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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Review: Beauty Blender Masami Shouko Black

Beauty Blender 
Masami Shouko Black
By: @ClaraNovK

Hello Peach!
now apply foundation with your fingers is too mainstream.
why you still using your fingers when you can apply with beauty blender?
the final looks it got more flawless and no mess.

it does help me to cover my wrinkle, acne, and blackhead without struggle anymore.
i really love the beauty blender from Masami Shouko.
the price is so reasonable and hygienic beauty tool.

if you interest with my post.
please keep continue reading.
enjoy! <3

Here is the product:

Before open the box

After Open the box

Swatches about this product:

Swatches Blending with Masami Shouko Beauty Blender

see it by yourself for flawless finished and natural

and here is the final looks picture:

Final Looks!

Descriptions about the product:
struggling to use foundation brushes, sponges or your fingers? Masami Shouko Beauty Blender to the rescue. Masami Shouko Beauty Blender is not your typical makeup sponge but a non-latex, ergonomic and hygienic beauty tool that will save you time in application and deliver a flawless finish with no mess.

How to Clean?
To Clean your sponge, simply hand wash with gentle soap in mild water until sponge is clean. rinse well and let air dry.

What i love?
it obviously makes my makeup foundation flawless and natural.
at the beginning i have got skeptical with this beauty blender.
but the finish looks it impressed me perfectly!
blending foundation with beauty blender from masami shouko it help a lots!
no more oily face and mustache blending foundation <3

What i hate?
so far until right now i love this product.

How much does it cost  Beauty Blender Masami Shouko?
it does cost 88.900 IDR (Indonesia Rupiah) or $6 USD - $8 USD
you can check on their officially website for more details Click Me
i think it does cost less than Real Technique or Beauty Blender Brand.

Where you can purchase this?
i bought Beauty Blender Masami Shouko at Kay Collection in Taman Anggrek mall.
or you can check on their officially website. in case you want to know about their product more. :p

so what do you think?
drop some comments on my post below..
let me know about your very honest opinion..

Thank you for reading my blog!
and good luck everyone ..

Clara xxx


  1. Beneran ya, mmg lebih bagus pake sponge beginian ^^ lebih flawless, tp berhubung aku jarang make foundation atau bb cream, hold dulu deh beli ininya hehe ^^

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    1. senang ya pasti muka mu mulus deh jadi ga perlu pakai foundation segala :')

  2. wah flawless yaa
    lucu pula bentuknya
    itu pake nya dalam keadaan sponge basah / kering ?


    1. kalau aku pribadi pakainya kering.
      tapi kalau mau di applikasikan sponge basah boleh juga.
      hasilnya akan lebih natural dan flawless..

  3. I have recently discovered my love for sponges. I used to use foundation brushes before but using sponges has made it really easier to blend the foundation and concealer and it looks way more natural. I am currently using the Real Techniques makeup sponge. Would love to try the Beauty Blender soon :)

    1. this is so great.
      but beauty blender price is so expensive.
      so i choose in the middle one. XD

  4. i really wish to try beauty blenders .... i always use brushes !

  5. I never try beauty blenders... The result looks promosing!

  6. I've heard great things about these blenders before but never really saw swatches of them, so it's good to see how effective they are! x
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  7. For a price and performance I must say its a good dupe for beauty blender... The results are impressive in such price tag .. Thumbs up (Y)

  8. It looks great on your swatches. Certainly a budget friendly version of BB.

  9. tried a beauty blender dupe before and didn't like it because it requires time to keep on dabbing the sponge. I don't have time to do all that in the morning! hahaha!

    1. not much time.
      i know that feel hon!
      i thro that struggle as well XD

  10. i have the original beauty blender and i love it! wouldnt use a brush for my base again

  11. have never tried blender before despite it being so popular because I am not sure how to store it in a hygienic manner!

    1. i am not sure about it tho.
      as long as you keep it in the dry place, i think it will safe hygienic.

  12. I have been wanting to try blenders but still haven't found the right one! I'll probably need to get these from US

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  13. I cannot think without my beauty blender. It looks like might be a substitute of the original one. I'll probably give it a try :)

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  14. I've always want to find a beauty blender and I think this may be a great product to try it out!! =)

  15. I recently got myself a dupe for the beauty blender and I am loving it. Using such sponges make it so easier to apply foundation isn't it

  16. The final look photo is blurred, so it's impossible to see how foundation looks on your skin, but it sounds like a good product.

    1. yes im so sorry got the bad picture for this post.
      i am using my phone camera.
      for the next time i will always using my digital cam. XD

  17. I've heard so much about beauty blender for as long as I can remember and just couldn't get my head round the price of this sponge. I mean I'm sure this must be that good otherwise MUA and other bloggers won't be raving so much about it but is it really that good? LOL

  18. What an interesting product! I'd love to use it soon!

  19. Its such a talked about product, but the pricing throws me off-balance, Nevertheless its on my wishlist. Great Review.
    - Heena,


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