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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Your future in you HANDS

Crying and Screaming is the normal way?
expression when you feel so stuck and feel everybody disappear.

because Sometimes The bitter experience make you feeling so down and feeling so bad.
feels like nobody avoid you and leave you ...
but i still keep survive to face it and stand up again..

People around you screaming and blame at you every time you made something wrong.
nobody want listen and care with you.
but i don't stop dreaming to get what i want the most in this world.

they can reach what they want, no matter how hard it is, and so do i.
i wont give up.
the more people get me down, the more i survive my self to raise again.

being spotlight and everybody get attention at you, that's the dreams of every single person.
being love and to be loved.

maybe I'm the loser dreamer.
dreaming and hope to erase and swap all of my bad things in the past..
but voices in my head whispered and screaming "you can make it!"

and SO !!!
when someone say you are a dump, don't yelling back at them..
all of you gotta do is turn around and give your biggest smile to them..
and say it in your mind "you will regret this".

because there's still another chance it call TOMMOROW
everybody has an equal chance, chance to get the better life.
let you past make you BETTER not bitter.

problem will always come at your life.
so, learn something from your problem then you will be the wiser person than before..

unexpected result, unexpected condition, and unexpected person always come the wrong time.

Note it in you head !
Dear enemies, thank you for making me stronger. no matter how you try to push me, i still alive.
and i learn to stand up again after falling.

Guys do you wanna know whats beyond wonderful? look in the mirror :)


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