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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Review: Magic Angel Eyes Softlens Honey Brown

Review Softlens:
Magic Angel Eyes Softlens
Honey Brown
By: @ClaraNovK

Hello Peach and Hello October!
today im gonna make a review about Softlens (again)..
that i bought from zalora promotion..
as you just saw from my previous review..
havent seen it yet?
just CLICK ME !
my wishlist is come true!
i can shopping online on zalora website!
easy, cheap and fast responds!

finally for the second time i can purchase for the brown light color..
because along of this time i always bought for the dark black color or either grey color..
the brown color really fit into my eyes which is basically brown..
so, i bet it is gonna be look so natural!

Brand: Magic Angel Eyes
Color: Honey Brown

Here is the picture from this Product..

The product from Magic Angel Eyes
Color Honey Brown

Redeem this voucher 
and get the special promo

Note: redeem this voucher you can't ask to the zalora..
but, you must send the picture to instagram or facebook message to the real distribution..
because voucher is personally different business between zalora and the distribution..
Officialy Website:

Description from this product:
two sterile hydrophilic color contact lenses
(58% Phema, 42% Water) stored in buffered saline solution
Diameter: 15.0 mm
Minus: -1.00
and only 6 months supplied
(means after you broke the seal, it will be expired for 6 months later)

to ensure that your contacts stay comfortable and your vision stay clear, ask your eye care professional for product instruction.

Details softlens box

Before i open it..

More details before open it..

And this is softlens after i open it ..
Brown light, soft color and beautiful

applied softlens on my eyes..
my eyes look bigger now .. 

My Final Looks With Magic Angel Eyes
Honey Brown

i broke my softlens in half :(
literally this makes me sad...

because the softlens is super thin and soft..
i break half my softlens :(
omg, this is most comfortable softlens i have ever had..
now im using softlens with two different color..
left brown and right grey..
so beware while you rinse or rub your softlens
especially for this one :(

What i love?
make my eyes a bit looks bigger..
even not that much bigger as i applied Ageha Japan Softlens..
but i still love it <3
because the color is so natural in my eyes..
basically my eyes is light brown, so this color so fit with my eyes! 
and i don't need to drop water softlens when i go outside..
very comfortable and easy to use..

What i hate?
so far until now, i love it this product..

How much does it cost Softlens Choco Brown?
it does cost only 95.000 IDR (Indonesian Rupiah) / less than 10$
and also it delivery free.. so you just need to pay only for the product that you buy ..
really good deal right?
so wat you waiting for! go order at ther officially website..

Come on get cool stuff at Zalora!
Kakao Talk: ZALORA

Having a Question about Zalora?
go straightly contact 'em at:
Telephone: 021-2949-0100
Alamat: Zalora Indonesia
PT. Fashion Eservices Indonesia
Menara Bidakara I, Lt. 17
Jl. Jendral Gatot Subroto Kav. 71-73
Menteng Dalam, Tebet
Jakarta Selatan, 12870

so what do you think?
drop some comments on my post below.. 
let me know about your very honest opinion..

Thank you for reading my blog!
and good luck everyone ..

Clara xxx


  1. Box dari zalora nya bagus designnya.
    Sayang banget robek gitu, padahal hasilnya natural :-(


    1. iya habis tipis banget softlens-nya.
      padahal enak :(..

  2. thank you :)..
    ok i will visit yours back .. xx

  3. hi dear!! thanks for sharing this amazing post with us!! your blog is wonderful!! if you want we can follow each other!! it would be perfect! let me know about it! kisses!

  4. looh kenapa bisa robek softlensnya say? Pas lagi dibersihin kah? padahal yg cokelat itu warnanya natural & bagus looh, cocok sama kamu :-)

    1. iya pas lagi dibersihin, terus aku kucek.. hahah eh robek :')
      tipis banget.. padahal kuceknya udah pelan :p

  5. I have a few great experiences with zalora, but I've yet tried buying contacts from them! :D

    1. you should try! the softlens is so comfortable <3

  6. This really looks good on you.. I would never dare to use contacts lenses :-) GiG

  7. They look beautiful on you! But its really sad they break so easily :S

    1. thank you..
      and yes, because the softlens is super thin, soft, and comfortable </3 :(

  8. the color is really pretty on you! makes your eyes look bigger as well :D

    Pudding Monster

  9. lovely eyes babe!!!! too bad your softlens broke in half :( You should get more hehehe giglove

    1. yes :( it made my sad so bad..
      i think i will repurchase it again :D

  10. Lha neng, kok bs sobek gt sih?? Lo apaiinnn? Hahaha.. Tp gw tau ini promo.. uda rada lamaan kyknya yah, cuma gw ga bisa nyobain! Ga ada ukuran gw... Hikss..

    1. iya sobek nih..
      terlalu bersemangat 45 nguceknya.. duhh nyesel deh cin... wkwwk
      masih ada kok promonya masih 95 ribu sajahhhh... :D

  11. these lenses are super pretty!
    btw, I'd like to invite you to my giveaway where you could win $90 worth of korean cosmetics!
    I hope you'll check it out & join~
    xx Charmaine

    Charrmyn || Etude House Kissful Choux Tint Review || Korean Cosmetics Giveaway

    1. yes thank you for sharing here..
      and thank you for let me know and making this giveaway :)

  12. Replies
    1. hahaha kuranggggggggg ajarrr ;(
      tetep cantik kannnn :3

  13. Lovely products in your Beauty bag! Love that colour of lens it suits you!

    GIG Love
    xoxo Chaicy - Style.. A Pastiche!

  14. Looks so cute and nice! Hope I could use contact lenses too T.T)a
    Thanks for sharing dear ^^


    1. ahaha why not you cant apply contact lenses? :o
      normal eyes?
      you are so lucky jess :)
      i wish i shouldnt need to use any contact lenses or even soft lense...

  15. I love how contacts can completely transform your look - Lovely! <3 GIGLove

  16. oo the brown one looks so natural! shame it tore :(

  17. ermm dunno why I still cant get the hang of wearing contact lens!

    1. why?
      you have got normal eyes? :p
      you are so lucky :(

  18. I'm always curious about those lens, but my eyes are too sensitive to use it. Amazing color

  19. You look good in those contact lenses =)

  20. your eyes look really beautiful , the look suits you so much giglove

  21. Never heard about this brand, sure to look out for it. Great review.

  22. omg I loev the colour and it does really make your eyes look much bigger! Suit you :D

  23. Hey I bought color contacts from the same brand and they feel nice. My question is have ever had any health problems with these? I would also like to ask who is the manufacturer mine say "Manufactured for GHN" and "Made in Korea", is this true? I would like to know. Thanks :)

    1. *I forgot add that I bought them in a local shop in the United States.

    2. no i have never had any problem with these brand. so far everything is fine when im using this contact lenses. :)

      this softlens honey color from magic angel eyes is made in korea.
      so it means original made in korea.. which is true :)
      you dont have to be worry about this brand is fake.
      because they are shipping world wide.
      and i think every country have their own distribution in every district .. :D

      thank you for dropping by hon
      have a good day <3


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