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My April 2017 Wishlist: Beautiful Wedding Dresses At

My April 2017 Wishlist: 
Beautiful Wedding Dresses At
By: @ClaraNovK

Hello Peach!
This year i have got so many invitation from my friends, they are gonna celebrate the wedding party.
I am so jealous about that. When is my turn? hahaha
Wearing white and beautiful dress for my special day.
OMG, how i am so waiting the moment like that in my life.
Please pray for me, so i can get the chance very soon. haha

Nowadays cost for wedding is so expensive, and a lots of to do.
But we have very limited budget.
Eventhough i don't have planning near this year, but i keep survey on cheap wedding dress.
And i found website, it's really on my budget, they have beautiful dresses collection, and good quality!
It's become wishlist on my wedding dress, if maybe someday i need to wear that dress <3

If you curious about my post.
Please keep continue reading!
Enjoy <3

Here is my wishlist:

Wishlist Dress 1
Trumpet/Mermaid Sweetheart Organza Sweep Train Split Front Backless Unique Wedding Dresses
Before Discount: $465.99 
PRICE: $185.99( 60.0% OFF )

Wishlist Dress 2
A-line Scalloped Neck Lace Watteau Train Sashes / Ribbons Elegant Wedding Dresses
Before Discount: $897.99 
Price: $358.99( 60.0% OFF )

Wishlist Dress 3
Princess V-neck Organza Court Train Sashes / Ribbons New Style Wedding Dresses 
Before Discount: $1172.99 
Price: $468.99( 60.0% OFF )

What Is is a one stop shop for wedding and parties. We offer a range of beautiful dresses, matching shoes, exquisite accessories for brides and fashion ladies. The dress collections will be updated every season according to the fashion trend, in order to provide with you with the latest styles. Moreover, at, you can also have your dresses or gowns custom made if you can’t find a right size. also provide the Short Homecoming Dresses you can check out on official website.

We aim to be budget-friendly the moment we establish No matter where you are or who you are. offers same low price to you. Whether you’re a retailer who refuses to pay too much in your country, or a wondering customer desires to catch the latest fashion, we provide unbeatable low price for you. offers a safe and easy online purchasing experience. Our payment processes guarantee a safe and secure purchasing environment. has taken out the hassle of international trade—from product sourcing, secure payment and shipping.

Behind is an amazing team of real, live specialists who are happy to handle any issue you may have. The customer service is always ready to solve the problems you may come up, so feel free to turn to our customer service when you need help or have any question.

We know that the dress means a lot to you, so we ensure that each dress is handled with care and arrives from our warehouse in style! Additionally, we offer fast delivery to have you get the dress in time for your big event.


What i love?
1. Design simple but still elegant
2. Cheap Price but Good Quality
3. Shipping worldwide
4. Many choices of design and colour
5. Simple and don't need to fitting for dress

What i hate?
So far until now is good.
I love the design and the price still reasonable.

How much does it cost Dresses Of Girl?
Range price it depends on design of the dress and the quality fabric.
For the wedding dresses it cost USD $100 - 500.
You can have your own wedding dress with cheap price with good quality.
You don't need to rent a wedding dresses.
You can save your wedding dresses as a memory your special day.

Where you can purchase Dressesofgirl?
You only find it on their official website.
For more details you can visit their official website for the stores:
Click Me

Keep In Touch With Dressesofgirl:
Facebook Fanpage: Dresses Of Girl
Pinterest: Dresses Of Girl
Google+: Dresses Of Girl
Official Website:

So, i think that's all about my review..
Let me know what you think..
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good luck everyone!


Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Beauty Review: Astalift Lighting Perfection Moist Pure Liquid UV SPF25 PA++

Beauty Review: Astalift Lighting Perfection 
Moist Pure Liquid UV SPF25 PA++
By: @ClaraNovK

Hello Peach!
I'm so excited to making this review for you.
Because this brand is new and come out with the sweet concept.
Sakura concept is being their attract selling point.
But you gonna a bit surprise the fact i am gonna tell you about this brand.

Who doesn't know Fujifilm? They are so famous with the camera collections.
But now they are launching new business in beauty industry.
They have Beauty brand called Astalift.

If you curious about my post.
Please keep continue reading!
Enjoy <3

Here is the product:

Astalift Lighting Perfection 

Product More Details:

More Details Astalift Lighting Perfection 

Swatches about this product:

Swatches Astalift Lighting Perfection 

and here is picture:


Descriptions Product:
Brand: Astalift
Edition: Lighting Perfection Moist Pure Liquid UV SPF25 PA++
Color: Shade 1

Fujifilm found that the petals of Sakura (cherry blossom flowers) and beautiful human skin share similar optical characteristics. Based on this fact, Fujifilm developed the Sakura Aura Powder replicating the beauty of Sakura on the human skin, and introduced a base makeup series to ASTALIFT.

Infused with ASTALIFT'S signature blend of super antioxidants, Astaxinthin and Lycopene and three types of collagen. Skin is moisturised for a radiant, natural and dewy finish.
With the New " Sakura Aura Powder" that reflects and absorbs light for a flawless, radiant complexion while covering skin imperfections.
- Moisturising, flawless and a radiant appearance. 
- Covers skin imperfections for a longer lasting effect.
*Case sold separately

What i love?
1. Light and not heavy on my skin face
2. Absorb quickly
3. Glowing finished looks

What i hate?
1. The price is too expensive.
Sorry to say i prefer to buy Estee Lauder Double Wear.
2. Not blend so well
3. Makes my face cakey

How much does it cost Astalift Foundation?
It does cost 550.000 IDR (Indonesia Rupiah) or USD$ 40 - 50.

Where you can purchase Astalift?
You can find it on Sogo Central Park, Sogo Alam Sutera, Sogo Lippo Mall Puri, and Sogo Kelapa Gading.
For more details you can visit their official website for the stores:
Click Me

Keep In Touch With Astalift:
Facebook Fanpage: Astalift Indonesia
Youtube: Astalift Indonesia
Instagram: @astalift_indonesia
Official Website:

So, i think that's all about my review..
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good luck everyone!


Event Report: Astalift Beauty Fest With Clozette And Blogger Partner

Event Report: Astalift Beauty Fest 
With Clozette And Blogger Partner
By: @ClaraNovK

Hello Peach!
Aku mau berbagi sedikit pengalam tentang event-nya Astalift yang di selenggarakn pada hari Rabu, 12 April 2016 yang lalu.
Seru banget deh acaranya disana, banyak bertemu dengan blogger and pakar-pakar kecantikan yang langsung di datangkan dari Jepang.
Tema acara yang diusung adalah berwarna Merah yang matching dengan konsep dekorasinya bertemakan Bunga Sakura.

Acaranya berlangsung dari tanggal 11 - 16 April 2017 di Atrium utama Lotte Shopping Avenue, Jakarta Selatan.
Astalift juga bekerja sama dengan Clozette untuk menghadirkan blogger partner yang turut memeriahkan acara tersebut.
Di acara Astalift kemarin ada demo makeup dan juga facial treatment gratis loh <3
Menarik banget deh pokoknya kemarin.

Kalau kamu penasaran dengan post-ku.
Silahkan meneruskan untuk membaca-nya ya.
Enjoy! <3

Acara ini merupakan pengenalan produk dan juga untuk mengumumkan bahwa operasi bisnis Astalift sudah dibawah naungan PT Fujifilm Indonesia. Cakupan pasar di Indonesia adalah yang paling besar, terutama di daerah Jakarta Selatan. Sehingga Astalift memilih untuk menambah counter-nya di Lotte Shopping Avenue yang lokasinya sangat strategis. 

Dibuka dengan Acara Musik

Pembawa Acara Astalift

Panggung Acara Astalift

Situasi di acara Astalift

Meja ditata dengan cantik

Pihak Astalift ingin mengekspresikan bagaimana mereka sangat menghargai costumer melalui berbagai macam seminar dan workshop yang di adakan oleh pihak Astalift.
Dalam acara Astalift ini juga ditawarkan free facial treatment dengan menggunakan produk dari Astalift tentunya.

Free Facial Treatment By Astalift

Tak hanya produk perawatan kulit, bagi keluarga yang menemani wanitanya menikmati acara ini akan ada photo booth dan corner kamera untuk melihat-lihat dan mencoba teknologi tercanggih Fujifilm.

Hasil Photo Booth di acara Astalift

Dan untuk para wanita yang membawa anak-anaknya kedalam acara ini, sudah disediakan juga tempat coloring untuk anak-anak. Sorry saya lupa fotoin corner buat bermain anak :(
Astalift sangat mengerti kebutuhan wanita, sehingga diperhatikan juga sampai kebutuhan keluarganya. Agar tidak bosan dan acaranya tetap menarik.

Pameran Kamera Fujifilm

Sedikit info tetang Astalift

Astalift yang diluncurkan Fujifilm pada tahun 2006 lampau merupakan inovasi dari hasil riset kolagen, anti oksidan, dan teknologi nano, tiga teknologi inti Fujifilm. Produk unggulannya merupakan Jelly Aquarysta, sebuah produk berbentuk jelly kemerahan yang kaya akan astaxanthin, anti-oksidan yang paling baik untuk kulit dan banyak di temukan di ikan salmon. Jelly Aquarysta ini merupakan produk unik yang tidak dimiliki brand lain dan penggunaannya pun dapat dikombinasikan dengan produk dari brand lain.

Selain Jelly Aquarysta, produk unggulan Astalift lainnya merupakan Astalift Perfect UV Protector SPF50+ PA ++++ yang dapat berfungsi aktif untuk menghalangi UV A dari perusakan kulit wajah serta menghalangi UV B yang dapat menembus jaringan kulit dan menyebabkan flek hitam.

Berikut ini adalah produk-produk dari Astalift:

Astalift Foundation

Astalift Skincare

Astalift Lunamer

Astalift Lunamer Skincare

Astalift Jelly Aquarysta

Astalift Collections

Astalift Collections Makeup & Skincare

Astalift Collections Foundations

Astalift Best Seller - Jelly Aquarysta

Mengenai PT. Fujifilm Indonesia

PT. Fujifilm Indonesia merupakan anak perusahaan langsung dari Fujifilm Holdings Corporation. Berkantor pusat di Kota Kasablanka, Jakarta, perusahaan ini resmi didirikan pada bulan September 2011. Selain kantor pusat, PT. Fujifilm Indonesia juga memiliki kantor cabang di Surabaya, Yogyakarta, dan Makasar.

Pada saat ini, PT. Fujifilm Indonesia memiliki enam unit bisnis yang terdiri dari divisi Electronic Imaging (kamera dan lensa), divisi Photo Imaging (mesin pencetak foto, kerta foto dan instax), divisi Graphic Art (mesin digital printing, offset, dan onset), divisi Medical (alat-alat kesehatan), divisi Industrial Products (Prescale dan NDT), dan divisi Life Science (Perawatan Kulit).

Beauty Workshop Astalift With Ms. Yumiko Komiyama

Masuk ke dalam inti acara, ini adalah bagian yang sangat dinanti-nantikan.
Dalam Beauty Fest yang diadakan oleh Astalift ini akan ada beauty demo yang di pandu oleh pakar kecantikan dari jepang.
Penasaran bagaimana sih keseruannya.
Langsung cekidot aja dari foto-foto yang ada di bawah ini

Perlengkapan Beauty Workshop
Yang disediakan dari pihak Astalift

What a cute Cupcake! <3

Warna-Warni bikin gemes

Pembawa Acara dari Astalift

Kata Pengantar Dari Pihak Astalift

Please welcome Ms. Yumiko

Ms. Yumiko dari Jepang

Workshop dimulai!

Senangnya Ms. Yumiko bisa berbagi ilmu kecantikan 
dengan kita semua di acara Workshop Astalift ini

Sebelum Menggunakan Serangkaian Produk Astalift

Sesudah Menggunakan Serangkaian Produk Astalift

Didalam acara Astalift x Clozette ini semakin memperluas jaringanku dengan para beauty blogger lainnya.
Senang bisa bertemu dengan teman serta koneksi yang baru!

Saya, Tiara, Dian, & Annisa

Selfie with Astalift

Me & Vindy

Sampai berjumpa di lain kesempatan Event Clozette yang akan datang ya!
Stay beautiful and keep inspiring! <3

Keep In Touch With Astalift:
Facebook Fanpage: Astalift Indonesia
Youtube: Astalift Indonesia
Instagram: @astalift_indonesia
Official Website:

So, i think that's all about my review..
Let me know what you think..
Please drop your comments on my post!

good luck everyone!

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