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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

JOINED Beauty Appetite Giveaway in collaboration with Dress V

JOINED Beauty Appetite Giveaway 
in collaboration with Dress V
By: @ClaraNovK

Hello Peach! ..
i come back again to write something on my blog..
yesterday i Caught bride maid flowers from my sis and bro wedding.. *teheee*
then suddenly i'm thinking about my wedding event it would be like.. hahaha
topic about today is my wedding dress wishlist favorite..
i know its a little bit too fast.. besides that still haven't find the right person to be my groom :p
but it's ok i just wanna look around about the wedding dress..
nothing is wrong with that :p

start by randomly searching for Wedding Dresses 2014 Amazing Designer on youtube..
a bit curious about what it looks like trend wedding dress on 2014.
so i start it to surfing on youtube..
and i found this video... really nice dress and design <3..
suddenly falling in love with all collections..

why im looking for dress wedding?
because i wish i can have sexy body and prepare for diet! hahaha *make sense isnt it?*
but i have no idea which is good and also comfortable to wear on..
and you know what the price is not that cheap.
we need to prepare for the budget and everything must perfect..
because wedding is just happen for once in your life <3

my honest personally opinion is:
i see there is still no a good wedding dress market in Indonesia especially in Jakarta..
good design but expensive price.. or otherwise..
bad design and expensive price.. :p everything is related with high price and also good quality..
they just bring you higher price with no quality..
and that's so terrible...

so suddenly i start by surfing on dress v youtube channel.

and move out surfing on their website ..
and falling in love with all theirs collections
especially for these three wedding dresses <3

Dress 1                        Dress 2                       Dress 3

Dress 1:
Dress 2:
Dress 3:

as you can see on their officially website for:
- Dress 1: Market Price:USD $ 535.00 but dressv Price ONLY: USD $ 188.99
- Dress 2: Market Price:USD $ 1536.00 but dressv Price ONLY: USD $ 462.99
- Dress 3: Market Price:USD $ 499.00 but dressv Price ONLY: USD $ 201.99

half way price cheaper than marker price..
you only purchase it on
good design, good price and good quality..
crazyy isn't!

so i dont have to confused anymore..
because i already having good reference wedding dress for my future..
*devil laugh*

ooh btw i just wanna to informed you that dressv and beauty having huge giveaway..
and this giveaway open for INTERNATIONALLY..
that means so everyone can join.
and everyone no matter where you come from, have the same opportunities to win this awesome giveaway ..

for October giveaway, Beauty Appetite x will give you handbag collection which is you can pick the design you love..
but just one winner who can get the prize .. :')
*crying in the corner*

All items are of course brand new, and never used!

giveaway will be over on 31th October...
only 16  days left.. 
so hurry up to join this giveaway and win handbag collections from ! :D

Read carefully about the term and condition for join with this giveaway..




  1. Great post, very lovely dresses :)

    1. yesssss i love it so much <3
      cheap dress wedding and good design..


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