Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Makeup Review: COLOURPOP Ultra Matte Lip [Shade: Lumiere 2]

Makeup Review: 
COLOURPOP Ultra Matte Lip 
[Shade: Lumiere 2]
By: @ClaraNovK

Hello Peach!
I have been so long wanna write review for this matte lipstick!
Because I'm so in love with this color.
Most People say some shade of colourpop collection is dupe from Kylie Lipstick Cosmetics.
So I try and buy it this shade color.

Colourpop lipstick shade Lumiere 2 is dupe from Kylie Cosmetics shade Posie K.
After i compare with my friend's lipstick because she has Posie K lipstick and i am not.
Well the shade is not really similar, but almost close.
Posie K has brighter color and darker than Lumiere 2.
I forget to take a picture for the comparison. But you can google it the comparison Lumiere 2 Vs. Posie K.

So if you curious about my post,
Please keep continue reading <3

Here is the product:

Packaging Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip

COLOURPOP Ultra Matte Lip [Shade: Lumiere 2]

Product More Details:

More Details COLOURPOP Ultra Matte Lip [Shade: Lumiere 2]

Swatches about this product:

Swatches COLOURPOP Ultra Matte Lip [Shade: Lumiere 2]


and here is my final results:

Final Looks!

Descriptions Product:
Brand : COLOURPOP Ultra Matte Lip
Edition: Lumiere 2

What i love?
1. Price is affordable
2. I love the color very much
3. Easy to find in the online shop
4. The texture is mild and easily dry
5. The lipstick is long lasting

What i hate?
So far i love this product!
I just hate about the smells~
Chemical Smells not really good.

How much does it cost COLOURPOP Ultra Matte Lip [Shade: Lumiere 2]?
It does cost 135K IDR (Indonesia Rupiah) or USD$ 12.

Where you can purchase COLOURPOP Ultra Matte Lip [Shade: Lumiere 2]?
I bought this on online shop.
You can buy it on: www.belanjamimo.com​​

So what do you think?
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Thank you for reading my blog!
and good luck everyone ..

Clara xxx

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Hair Treatment Review: Hair Makeover Day With INOA at L'oreal Academy

Hair Treatment Review: 
Hair Makeover Day With INOA 
at L'oreal Academy
By: @ClaraNovK

Hello Peach!
I just changed my hair color a week ago!
I am really excited and worry at the same time.
Excited because i will get new looks, and worry because i am afraid the color doesn't suit on me.
At the end, i am still come to the L'oreal Academy in DBS Bank Tower to do the treatment.

I have got the chance from ci Carnellin's instagram for hair make over day using INOA.
INOA's Hair Coloring is the only color line say that it brings your hair closest to it's most virgin hair. INOA's also perfect for sensitive skin.
Hair coloring from INOA is the best! You can get INOA Hair coloring treatment only at L'Oréal Professionnel salon.

Who doesn't want hair gorgeous shiny color? I Love changing up my hair color uses INOA Color.
Thank you so much Ci Nellin for the chance.
Also, big thanks to L'oreal for hair make over day!
I love my new hair color right now.

So if you curious about my post,
Please keep continue reading <3

I have got schedule at 2pm for the hair coloring treatment.
But, i am still waiting for the first one because still have not finished yet.
I have time to looking around the L'oreal Academy.
The place is so modern yet cozy.

L'oreal Academy 

L'oreal Academy Class

L'oreal Academy Class Salon Simulation

It's finally my turn has come <3
I just start my hair coloring around at 3pm- 4pm.
First thing first, all i need to do is consultation with my hairdresser.
My hairdresser of today is Mr. Ash.
He is also a teacher at L'oreal Academy.

Consultation about my hair and scalp condition

After consultation, now is the moment of truth.
I need to pick my color, it's so make me confused.
All the color from INOA is amazing and nice <3
But Mr. Ash is pick me burgundy color, he said it suit with my tanned skin.

Burgundy is violet mix with red. The color is too bright for me.
I am afraid, my manager at office will kill me if my hair color is too bright haha.
So i keep looking for another hair color, but yap!
Because i don't really like brown, or orange, so i decided to change my hair color with the first color Mr. Ash pick for me.
Long live Burgundy!

INOA's Sample Book

Sample Book Color 1

Sample Book Color 2

Sample Book Color 3

Sample Book Color 4

Sample Book Color 5

Sample Book Color 6

Two color is really my favorite
But i pick Burgundy

Waiting here for the hair coloring treatment

I still not believe it finally i changed my hair color.
The last time i had change my hair color is 7 years ago. hahaha
It's been quite long time right.

My Hair Condition Before Coloring
Not shiny

My Hairdresser Mr. Ash

Hair Coloring Preparation

Goodbye My Black Hair

First Step Coloring

Applied On My Hair

Second Step Coloring

Applied On My Hair

After Washing:
The Color is not too bright
So i don't need to worry about it

Hair Styling My Hair:

I love this process

Final Looks!
It's so glam <3

More Selfie:

Selfie 1

Selfie 2

I can't stop taking picture hahaha

My hair looks inside room
Still Black
But if i go outside, my hair color change into Burgundy and red

My Hair Shampoo for Hair Coloring.
The rule you need to obey after hair coloring:
1. It's must to using shampoo for hair coloring so the color will long last
2. Don't use any product for Hair tonic or Hair dandruff shampoo
Because the color faded
3. Washing your hair 3 times in a week

Big thanks to my hair dresser and teacher at L'oreal Academy Mr. Ash and Miss. Indy from L'oreal Academy:

I love my hair <3

Descriptions Product:
Brand: INOA
Edition: Hair Coloring

Discover INOA, our leading no ammonia permanent hair colour range with Oil Delivery System (ODS2) technology, for all hair types. With the expertise of your hairdresser and an in-depth colour consultation you can achieve your perfect shade that is free from ammonia!

What i love?
1. Ammonia free hair color
2. Natural hair result
3. Perfect for sensitive skin
4. Many choices of hair color
5. Easy to apply (But you need professional hairdresser to apply into your hair)

What i hate?
So far until now i love this product.

How much does it cost INOA professional hair color?
It does cost around 777K - 1077K IDR (Indonesia Rupiah) or USD$ 57 - 79.
The price it may vary, depends on the hair salon you visit.

Where you can try INOA professional hair color?
Hair coloring from INOA is the best! You can get INOA Hair coloring treatment only at L'Oréal Professionnel salon. Example: Irwan Team Hair Design Salon.

Keep In Touch With L'oreal Indonesia:
Facebook Fanpage: Loreal Indonesia
Twiter: @lorealid
Instagram: @lorealpro
Official Website: www.loreal.co.id

So what do you think?
Drop some comments on my post below..
Let me know about your very honest opinion..

Thank you for reading my blog!
and good luck everyone ..

Clara xxx

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Skincare Review: TRESemme Total Salon Repair

Skincare Review: 
TRESemme Total Salon Repair
By: @ClaraNovK

Hello Peach!
TRESemme is one of my favorite hair treatment after Mane N Tail.
This shampoo and conditioner is seriously help to moisturise and giving nutrition to my hair.
I have damage and dry hair, it was not really good to see.
I'm so afraid to styling my hair, because it will get worse and worse.

Can't you believe it for the total salon repair shampoo it does cost only below 30K IDR.
Compare if you go to the salon for treatment, and one time visit it cost around 100K IDR.
It's so crazy, i'm still can't moving on from this brand.
Today i am gonna make a review of my favorite shampoo :D

So if you curious about my post,
Please keep continue reading <3

Here is the product:

TRESemme Total Salon Repair

Product More Details:

More Details TRESemme Total Salon Repair

Swatches about this product:

Swatches TRESemme Total Salon Repair
Conditioner & Shampoo

and here is picture:


Descriptions Product:
Brand: TRESemme
Edition: Total Salon Repair

Trusted by professional stylist, TRESemmé offers a range of hair care products with innovations and high-quality formula ingredients for beautiful hair salon every day.

Beautiful Hair Salon, Every Day!
Trusted by professional hairdressers around the world, TRESEMME is a hair care brand that aims to meet the wishes of Discerning Stylish Woman (female TRESemmé users) to get beautiful hair salon everyday, with quality products, international standard, and reasonable price .

What i love?
1. Fresh Fragrances
2. Smooth Result
3. Easy To Styling
4. Moisturise and Giving Nutrition so Well on my hair
5. Cheap But Good Quality

What i hate?
So far until now i love this product.

How much does it cost TRESemme Total Salon Repair?
It does cost around 24K - 26K IDR (Indonesia Rupiah) or USD$ 2 - 3.

Where you can purchase TRESemme Total Salon Repair?
You can find it on Indormart, Alfamart, Hypermart, or even in the traditional market.
TRESemme it sells everywhere.
You don't need to worry, because its very easy to find.

Keep In Touch With TRESemme:
Facebook Fanpage: Tresemme Indonesia
Twiter: @tresemmeid
Instagram: @tresemmeid
Official Website: www.tresemme.co.id

So what do you think?
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Let me know about your very honest opinion..

Thank you for reading my blog!
and good luck everyone ..

Clara xxx

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Lifestyle Review: Super Hemat dan Super Lengkap Belanja Barang Preloved di Prelo.com

Lifestyle Review: 
Super Hemat dan Super Lengkap Belanja Barang Preloved 
di Prelo.com
By: @ClaraNovK

Hello Peach!
Hari ini saya mau share pengalaman pribadi mengenai jual beli barang preloved.
Saya masih ingat betul, beberapa tahun silam yang namanya Gadget dan Internet itu adalah barang yang langka.
Semua masih serba tradisional, mau beli makan harus jalan kaki dulu, mau belanja harus keluar rumah dulu.
Pokoknya rempong banget deh sebelum tahu yang namanya internet dan gadget.

Begitu juga ceritanya dengan Jual Beli Barang Preloved.
Dulu saya kalau mau jual barang preloved yang sudah tidak terpakai lagi, saya jualnya ke tukang barang bekas/loak yang suka lewat di depan rumah.
Atau kalau lagi pengen banget cari buku preloved, pasti mainnya ke kwitang atau engga datang ke bazaar yang sedang pameran di Mall.

Sekarang teknologi semakin canggih, dan hampir semua kalangan sudah melek dengan yang namanya teknologi.
Tukang ojek sekarang sudah menjadi mitra dan bisa di pesan online, apalagi cuman sekedar Jual Beli barang preloved. itu hal yang mudah!
Jual beli barang preloved sudah punya platform-nya sendiri loh di prelo.com!
Ga usah susah-susah lagi cari di instagram yang ga jelas keaslian barangnya.
Belum lagi rugi kalau ketipu dengan penjual abal-abal.

Penasaran dengan review selengkapnya kayak apa.
Baca selengkapnya ya di bawah ini.
Enjoy! <3

Apa Itu Prelo?

Sudah tahu sekarang ada tempat jual beli barang preloved online asli buatan Indonesia? Pertama tau tentang marketplace ini rasanya langsung “Waw! Keren banget!”. Namanya Prelo, bisa download di Android & iOS atau buka websitenya www.prelo.co.id. Prelo adalah marketplace untuk jual-beli barang bekas yang berkualitas. Kenapa berkualitas? Karena di Prelo hanya ada barang-barang bekas yang original alias NO KW. Kalian gak akan bisa menemukan barang KW di Prelo dan kalian juga gak bisa menjual barang KW di Prelo. Hal paling penting, ini asli buatan orang Indonesia lho! Semua tim nya dari Indonesia dan basisnya pun di Bandung, Indonesia.

Sistem jual-beli di Prelo ini menggunakan rekening bersama. Jadi dapat dipastikan untuk bertransaksi di Prelo semuanya aman. Kalau kita berbelanja di Prelo, dana yang kita transfer tidak akan diteruskan ke Penjual sebelum barang sampai di tangan kita. Semua dana akan ditampung terlebih dahulu di rekening bersama Prelo, baru diteruskan ke Penjual. Meskipun menggunakan rekening bersama, Pembeli tetap bisa berhubungan langsung dengan Penjual melalui fitur chat yang tersedia. Tawar-menawar juga semakin asik karena Prelo memiliki fitur tawar secara langsung via chat tersebut. Jadi kalau kita menawar harga suatu barang dan tawaran kita diterima, harganya akan langsung berubah.

Hebatnya lagi, semua barang yang dijual di Prelo itu original karena Prelo menanamkan gaya hidup membeli barang bekas sekaligus menjaga dan melindungi hak kekayaan intelektual.
Saat kita menjual barang di Prelo, Tim Prelo akan terlebih dahulu memeriksa barang-barang yang kita jual. Jika ada yang tidak sesuai atau kurang lengkap, akan ada notifikasi untuk menambahkan kelengkapan di barang jualan kita. Tim Prelo juga akan langsung menonaktifkan barang yang kita jual, jika terbukti tidak original.

Bagaimana Cara-nya Jual Beli Barang di Prelo?

Cara menjual barang di Prelo gampang banget. Cukup foto barang yang ingin kalian jual lalu upload deh ke Prelo. Berikut aku jelasin step-by-step nya:
1. Download aplikasi Prelo (bisa klik link berikut: prelo.co.id/get) atau kunjungi https://prelo.co.id/
2.    Register untuk membuat akun di Prelo. Pastikan kamu menggunakan email & nomor HP yang aktif ya!
3.    Klik simbol kamera untuk mulai berjualan.
4.    Foto barang yang akan kamu jual sesuai arahan yang tersedia.
5.   Isi detail barang seperti nama barang, alasan jual, kondisi, merek barang, dan deskripsi lainnya.
6.   Tentukan ongkos kirim. Ongkos kirim bisa di bebankan ke Pembeli ataupun ke Penjual, Jangan lupa isi berat barang karena akan berpengaruh kepada ongkos kirim.
7.    Tentukan harga jual dan klik LANJUTKAN.
8.    Share ke akun media sosial kamu.
9.    Barangmu berhasil di upload!

Keep In Touch With Prelo:
Official Website: www.prelo.co.id
Instagram: @prelo_id
Twitter: @prelo_id
Facebook Fanpage: Prelo.id
Google+: Prelo Bandung
Youtube: Prelobandung

So, I think that's all about my review..
Let me know what you think..
Please drop your comments on my post!

good luck everyone!

Clara xxx

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Culinary Review: Aromanis Restaurant | Fine Indonesian Resto & Bar

Culinary Review: Aromanis Restaurant
Fine Indonesian Resto & Bar 
By: @ClaraNovK

Hello Peach!
It's been very long time i didn't post about culinary and resto review.
On 5th May 2017, My colleague's was celebrated her birthday.
So we were invited to her birthday lunch.
Not so many people come, only closest friend and family.

We came to an Indonesian restaurant, and it was the best one.
The place located in Menteng - Central Jakarta, near with my office.
Restaurant atmosphere is very classic and truly Indonesian.
You gonna love the place, and it's very recommended to celebrate your special day.

If you curious about my post.
Please keep continue reading!
Enjoy <3

What is Aromanis?

Indonesia’s culinary heritage is known for its unique herbs and authentic recipes. Aroma is a cuisine’s fragrance and taste. Aroma defines culinary experience not only from scent, but also from visual, taste and experiences. Indonesia’s cuisines is a must try for culinary aromatherapy.

What We Eat At Aromanis Restaurant?
I'm so full and almost fell asleep at office after eat too much.
The taste is so delightful.
Het is zo lekkaaaah!

SO Yummy!
Rice and Brown Rice

Hotplate Kangkung Udang Tauco

This is My favorite!
Gurame/ Bawal Sambal Kecombrang <3

Look Ayam Kremes in the middle <3

Bistik Lidah

From Left To Right:
1. Hotplate Kangkung Udang Tauco
2. Cumi Kunyit
3. Bawal/ Gurame Sambal Kecombrang
4. Oseng Kecipir Koyor

I Love all the food here <3 
Now Dessert Time:
1. Es Sarang Burung
2. Es Putih Salju
3. Es Mangga Jelly

Es Duren <3

Here is the lists what we had eat in Aromanis Restaurant:
1. Rice/ Brown Rice: IDR 10K/ IDR 12K
2. Bawal Sambal Kecombrang: IDR 40K
3. Gurame Sambal Kecombrang: IDR 100K
4. Hotplate Kangkung Udang Tauco: IDR 40K
5. Ayam Goreng Kremes: IDR 150K
6. Oseng Kecipir Koyor: IDR 40K
7. Bistik Lidah: IDR 80K
8. Es Teh Manis/ Es Teh Tawar: IDR 15K/ IDR 13K
9. Es Duren: IDR 58K
10. Es Putih Salju: IDR 40K
11. Es Mangga Jelly: IDR 40K
12. Es Sarang Burung: IDR 40K

Aromanis Indonesian Fine Dining Place:
The place is really nice, almost amazing.
It's perfectly to take a picture.
Every corner in that restaurant is great spot for your instagram! hahaha
The natural lighting from the sun and also decoration is beautiful.
Here is the picture of Aromanis Restaurant place.
We took a lots picture in there! the waitress is lucky don't mad at us hahaha
Because he helped us to take the moment with my camera.

Really Nice Place

My Office Matte

Birthday Woman

Lunch Together

Selfie With The Birthday Woman

Great Moment

HRD, Legal, & Finance 

Lovely Friends

After Eat Too Much

Happy Face

Bu Lily's Birthday Lunch!

Free Style

Thank you Bu Lily! <3

Aromanis Pricelist:

We had best lunch ever!
For the pricelist: Click Me
Menu Aromanis 1

Menu Aromanis 2

Menu Aromanis 3
For the final word,
Overall, I would like to give this restaurant 4.5 out of 5!
For the price is worth it every penny.
For the place is nice and beautiful!
Truly Indonesian, not too out of date place or too "cheap" food.
Tasty and delightful!

Aromanis Restaurant Location:
Jl. Johar no. 1, Menteng, Central Jakarta 10350
For Reservation please call:
(021) 2239 0550 / (021) 2239 1555

Keep In Touch With Aromanis Restaurant:
Official Website: www.aromanis-id.com
Instagram: @aromanis.id

So, i think that's all about my review..
Let me know what you think..
Please drop your comments on my post!

good luck everyone!

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