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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Tips: Why and How Social Media is Become Important For You As a Blogger?

Why And How 
Social Media Is Become Important 
For You As A Blogger?
By: @ClaraNovK

Hello Peach!
have you realized the true power from social media?
how fast your business growing is measuring by your followers at social media.
and as we know the technology is now going so great and smarter than a user.
if you have a personal business, or are you a blogger?
social media is the right place for you to marketing your business.

The most basic question from me are:
Would you like to improve your social media marketing?
Are you up to date with the best social media tips and tools?

if you are stop to learn and give up for something new.
then you will never learn anything and become so out of the date.
besides that, as a blogger or business marketing you will have new rival every single day.
and you must survive to fight this "war".
at least you are not gonna drowning by the newcomers.

6 Tips how to maintain your social media:
1. Analyze your post content
please keep on the track! dont make audience is confusing to see and follow your post content. once audience is not enjoying your post content, dont blame on them if they are not gonna stay as your followers.
example: if you are a beauty blogger, always update something related with your beauty things on your instagram, twitter, and facebook. don't ever to change the topic to discuss about politic policy or anything. your audience will become annoying about it. "is she/he a beauty blogger or trash newbie politician?"

2. Stabil update occurring continuously over a period of time
no matter how busy you are, please dont forget about your unofficially part time job as a blogger or personal business. don't make your followers or your audience leave you because you are not update anything anymore on your social media content.
Example: keep it balance and watch out your traffic post. if you have a really hectic week, please at least update something for once in a week. prepare your post content from far-away days. save it in draft or save it the special case your upcoming post. by this way, you are not gonna lose your followers.

3. Reply your comment
Reply all comment coming into your notification is become so important. because of why? this is the time for you to interaction with your readers or even followers. reply their comment in manner way, i mean with the warm word and friendly greetings. i think that's gonna be something they can not forget. first impression is start from here. so do your best to reply all the comment receiving into your notification. this is the time to show them that you care with them! that you are thank with them! and most of all, you are not only a fictitious blogger! you have a real readers always waiting for your newest update!

4. Hashtag is very big deal! # # #
Whenever you update your social media, please always using hashtag. that's how the readers detect your post content very fast! and also it help to tracking your post when someone googling keyword.
choose simple word but useful. something like we do in instagram, we will add hashtag in every single upload we had. so when we click that  #indonesianwoman, one from million picture at least there's one your summary picture on it.
Example: #blogger #beauty #indonesian #bloggerindo

5. Eye catching Picture is everything
please oh please once again i am begging you to edit picture before you upload it. so, your social media picture is not that amateur and ugly. in this new era of technology, there is plenty application and instant editor application that you can download on apple store and google play store. if your picture on social media is below the standard, don't be sad if you just have a couple of followers.
followers don't lie and blind for something that have a good quality.
so please watch out for your picture resolution and edit before you upload it.
just to make sure it so perfect and beautiful!

6. Choose the right social media for your media promotion
you know better what is your aim to promotion in social media. if you have an online shop, i suggest you to use instagram or pinterest as your marketing media. because customer will be more interest to see the picture than just a descriptions. and if you are a beauty blogger, i suggest you to use all the application you had (twitter, instagram, path, facebook, pinterest, blogger, and youtube)! haha i am seriously, because as a blogger you need to reach more readers as long as you can. catch new reader every single day is very big deal for you.

so what do you think?
drop some comments on my post below..
let me know about your very honest opinion..

Thank you for reading my blog!
and good luck everyone ..

Clara xxx


  1. Replies
    1. our problem? atau only my problem?

  2. thank udah share
    Please visit for Humanity #LetsHelpRohingya

  3. Replies
    1. iya sulit ya untuk membagi waktu di tengah kesibukan diluar blogging :/

  4. I am one social media addict! I love spending my time on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Thanks for the tips. Will try to follow them!

    1. yes this is very important for you as a blogger! <3
      thank you for dropping by

  5. Great tips, I am addicted to social media and I'm pretty much always on it haha. Twitter is a massive help with my blog

  6. Thanks for sharing this.. Very true about all the points!~

  7. Staying active on social media is so much more important than just blogging. Unless, you do not spread the word yourself, only a limited amount of exposure is gained by your blog. Thank you for sharing all of your tips too! :) x

    Jadirah Sarmad | Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

    1. yes indeed!
      it sounds great to read your comment and agree with my statement. :)

  8. I am so so bad at keeping up to date with things, I really need to step up my game haha. Thank you for the tips, they're really helpful :) x
    | Life as a Petite || Fashion, Crafts & Lifestyle Blog |

    1. you are very welcome bella.
      hope this review is helpful and useful for you :)

  9. Thank you for sharing this useful tips, using social media for blogging is very important.

  10. i think your tips are all very relevant :) over hashtagging though may not be good

  11. this i do agree with! id say its hard to get your blog out there if you don't have social media

  12. I so agree with your tips and the topic you covered.. Being a blogger I can totally relate and importance of hashtags ...

  13. Totally Agree with having a social media presence. I do manage atleast 9 company's social media and have observed that your value increases as a Brand when being approachable to your audience .

    New Post - Style..A Pastiche!

    1. wow you work a lots dude!
      good luck for your job :)

  14. I totally agree with you. Sometimes it becomes annoying to get notifications form all these apps but my readers make my day with lovely comments and appreciations

    1. hahaha but i am really excited when get notification on social media.
      that means somebody care and read for what you posted XD

  15. Thanks for the tips, but have to take it slowly, or else I think I will scare myself from all the anonymous comments haha !

  16. Honestly it feels tiring sometimes to be active on all social media! and till now I never really understood few like twitter ... ha ha
    but thanks for the tips!

    do drop by... GreenStory
    Join me on Facebook

    1. hah seriously?
      so you dont have any twitter? wow thats so something haha
      thank you for visiting my blog anw.

  17. Social Media has definitely become so important to Blogging, this post sure helps in analysing where one may be going wrong and correct the flaws. Thanks for sharing.


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