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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Review: Top 10 Travel Essentials In Collaboration With

Top 10 Travel Essentials In
Collaboration With
By: @ClaraNovK

Hello Peach!
today I have another review..
however, this time is different..
I'm collaborating with my Bestie  --> Jessica Jeanne Simon
she is also a blogger and founder of
we'd planned this together a long time ago..
and finally we've made it come true today!
prepare yourself fellas~ I'm starting it now..

The Peach Beauty Top 5 Travel Essentials

girls are complex!
about their mood as well as their needs..
especially when girls are trying to prepare themselves for a holiday!
a lot of things to do and stuffs to bring..
sometimes the whole "packing" frenzy can be depressing for us, as we tend to find it hard to decide on the list of things to pack..
and we always end up bringing too many stuffs in our suitcase
which some of them are actually unnecessary..

so! I'm not gonna waste anymore time talking about it, fasten your seat belt and welcome aboard.
do read more if you are interested..
hope this might help you guys <3

The Top 5 Travel essentials i always bring for a holiday are:

1. Seacret Minerals From The Dead Sea (Milk & Honey) Body Lotion for all skin types
I love this brand because the smell is so good! but unfortunately Seacret brand is not available for sale in Indonesia. You can only find its stores in Singapore and Australia. What a pity, right? The good stuffs are always unavailable in Indonesia. I purchased this in Singapore when I was on a trip there with my mom and dad during a Christmas holiday.

Seacret Body Lotion makes my skin softer and prevents my skin from getting dry. This is really suitable for those who are travelling by airplane as the humidity inside the cabin will drop when you're thousands of feet above the sea level. This situation will contribute to dry skin and this body lotion will come to the rescue to moisturize your skin! also, it makes you smell nice throughout the flight.
Seacret Mineral Body Lotion

2. Dove Whitening Original (anti-Perspirant Deodorant)
Dove whitening original helps to make your armpits brighter and softer in 7 days. It also provides optimal protection for up to 48 hours. So big deal, right? This is the reason why I love this brand.

Make sure you stay FRESH TILL DEATH BRO!
you don't want others to think that your face is beautiful but your armpits are disgusting right?
so even during the holiday, please make sure that you are always fresh wherever you are.
and this travel size sample is suitable for you to bring everywhere you go.
Dove Whitening Original

3. Sanden Brook (Uplifting Body Treatment Fragrance)
I got this Sanden Brook Body Treatment from my niece who lives in Australia!
I'm so glad I got this for my birthday last year. The saddest part is that it is not available in Indonesia and you can only purchase it in Australia, New York and London.

This is my favorite and I only use it on special occasions because I know my niece is not going to give me again for the second time. So I have to use it wisely :') It is not a perfume and is different from other fragrances. This brand offers "at home" spa experience. Enjoy the ultimate spa experience in the privacy and comfort of your own home with the new Sanden Brook Body Spa Collection.

Since the fragrance is not too strong and not too sweet, I think it suits as a holiday companion. I just love this product! the smell is so fresh. It makes you smell so good, as if you've bathed twice. It's like bathing without water. Love this, the sensation that it gives is as if you've just finished from morning shower! Can you imagine that? hmm just love it.
Sanden Brook (Uplifting Body Treatment Fragrance)

4. More Samples Travel Size (Collagen Eye Patch Etude House, Green Tea Real Nature Mask The Face Shop, and Citra Pink Orchid UV Facial Moisturizer)
Samples can never go wrong for travelling. Their petite size makes them easy to bring. So, if you have a lot of samples at home, don't waste them. Instead of dumping them in the trash can, collect and put them in a bag. So, whenever you want to go for a holiday, you can just search through that bag and bring the ones that you need. They just enable you to bring more of other stuffs as they provide more space inside your suitcase. Most importantly, they are SIMPLE! once you've finished using, you can just throw them in the trash.

For my facial treatment, I always bring the samples with me since they're simple and not taking up a lot space in my bag! :p

To be honest I'm a mask-sheets addict because after hanging out, you need something to relax your face and charge your energy for the next morning. In my opinion, green tea mask sheet from The Face Shop and collagen eye patch from Etude House are the most ideal for me. Aside from that, I used citra pink orchid uv moisturized to calm and refresh my face every morning before i put my make up on.
sounds promising and good for your facial skin health, right?
beautiful and natural! <3
Travel Samples Size

5. Lipstick (Make Over Silky Blonde and Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm Sultry Sulfureuse)
and last but not least, don't ever EVER forget to bring your lipstick.
It is a part of our soul and definitely the most essential for your holiday *dramatic*
It is lipstick. Make sure you pick a color that is not really tacky, wet, sticky, and too bright.
I suggest you to choose matte finish looks <3

my favorites are Make Over color Silky Blonde and also Revlon Color burst Matte Balm color Sultry Sulfureuse. You can see the review for Revlon Color burst Matte Balm Sultry Sulfureuse here ---> Click Me!
the color is so beautiful, and most importantly the result of it is matte finish..
make your holiday enjoyable and don't put yourself in so much trouble when putting on a makeup.
just put on a simple makeup.. natural and not too bold.
and so you are ready for holiday!

Aside from all that have been mentioned above, the most important thing about a holiday is not makeup but spending an exciting, fun time with your beloved family, friends or partner :)
Make Over and Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm Sultry Sulfureuse

that's all for my top 5 travel essentials which I always bring along for holidays!
and the rest of the top 5 travel essentials will be reviewed by Jessica Jeanne Simon.
so you can check the review on her blog!
make sure you click the link below.
Beauty Appetite Top 5 Travel Essentials

Bring It On, HOLIDAY!

so, i think that's all for my review..
let me know what you think..
please drop your comments on my post!

good luck everyone!



  1. mbak cantik.. itu makeover matte lipstick kah ?

    1. halo nisa cantik,
      iya itu makeover matte lipstick <3
      cinta buatan indonesia dong :D

  2. I agree with your top 10 travel essentials!
    gig love

  3. Nice post! Maybe I should make a 5 essential travel product post too! ^_^)b
    Good to know other's favorite stuffs to bring for traveling :D
    Thanks for sharing ^^


    1. yes go ahead.. i will wait the review on your blog :D..

  4. i travel lighter! it's ALL samples of anything i can find and if i'm missing some categories, i'll de-pot some into these small sample plastic case or used contact lens cases.
    body lotion and fragrance are 2 items i will never ever pack into my luggage. xp

    1. yes indeed!
      thank you for telling me more information for this hon :)

  5. Thanks for the tips. I need this much.. Gonna to travel soon.. giglove

  6. Totally with you on your picks! I also got a few that will help me when I travel next. Thanks! <3GIGLove

  7. Taking samples for a holiday is a great tip...... thanks for sharing GigLove

  8. Agreed!! I usually carry sample size cosmetics too while travelling !! They are easier to manage :)
    GIG Love
    xoxo Chaicy - Style.. A Pastiche!

  9. Oh your friend's travel essentials are more in sync with my choices! Especially the midnight recover serum! BUT... I dare not bring the bottle because it's fragile. I'd transfer it to a more travel-friendly bottle. :D

  10. Nice essentials part for travelling. I always put my Revlon chubbystick in my bag ^_^


  11. Nice post!! Mine is BB cream and concealer is a must! =)

  12. Kalau menurutku agak susah cari sample size ya. Apalagi beberapa produk kadang tidak menyediakan. Aku akali lah dengan transfer sebagian ke tempat yg lebih kecil. Lebih ribet sih emang yak? Nice sharing, btw.

    1. iya begitu sih boleh juga..
      tapi biar ga ribet aja pindah pindahin XD
      mendingan langsung bawa yang sample size aja :D

  13. Make Over Silky Blonde sounds like an amazing shade. Loved your travel essentials. :) GIG

  14. Great tips ! I bring mask for holiday too.. Love the mask.. :)

    Keep in touch ya. :)

  15. i must say sheet mask is a mask!! i always bring them along for some pampering moment in the room or in the bath tub!!!

    1. yes agree with you <3
      welcome to the club mask sheet lovers :p

  16. Great lists! I see a few things here that I would love to try out.

  17. Deodorant wajib banget dibawa travelling kemana2. Hehe. kalo aku sih ga pernah bawa mask sheet kalo traveling, cuma skincare utama aja yang dibawa.

  18. This is a great inspiring article.I am pretty much pleased with your good work.You put really very helpful information. Keep it up. Keep blogging. Looking to reading your next. best travel agency in alberta


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