Friday, November 7, 2014

Review: Ultra Cover Liquid Matt Foundation From Make Over

Ultra Cover 
Liquid Matt Foundation
From Make Over
By: @ClaraNovk

Hello everyone,
today i'm gonna review about Ultra Cover Liquid Matt Foundation from Make Over..
i really love it the color..
totally fit on my skin! and looks so natural on me..
Foundation number 04: Amber Rose
and give you matte finished look, full coverage, fit for daily makeup and flawless..
super love it!

Here is the product:
Ultra Cover Liquid
Matt Foundation

Box Foundation Make Over

Box Details From Behind

Product Design more details!

Number 04: Amber Rose

Details Ultra Cover Liquid Matt
Foundation From Make Over

and here is the swatches!

Bottom Bottle Details

Instruction: Shake Before Use It

Pour the foundation on my hand

 Swatches Ultra Cover Liquid Matt
Foundation Make Over

The finished swatches
up: without foundation
bottom: with foundation

and here is the picture after i apply it on my face!

Applied Ultra Cover Liquid
Matt Foundation from Make Over

and final looks!

Final Looks

The Fact about Ultra Cover Liquid Matt Foundation:
longlasting, matte finish look, cheap price with the good quality.
natural and pigmented to the skin..

What i love?
this based foundation makes your makeup looks stay last longer..
and it doesn't make your face oily!! its so absolutely amazing.
also, full coverage for my pimples, blemishes and acne problem..
love it !

What i hate?
so far until now, i love it this product..

How much does it cost?
i dunno how much exact does it cost this product..
because as you know this is sponsorship review..
but my estimation it supposed to be cost arround 150k-190k IDR
good price, with good quality..

Where you can purchase this?
Make Over ID officially website..
you can check here ----> Make Over Website
or you can go straightly through their counter ( JAKARTA) on Mall Taman Anggrek, Pluit Village (MDS), Gandaria City (Metro), Emporium Pluit (Carrefour), Sarinah Thamrin, Grand Indonesia (Guardian), Plaza Senayan (Guardian), Pejaten Village (MDS), Cilandak Town Square (MDS), Supermall Karawaci (MDS), Kota Kasablanka, Mall Kelapa Gading, Central Park, and FX.
More information about Counter Location Make Over ---> Click Me

How to contact Make Over ID Further?
Make Over Website: Click Me
Make Over Facebook Fanpage: Click Me
Make Over Twitter: Click Me

so what do you think?
drop some comments on my post below.. 
let me know about your very honest opinion..

Thank you for reading my blog!
and good luck everyone ..

Clara xxx


  1. wow it matches your skin tone really well! the texture seems to be really creamy and thick ya, makanya coveragenya juga high banget *_*

    1. iya bagus jess buat di pake sehari2..
      cihuyyy hilangkan jerawat dalam seketika .. wkwkwkkw

  2. Waaaah, aku juga pakai ini.
    Walaupun emang coverage-nya bagus, tapi di aku, oil controlnya jelek banget, meleleh pula kalau dibawa panas2an >.<
    Padahal dari segi coverage, kemasan, shade, aku suka banget. Senengnya kamu yang cucok :D

    1. ooh gitu ya ternyata cocok-cocokan..
      iya di aku sih cocok, sampai saat ini sih belom ada keluhan.. XD

  3. Aku pernah coba di makeup class nya gt. Cuma di kulitku yg kering kurang cocok :(

  4. it does look like it gives a lot of coverage! :D thank you for the review!


    Pudding Monster

  5. Been seeing quite a handful of reviews on this MU brand. Anyway, in your swatch it doesn't really look matt

    1. but it is matt.. :p
      maybe the lighting is about the matters :(

  6. Wow.. the coverage is very good and still looks natural! Loove the end results.. BTW u look pretty ^_^ giglove

  7. The name of the foundation is so special ! 'amber rose' . The coverage looks pretty good as well! :p Youlook gorgeous

    giglove -

  8. This foundation looks amazing, giving great coverage and long lasting. ~ gig

  9. Wow pretty good coverage! Seems like a great product but I prefer dewy finish heh :P

  10. Good review. I have oily skin and its a must that my liquid foundation have a matte finish and are long lasting.

  11. looks like a lovely product. I've never seen 33ml foundation before. Normally they come as 30ml, so you get a bit extra here ;-)

  12. The coverage looks good and the shade looks so natural on you! Nice post :D
    Thanks for sharing ^^


  13. Coverage nya bagus banget kak.
    Jarang pakai foundation sih, tapijadi penasaran karena reviewnya. <3


  14. Wow! This product looks great... and doesnt even have any negative thing! Awesome :D

  15. I've never heard of this brand before but it looks amazing. Your before and after pictures sold this to me for my oily acne prone skin x

  16. I love how much coverage you got with this foundation! Great job! giglove

  17. The coverage is pretty good!! But I prefer BB cream than foundation. =)

    1. aww but bb cream is not fit on my skin..
      we have different taste :p

  18. This product seems like a dream come true for me! I am definitely going to invest in one GIG :)

  19. Great review! The color looks like a perfect match :)

  20. wow definitely great coverage! whats the oily control like?

    1. its super great for the oily face..
      help to cover and matte finish looks

  21. Aku juga punya yg ini tp kok kayaknya agak sedikit pinkish ya (definitely krn ada nama rose-nya kah)? Ya ga sih?

    1. masa sih pinkish... ah ga juga..
      coklat banget malah warnanya..
      weh, btw ada apa dengan web mu.. ga bisa visit balik nih.. hiks :(

  22. Glad it worked for you!! I haven't heard of this brand though! Would love to give it a try

    GIG Love

    New Post - xoxo Chaicy - Style..A Pastiche!

  23. Wow! That's great coverage! It matches you perfectly!

  24. I haevnnt heard of this brand either, but the coverage is amazing :) x
    | Life as a Petite || Fashion, Crafts & Lifestyle Blog |

  25. Wow that seems like it has really good coverage. However, it looks like it's thick on the skin..

  26. Pingin nyoba, keliatannya bagus..... tapi masi punya foundinya si caring colours >,<
    @freddy_friday blog

    1. ya udah yang lama di abisin dulu..
      baru nanti yang ini.. #eh :p


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