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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Tips: Why and How Social Media is Become Important For You As a Blogger?

Why And How 
Social Media Is Become Important 
For You As A Blogger?
By: @ClaraNovK

Hello Peach!
have you realized the true power from social media?
how fast your business growing is measuring by your followers at social media.
and as we know the technology is now going so great and smarter than a user.
if you have a personal business, or are you a blogger?
social media is the right place for you to marketing your business.

The most basic question from me are:
Would you like to improve your social media marketing?
Are you up to date with the best social media tips and tools?

if you are stop to learn and give up for something new.
then you will never learn anything and become so out of the date.
besides that, as a blogger or business marketing you will have new rival every single day.
and you must survive to fight this "war".
at least you are not gonna drowning by the newcomers.

6 Tips how to maintain your social media:
1. Analyze your post content
please keep on the track! dont make audience is confusing to see and follow your post content. once audience is not enjoying your post content, dont blame on them if they are not gonna stay as your followers.
example: if you are a beauty blogger, always update something related with your beauty things on your instagram, twitter, and facebook. don't ever to change the topic to discuss about politic policy or anything. your audience will become annoying about it. "is she/he a beauty blogger or trash newbie politician?"

2. Stabil update occurring continuously over a period of time
no matter how busy you are, please dont forget about your unofficially part time job as a blogger or personal business. don't make your followers or your audience leave you because you are not update anything anymore on your social media content.
Example: keep it balance and watch out your traffic post. if you have a really hectic week, please at least update something for once in a week. prepare your post content from far-away days. save it in draft or save it the special case your upcoming post. by this way, you are not gonna lose your followers.

3. Reply your comment
Reply all comment coming into your notification is become so important. because of why? this is the time for you to interaction with your readers or even followers. reply their comment in manner way, i mean with the warm word and friendly greetings. i think that's gonna be something they can not forget. first impression is start from here. so do your best to reply all the comment receiving into your notification. this is the time to show them that you care with them! that you are thank with them! and most of all, you are not only a fictitious blogger! you have a real readers always waiting for your newest update!

4. Hashtag is very big deal! # # #
Whenever you update your social media, please always using hashtag. that's how the readers detect your post content very fast! and also it help to tracking your post when someone googling keyword.
choose simple word but useful. something like we do in instagram, we will add hashtag in every single upload we had. so when we click that  #indonesianwoman, one from million picture at least there's one your summary picture on it.
Example: #blogger #beauty #indonesian #bloggerindo

5. Eye catching Picture is everything
please oh please once again i am begging you to edit picture before you upload it. so, your social media picture is not that amateur and ugly. in this new era of technology, there is plenty application and instant editor application that you can download on apple store and google play store. if your picture on social media is below the standard, don't be sad if you just have a couple of followers.
followers don't lie and blind for something that have a good quality.
so please watch out for your picture resolution and edit before you upload it.
just to make sure it so perfect and beautiful!

6. Choose the right social media for your media promotion
you know better what is your aim to promotion in social media. if you have an online shop, i suggest you to use instagram or pinterest as your marketing media. because customer will be more interest to see the picture than just a descriptions. and if you are a beauty blogger, i suggest you to use all the application you had (twitter, instagram, path, facebook, pinterest, blogger, and youtube)! haha i am seriously, because as a blogger you need to reach more readers as long as you can. catch new reader every single day is very big deal for you.

so what do you think?
drop some comments on my post below..
let me know about your very honest opinion..

Thank you for reading my blog!
and good luck everyone ..

Clara xxx

Sponsored Review: Wardah Staylast Gel Eyeliner

Sponsored Review:
Wardah Staylast Gel Eyeliner
By: @ClaraNovK

Hello Peach!
Indonesia always have a problem for Halal label.
we need report to the government every time we had a product to sell.
in this case about food and cosmetics.
so we need to get that Halal Certified.

Most of cosmetics product from USA haven't certification like that.
so sometimes we are as an Indonesian worry about the formula and ingredients mix on that cosmetics.
it be the most concern in our country, because Majority people in Indonesia is Moslem.

but right now we don't need to worry any more.
because Wardah come with new innovation Halal Certified which is safe for Moslem woman.
the price is also cheap and good quality.

so if you curious about my post,
please keep continue reading <3

Here is the product knowledge:
Before Open the box

After Open The Box

Product More Details:

Wardah Staylast Gel Eyeliner

Applicator Gel Liner

Gel Eyeliner From Wardah

Swatches about this product:

Swatches Wardah Staylast Gel Eyeliner

Final Looks:

Finish looks!

Final Result Gel Liner On My Eyelid More Details

Description Product & Directions:
Descriptions: no descriptions

Directions: Apply evenly on perfectly eyelid. and drawing your favorite eyeliner style.

What i love?
1. The color is so bold
2. Easy to apply on my eyelid
3. waterproof
4. not smudge at all for 12 hours

What i hate?
so far until right now i love this product.

How much does it cost Wardah Staylast Gel Eyeliner?
If i am not mistaken, it does cost 47k IDR (Indonesia Rupiah) or below $5 USD (Dollar).
The price can change anytime by wardah company.
maybe you can go check out their online shop: Wardah Shop

Where To Buy?
you can get it in the supermarket nearby your home.
here is the list market places you can visit:
1. Alfamart
2. Carefour
3. Giant
4. Guardian
5. Hypermart
6. Indomart

Keep In Touch With Wardah Indoensia:
Facebook Fanpage: Wardah Cosmetics
Twiter: @wardahbeauty
Youtube: Wardah
Instagram: @wardahbeauty
Official Website:
Wardah Shop:

so what do you think?
drop some comments on my post below..
let me know about your very honest opinion..

Thank you for reading my blog!
and good luck everyone ..

Clara xxx

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Event Report: Garnier Vlogging Workshop, 6-7 June 2015

Event Report:
Garnier Vlogging Workshop
6-7 June 2015
By: @ClaraNovK

Hello Peach!
about a week ago, i had really great time with Garnier Team and Blogger at Bandung.
it was so much fun being there!
and i really greatful i can be the part of it.
we having a workshop, gala dinner, travelling to the fun place, and many more!!

don't be worry, i will giving you simple and "short" review about my experiences.
so you can see how was going Garnier Vlogging workshop.

and if you curious about my post.
please keep continue reading <3

i start with prepare my stuff and put it in the bag.
i really need very huge space to put all my stuff in the bag :')
too many high heels i put in my bag..

at 5 am o'clock we must arrived at Lotte Avenue Shopping mall.
there was our meeting point.
pardon my sleepy face.. :p

we arrived at Padma Hotel Bandung.
and this is the welcome view spoil my eyes a lots!
love it so much.

for this session i enjoy my breakfast while waiting for the Garnier Vlogging Workshop begin.
nice view, nice meal, and nice companion!

so this is the time we are waiting since long!
the workshop started, and i am ready to learn something new.
opening speech by Pandu Brodjonegoro (Senior Product Manager Garnier Skin Naturals).
our guru for vlogging workshop is Kila.

Our vlogging guru:

This is our meeting room

Pandu Opening Speech

jelly beans concept is very good.
i wish my office having the same concept like this.
so im not that stressful working at office lol

selfie before the class begin :p

i have got new friend from this event!
i really love to making a new friend, so we will get new knowledge from them..
our first session class is done, now we are going to the room.
relax time and me time before we had a gala dinner..

in the hotel room there is a 2 single bed..
the decoration is simple but elegant.
i am really happy with my room and my room mate.
they are (garnier team) prepare the event really nice and good.
i am so surprise with the hampers on my bed when i open my door hotel.
omg garnier! you are really know how to make us mesmerized.
honestly, i really enjoy the trip..

here is the picture of my room mate.
she is also a beauty blogger.
her name is Hani (
i am really happy can met her in person.
she is a good woman and friendly.

ok wait wait,
i know that you guys can not waiting to see our dinner set menu.
and so here we goo..

Menu Set 1

Menu Set 2

Menu Set 3
(Main Courses)

Menu Set 4

and in the morning, we had a schedule for yoga time!
with astro as an instructure..
he is very professional and a great person..

Yoga with Astro

omg what am i doing there? XD

Take a picture with our pillow face.
thank you Garnier for making this yoga session
after yoga, i took a big meal..
i sweat a lots broo!!
i am so hungry, so i could eat a horse :p
now its time to back home?
its so sad. i wont go back to jakarta (again).
i want stay here for one more night :p

this is our lunch before travelling back to jakarta.
Bee Providore (nearby Padma Bandung Hotel)

here is my vlogging result after attended to Garnier Vlogging workshop.
not that bad, and not that good..
but im gonna learn more and more.
so i can get better everyday.

Once again thank you to Garnier Team.
you have brighten our day! 
Selfie With Beauty Blogger

I have tried it Garnier Light Complete White Speed, and now is your turn!
Thank you Garnier Indonesia, you have brightened my day!

Keep In Touch With Garnier:
Facebook Fanpage: Garnier Indonesia
Twiter: @GarnierID
Instagram: @GarnierIndonesia
Official Website:

#garnierretreat #garnierindonesia

so what do you think?
drop some comments on my post below..
let me know about your very honest opinion..

Thank you for reading my blog!
and good luck everyone ..

Clara xxx

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Review: Beauty Blender Masami Shouko Black

Beauty Blender 
Masami Shouko Black
By: @ClaraNovK

Hello Peach!
now apply foundation with your fingers is too mainstream.
why you still using your fingers when you can apply with beauty blender?
the final looks it got more flawless and no mess.

it does help me to cover my wrinkle, acne, and blackhead without struggle anymore.
i really love the beauty blender from Masami Shouko.
the price is so reasonable and hygienic beauty tool.

if you interest with my post.
please keep continue reading.
enjoy! <3

Here is the product:

Before open the box

After Open the box

Swatches about this product:

Swatches Blending with Masami Shouko Beauty Blender

see it by yourself for flawless finished and natural

and here is the final looks picture:

Final Looks!

Descriptions about the product:
struggling to use foundation brushes, sponges or your fingers? Masami Shouko Beauty Blender to the rescue. Masami Shouko Beauty Blender is not your typical makeup sponge but a non-latex, ergonomic and hygienic beauty tool that will save you time in application and deliver a flawless finish with no mess.

How to Clean?
To Clean your sponge, simply hand wash with gentle soap in mild water until sponge is clean. rinse well and let air dry.

What i love?
it obviously makes my makeup foundation flawless and natural.
at the beginning i have got skeptical with this beauty blender.
but the finish looks it impressed me perfectly!
blending foundation with beauty blender from masami shouko it help a lots!
no more oily face and mustache blending foundation <3

What i hate?
so far until right now i love this product.

How much does it cost  Beauty Blender Masami Shouko?
it does cost 88.900 IDR (Indonesia Rupiah) or $6 USD - $8 USD
you can check on their officially website for more details Click Me
i think it does cost less than Real Technique or Beauty Blender Brand.

Where you can purchase this?
i bought Beauty Blender Masami Shouko at Kay Collection in Taman Anggrek mall.
or you can check on their officially website. in case you want to know about their product more. :p

so what do you think?
drop some comments on my post below..
let me know about your very honest opinion..

Thank you for reading my blog!
and good luck everyone ..

Clara xxx

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Review: X2 Baby Eyes Piccoli

X2 Baby Eyes Picolli
By: @ClaraNovK

Hello Peach!
i do love more using softlens than glasses.
because my eyes is got tired easily whenever i am start to use my glasses.
and besides that, using glasses is gonna block your truly beauty face.

you can do your activity in normal way without struggle to using glasses.
most of all i love using softlens because of they have so many choices pattern softlens.
most to be my concern is must make my eyes bigger like a baby eyes!
and then i see X2 Baby Eyes Picolli is the best choice for me.

if you interest with my post.
please keep continue reading.
enjoy! <3

Here is the product:

After open the box

Flyer Instruction & Descriptions

Swatches about this product:

Product More Details & Closer

and here is the final looks picture:

Final Looks!

Descriptions about the product:
X2 Baby Eyes contents: one sterile contact lens
(58% polyhema, 42% water)
in buffered saline solution.
Diameter: 14.5
and only 6 months supplied
(means after you broke the seal, it will be expired for 6 months later)

What i love?
1. Really Bold Black Color
2. Makes my Eyes bigger
3. easy to apply
4. no need to drop couple of softlens water for up to 8 hours.

What i hate?
so far until right now i love how bold and big my eyes.
but sometimes my eyes got dry.
so i need to drop a couples of softlens water.
or i will remember my ex again jut to make myself crying :')
(because i forget to bring my softlens water) haha

How much does it cost  X2 Baby Eyes Piccoli?
i bought it around 150k IDR (Indonesia Rupiah) or $13 USD - $15 USD.
i dont really know if the price already change.
(i take the packet 2 softlens + 1 bottle water softlens)
For more details you can check it out this link --> Click Me

Where you can purchase this?
i purchase these pair of beautiful softlens at Lensza..
they are sell original product and the price is lower than other counter which is sell softlens.
to see more their product, you can check it out on their officially website.

so what do you think?
drop some comments on my post below..
let me know about your very honest opinion..

Thank you for reading my blog!
and good luck everyone ..

Clara xxx
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