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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Hair Tutorial Without curling iron or straighten iron

Hair tutorial and review

Hello guys,
My name is Clara this is my first time hair tutorial and review. And I hope you like it..
this is superrrr easy ... i promise :p
Today im gonna give you review to you how I do it my curly hair. Without any curling iron and also straighten iron.. I really hate to using those stuff because that can damage your hair.. dry and looks not so good..
I was smoothing my hair a couple months ago. And I don’t really like it how flat my hair is..  no volume, no poof , its just going really straight..
And so in this hair tutorial I will be showing  you how to get a lots of volume in my hair, just like how the way my hair right now… with very short time you can get very beautiful hair. you just need to take about 30 mins and tadaaaaa here we go ….

So if you like my hair looks, I suggest you to continue watch on my youtube channel MrsClairedelune12 or keep reading this blog..
Lets start it….

What you  gonna to do now are, prepare the stuff you need to curly your hair same exact things the way I do:
1.  12 rollers hair with the medium size

2. I’m using the lotion heating damage from  Oriflame. Like this one

3. Hair Spray from oriflame

4. And also bobby pins to clip your hair

5. And then a comb hair

6. Opps I almost forget the sixth stuff is a hair dryer

Here are the following steps you must to do:
So, Step 1: First of all shampoo and condition your hair.
And then the step 2: what you all need to do is section off  your hair into two section: top and bottom.
Before I start to recording this video, I just blow dry and curly the bottom section of my hair..
How I do my curly hair in the bottom section is just simple:
Separate your bottom hair into 2 section: left and right. And then going to twist my hair like that. The most important part is take with two fingers. Bring ur hair Upward and then make a circle in the middle of the hair like that, just keep it going around the hair. And locked it by put in the middle of your fingers and pull it out. Just to make sure its not get lose, tied hair with a hair tie..
And so we gonna continue the step 3..
Step 3: apply  the protection heating damage hair before you blow drying your hair.
Step 4: and now taking the hair rollers and then sliding it down into the bottom part of your hair. And rolling it upward. To secure the hair get lose you can using the bobby pins. And then taking another part of your hair, then repeat the same steps.
Step 5: and Now im taking the very top of my hair where it is my bangs are. I spilt it off into the three section. Then I repeat it again with the same steps.
Step 6: this is the nicer part of the tutorial.. after you are finished all, you take the finishing hair spray and spray all over the rollers. And then wait at least 10 minutes.
Step 7: Now open and remove the bobby pins one by one. And the next is removing the rollers also one by one.
Step 8: spray with more hairspray to make it perfect.
That is it.. Thank you so much for watching (if you watch my youtube channel) and reading (my blogspot). Have a nice day everyone…
Good bye

Simple things are always beautiful

This is my final looks.. TADAAAAA.....

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