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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I am very jealous with you

why do you always avoid when I most wanted to talk to you? 

Do You know that the truth I really want you to be present in every minute of my life today. 

and do not you realize yourself that you're the only one who can soothe all upset and worry every troubles?

 why you never had to think a little and realized that I really love you? 

and for some reason I can not linger to be angry with you, because I'm too and already love you. 

did you ever remember me even though only an instant?

you know how it feels to be hurt and hurt because of love.

 I know how to taste it. 
because you taught me .

whether it's love or himself?

what I think about you is something very exciting and fun.

 love is not just to be able to feel the beauty of the god that emanated from his eyes, but love also teaches us to survive much longer.

 love the biggest inspirations in my life to come back alive and smiling. 

building debris on the water, eyes of love he had ever taught me. 

That life is not only to weep and lament all the grief and mourning over fire burning because of you jealous with him . 

let it all goes as it is, thou shalt not hinder walking.

 Let him walking headed toward the truth of love that he's been looking for and he's fighting for. 

if you mean he's your life on hold, then let him find his love in the port and you're the one who realized he was talking about so far.

 and if you love what you are looking for, then your life will seem more meaningful, because not only him the one who you love, but there are still others who love that you have been waiting for a moment to glance at it in the next life.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

what it means to love in truth?

if you feel ignored, and do not know where you are going to move because of hurt and injustice in the flue by love. 

believe someday he will feel that it is only you who was meant for him. 

you're the only one of them is always there when he was sad and miserable. 

actually there is not only the love that you gave him but you give all your attention, which surpasses all in this world. 

even though you are in the set aside and the Holly from someone who you love, believe he will one day come to bring the love of you since you'll always look forward.
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