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Monday, September 29, 2014

Review: IOMA Paris Beauty Pro Line 1 Moisturizer Dehydrated Skin

Beauty Pro Line 1 Moisturizer
Dehydrated Skin
(Optimum Moisturizing Cream day & Night)
By: @ClaraNovK

Hello Peach!
so just like what i said on my previous post about IOMA Paris Event Report.
i got something from IOMA to do make a review..
and here we are now to sneak peak their amazing product!

i got so very excited to open my goodies bag...
and i can't hold on to try it soon after i arrived home. lol
so if you interested with my post, please keep reading below!
enjoy <3

here is the product i'm talking about:

IOMA Paris Beauty Pro Line 1 still in the box

Ioma Paris Beauty Pro Line 1 after open the box

How to open the bottle

From the top of bottle

and here is about the swatches:

Swatches IOMA Beauty Pro Line 1

Spread IOMA Paris Beauty Pro Line 1 on My Hand

and here is the picture closer and details:

Instruction IOMA Paris Beauty Pro Line 1 in Flyer

Instructions in Bahasa

Description of Product and Directions:
Ioma Paris Beauty Pro Line 1: IOMA, is the result of a collaboration between high tech experts and dermatology specialist. brought together by one promise: make technological innovation work for your skin. based on a complete, personalized diagnosis carried out using our patented devices, ioma is currently the only brand to offer you the opportunity to:
1. measure your skin's characteristics to identify the main imperfections.
2. access a program of personalized skincare to provide solution to the imperfections identified.
3. measure the results and efficacy of the recommend solution.

Directions: spread the moisturizer on face to the neck. but before that make sure you already washing your face. apply the moisturizer for the day time and night time.

How is the texture and what is the function?
Ioma Paris Beauty Pro Line 1: the texture is like hand & body lotion, a little bit sticky and soft.
and the function is good for youthful and giving nutrition for your skin. prevent the aging earlier, take  care about the wrinkles and also fine lines. but IOMA also having acne problem series for the sensitive skin... because IOMA is intended for all woman with the unique treatment.. not only sell for one problem skin solution, but they also have another treatment skin life for many others problem! *save a bit money going to the expert or doctor*

What i love?
my face is now getting so much better and smoother..
i really love how this product works and progressing..
so fascinating and amazing..
love it this product!
and even my acne is not totally clean yet, but it does prevent my acne to come back..
so interesting!

What i hate?
for aromatic IOMA Paris Beauty Pro Line 1 i dont really like the smells.. because the smelling is too strong.. but IOMA Paris does has another option of the others Beauty Pro Line.. maybe i should try another one and make the comparison..
so far until now it fine on my face..
but for the first time i try this product, my skin face turns red because i used this product..
well time by time my face is now adaptation with how the products works..
its good to be true! :)

How Much Does It Cost of IOMA Beauty Pro Line 1?
cost worth it until 820K IDR (Indonesian Rupiah)/ 82-84$
maybe you can check on their officially website..
just to make sure i'm not mistaken to tell you the price tag..
because the price can change anytime by the IOMA Paris company...

How to purchase IOMA Beauty Pro Line 1?
you can find it the outlet of IOMA Paris in the mall.
involved are: Sogo Kelapa Gading Mall, Central Park Mall and Seibu Grand Indonesia.
at the moment, you can not buy it by online instead of you have come to their official counter.

Officially Account IOMA PARIS For Further Information?
Officially website IOMA PARIS:

Thank you so much IOMA for gave me the invitation come to this event..
such a beautiful experienced i got with IOMA PARIS..
success always for TEAM OF IOMA PARIS!

so, i think that's all about my review..
let me know what you think..
please drop your comments on my post!

good luck everyone!



  1. Wah kayaknya bagus ya produknya :)

  2. thanks for the review. never heard of this product. sounds really nice but to bad about the smell.


  3. Thanks for sharing. Are these products sold in America? gig love

    1. yes absolutely available for sale in USA.. :)
      never heard it before in your country? XD

  4. This moisturizer sounds great! I love how it opens... will check if I can find it :)


  5. I like the fact that it prevents acne..... will keep this product in mind, thanks for sharing dear....... GigLove

  6. Sounds interesting but i dont think id be comfortable using a hand and body lotion like cream on my face.

    1. hahahha just the texture honey..
      but its actually moisturizer :)

  7. What a co-incidence I've just started using the IOMA tabs Pro Line 2. It's a bit heavy but I wake up to glowing skin in the morning.

    1. ahhh i agreee!!
      this is my favorite moisturizer <3

  8. wow, this is one clever bottle. I've never seen a cream in a packaging like this.

  9. Sounds so interesting even though I never heard of the brand before =)

  10. Looks lovely but I'm the same as you, I prefer unscented products as well. <3 GIGLove

  11. sounds like a great product, beside the strong scent! I don't like strong scents either, they give me a headache. you ook great . giglove

    1. yes hahaha..
      but its ok the product is working so amazing <3

  12. Uwaaaa, kemarin aku ga dapet kesempatan buat icip2 ini. Hiks hiks. Pdhl pgn bgt ikutan dan uda apply sih. Hehehe. Tp yo weslah aku rapopo. BTW, klo baunya sampe strong gitu kayaknya kalau aku bakal skip deh. Kadang lama2 suka bikin pusing. Hehehe, nice post!


    1. wwkwkkw baunya sih emang nyengat banget..
      tapiii khasiatnya boookkkk dahsyat! wkwkwkw
      ga bakal rugi deh :)

  13. Never heard of the brand before but it looks good. Too bad it's abit sticky :(

  14. aw looking pretty there! its bad that it turned your face red :/

    1. yes for the first time i applied it..
      but after that, is going much better <3

  15. I have never heard of the brand before, but it sounds interesting. :)

  16. I'm always curious about new brands and this seems like up my alley - skincare. I love the packaging approach, too! Goodies in the bag always get me excited LOL.

  17. Thanks for sharing. I never heard of this brand. Not sure whether I can find it here. giglove

    1. it sure is available sale in malaysia :)
      you should try

  18. great detailed post and product looks fab might need to look this one up giglove

  19. Detailed review on this product. Thanks for writing this! I havent heard of the product but it has a lot of promises!


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