Sunday, November 30, 2014

DressV HandBag Review: Fashion Special Flower Printing Design

DressV HandBag Review:
Fashion Special Flower
Printing Design
By: @ClaraNovK

Hello Peach!
today i got very pretty handbag from dressv..
what is that dressv?
you can read on my previous review. trust me you won't regret..
pretty and elegant collection they have.

and now, i have such a good opportunities to make a review one of their collection..
omg i can't believe it.. :')
Fashion Special Flower Printing Design Handbags for Women..
got interested with this handbag review..
please read more on my post below..
enjoy! <3

here is the product i'm talking about:

Front and Behind Bag

Handle Bag

Behind Bag More Details

Flower Printing Design Details

Bag Button

Inside The Bag

Bottom Bag More Details

Belt Bag More Details

How Much Does It DressV Handbag?
it cost maybe around below $37.99 USD..
but in the market price you get higher around $89.00 USD..
save much better money on your pocket if you buy on
maybe you can check on their officially website..
just to make sure i'm not mistaken to tell you about the price tag..
because the price can change anytime by the DressV Company...

How to purchase DressV Handbag?
you can buy and find on their officially website..
Also, you can do order and shopping through their officially website.

Officially Account DressV For Further Information?
Official Website: Click Me
Fanpage Facebook: Click Me
Youtube Account: Click Me
Twitter Account: Click Me

so, i think that's all about my review..
let me know what you think..
please drop your comments on my post!

good luck everyone!

Clara xxx


  1. Very pretty bag, and I love the whole look :)

  2. very pretty bag! so dainty! it's the bag i'll totally impulse buy and then let it sit pretty on my bag stand. hahaha! i need big bags to bring everything out in order to function properly.

  3. The bag look so lovely and trendy and you look beautiful :) ~ giglove

  4. Gorgeous bag! Lucky you get to review it. giglove

  5. I like the details on the bag! great review

  6. That is such a pretty bag. It looks really interesting. :)

  7. You look Pretty and love the Bag as well!! Will check out the website you mentioned !!

    GIG Love

  8. The bag is just adorable!! Glad you like it. Surprising that it can hold so much stuff in it =)

  9. wow the bag look so glam!!really so beautiful!!

  10. ooo i really love the bag! the white floral print is gorgeous

  11. Such a cute bag! I love the fact that it has tons of compartments


  12. I love your bag! Flower prints with the touch of gold, easy to match also :D

  13. The hand bag looks gorgeous and it is really great that you have put up so many photographs to depict the detailing of the bag :) GIG

  14. hello peach! the purse looks great, i really like that it will go with any outfit. it really is perfect for the holiday parties! giglove

  15. Looks like a very cute purse to match with many outfits!^^ nice post :D


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