?
so what you waiting for, go straightly through their website and order!
Click Here

Where you can purchase this?
you can purchase it on Ageha officially website
Click Here

How to contact Japan Softlens?
well you can contact them at:
Facebook: Click Here
BBM: 25a8140c
Telephone: 0818-0790-9033
Instagram: Click Here
Twitter: Click Here
Line: YuliaLusiana

so what do you think?
drop some comments on my post below.. 
let me know about your very honest opinion..

Thank you for reading my blog!
and good luck everyone ..

Clara xxx


  1. Bagusss,,cocok dimatamu say..nice review..

  2. i so want to try a colored lens.. My eyes are dark (almost black) brown. u have pretty eyes .. giglove

  3. I only wear Freshkon cosmetic contact lens. The color is almost the same. giglove

  4. Its look pretty yet natural on you :D
    Anw it is the pic you submitted on this month's MUC rite? Good luck <3


  5. Nice review! The color is perfect for asian women. Do they ship worldwide? giglove :)

    1. yes indeeed!
      i think so, you can purchase it even you are living overseas :)
      just try it <3

  6. hmm, actually i feel that my eyes tire out more easily when wearing contact lenses, as compared to glasses. there's talks of contact lenses helping with controlling myopia worsening... but in terms of general eyes' health, glasses is always better than lenses. this was what the ophthalmologist advised me. :)

    1. ooh really?
      but i feel otherwise..
      im easily get tired wearing glasses all the time.. thats why i prefer softlens than glasses..
      but anw, thank you for your advice and knowledge <3
      really useful..
      thank you for sharing hon!

  7. Those lens look really good. I love the color. :)

  8. I've never tried contact lenses but I like the idea of these, lovely colour, maybe I'll try them.

  9. Woww darling it's stunning make up darling ! Love how you add colors together ! :D

  10. I have never used soft lens before! Seems interesting and I loved your overall look. Lots go GIG love :)

  11. I don't wear glasses, so I don't really dare to touch lenses too. But they do look good on you =)

  12. So pretty! I love how dramatically the lenses change your look - Such a beautiful transformation! <3 GIGLove

  13. So pretty and it looks natural too! Love your makeup btw <3

  14. it really look good on you...I love grey colour lens too as it look more natural and easy to match..

  15. I like the colors of your eyeshadow dear.. Would you tell me the Polyhema and the water %?


    1. they are not written anything on the box..
      sorry i cant tell you :(

  16. Cantiikk. Pengen nyobain softlens abu2 belom kesampean sampe sekarang :)


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