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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Sponsored Review: Skin Life Face Lotion From Nihon Mart

Skin Life Face Lotion
From Nihon Mart
By: @ClaraNovK

Hello Peach!
if you are looking for the finest and cheapest toner.
maybe you can consider my suggestion after you read my post below.
because this product it does work to clean and decrease oily face, camouflage acne scars and brighten skin face, moisturize and firming skin face, soften skin face and shrink pores on your face, cleaning dead skin and SO, no more oily face.

i got so very excited waiting my packet arrived...
it called skin life face lotion acne problem solution (penghilang jerawat)..
the product from skin life series for the acne skin problem solution..
if you interested to read more my post..
please keep reading on my post below! <3

here is the product i'm talking about:

Skin Life Product Face Lotion

and here is about the swatches:

Pour The Face lotion on My Hand

and here is the picture closer and details:

Before Rub Face Lotion Into My Face

After Rub Face Lotion Into My Face

Fyi (For Your Info): 
i already clean my face with baby oil 2 times..
and then continue clean my face with makeup remover/cleansing face 1 time..
the last washing my face with facial foam..
but i have no idea why, my face is still dirty..
besides that, i dont have any activities go outside the house.
just stay at home a whole day..
so this is why you need additional face lotion to clean your face..
i love face lotion from Skin Life! <3

the instruction in Japanese and Indonesian:

Japanese Word
(trust me, i have no idea either)

Indonesian Word

Description of Product and How to Use:
Skin Life Face Lotion: using this product after washing face. active composition hyaluronic acid, fruit acid and lemon extract make skin face more fresh, smooth, no more acne problem, no oily face, and also cleaning the dead skin.

How to Use Face Lotion: after washing face, pouring the face lotion into cotton and rub evenly distributed on your face.

Warning: stop using the product if your face turn irritation and avoid the product from directly sun light and high temperature.

How is the texture and what is the function?
Skin Life Face Lotion: the texture is like water or cleansing face water. it does works the same product as toner.
and the function is good for the acne or blemish skin.. because the skin life edition is intended for people who has acne problem skin.. not only sell the face lotion, but they also have another treatment skin life for the acne problem! *save a bit money going to the expert or doctor*

What i love?
my skin face a bit lifting ..
and my face totally clean after using this product.
i felt so fresh and cool after apply this product..
love it this product!
and even my acne is not totally clean yet, but it does prevent my acne to come back..
so interesting!

What i hate?
so far until now its fine on my face..
i don't get any irritation or my face turns red because i used this product..
well, its good!

How Much Does It Cost Skin Life Face Lotion?
it cost maybe around 62.000 IDR (Indonesian Rupiah)/ 6-7$
maybe you can check on their officially website..
just to make sure i'm not mistaken to tell you about the price tag..
because the price can change anytime by the Nihon Mart Company...

How to purchase Skin Life Face Lotion?
you can buy and find on their officially website..
Also, you can do order and shopping through their officially website.
or if you wanna check more details on their other social media, just read my description below.
Nihon Mart Online Cosmetic (Kosmetik Online) --> Click Me

Officially Account Nihon Mart For Further Information?
Official Website: Click Me
Fanpage Facebook: Click Me
Twitter Account: Click Me
GooglePlus Account: Click Me
Handphone Number: 0857 8193 3413

so, i think that's all about my review..
let me know what you think..
please drop your comments on my post!

good luck everyone!

Clara xxx


  1. Nice review. Thanks for sharing.

  2. even though the name is 'lotion' but it is actually 'toner' ya... hahaha.
    I have the facial foam! they would make a great couple lol

    1. iya bener loh, pertama kali gua juga bingung. caranya pake face lotion gimana ya dimuka.. soalnya kan konotasi dari arti lotion itu sendiri seringkali buat dibadan..
      taunya tonerrrrrrrr...
      namanya diganti aja tuh seharusnya :p

  3. I wish we had more products like this in the US. Thanks for sharing! :) GIG

  4. Thankyou for the review.
    I wabt to try it later since it oil free and noncomedogenic :)

  5. Wah kayaknya bagus nih ya.. Gw tuh suka jerawatan.. Padahal regime klo abis make up-an tu cukup panjang lho karena pake massage pas double cleansing... Ntar gw coba dah.. ~GIG

    1. iya bagus, jadi bersihh bangettttt..
      coba deh kulit jerawat kan sensitive banget sama kotor :(

  6. Nice review.. I also have acne prone skin.. But mine s due to sensitivity and it is combination. Great that this product gives a lifting effect too. giglove

  7. Great review, this is really surprising that after so many cleansing methods it still caught some dirt, looks like a great lotion. GIG

    1. yes this one is great..
      you should buy and try by yourself

  8. My new obsession is toner! I use it like every day now haha! Great post! xoxo giglove

  9. I am currently using HadaLabo toner. The packaging look alike with this. giglove

    1. sounds great one!
      please make a review.
      i would love to try it :D

  10. it is very important for the face lotion to give this fresh & clean feeling; this sounds like a lovely product.

  11. never seen this in my country. but it looks like a good product!

  12. I'm glad it works for you. Sounds like a really good product.

  13. It's my first time hearing about this brand.
    I've been looking for a good toner, maybe I should give this one a try.

  14. I've never tried this brand before, thank you for sharing your review! <3 GIGLove

  15. This sounds great! But I'm not up to search for any toners, but I'll keep this in mind =)

  16. Sounds like an interesting product. I loved your clicks dear and nicely reviewed GIG love :)

  17. I love products that really make u feel clean! Looks great :)


  18. Never heard about this product before! I thought at first it was hada labo :o
    From your statements it looks so promising!
    I wonder if it suits my skin too :D
    THanks for sharing ^^


    1. i think hada labo and skin life is one company..
      yes this product is so promising..
      thank you for dropping by :D

  19. This sounds very interesting! I wish they offereed this where I live.

  20. can you believe i have never tried toner before?! crazy right? but i dont have much of a face routine..just wash n moisturizer :D

    1. you should try it this one..
      really great work on me :D

  21. I don't really have a face routine per say! This looks like a nice product and glad that it worked for you!

    GIG Love

    New Post - xoxo Chaicy - Style..A Pastiche!

  22. Never heard of the brand before but it seems great from your review! :)

  23. never heard of this brand but product looks decent - thanks for info -

  24. Amazing review. Thanks for sharing the information about the brand......GIGLove

  25. ooo it helps prevent acne from coming back? i don't suffer from acne but i do have spot breakouts and think this may work too


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