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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Event Report: Aikatsu Goes To Indonesia

Aikatsu Goes To Indonesia
By: @ClaraNovK

This event was held in cooperation B Blog Indonesia and Bandai (Aikatsu!).
acara ini terselenggara atas kerja sama B Blog Indonesia dan Bandai (Aikatsu!).
Sponsored By:
Bblog Indonesia

Hello Peach!
Beyond my expectation the event went so really great and awesome ..
actually i'm not the one of those Japanese lovers. 
but for this time its different, because for this one review is all about Games.
soo for all of you who is maniac with games come on come closer!

so im gonna take you travel time on that afternoon at event AIKATSU LAUNCHING EVENT..
fasten your safety belt ! ready go..

before we start to see event report, we need to understand first about what aikatsu is!
so let us get start it..
educated your self here japanese lovers! <3

Press Release:
Bandai announces its new product launch of AIKATSU in Indonesia.
one of the most popular digital card games among girls in japan which is interlocked
with tv animation series of same title only on RCTI

Description AIKATSU:
What is Aikatsu Idol Academy?
AIKATSU, in short of Idol Katsudo (Idol Activity), is the success story of girls with fighting spirit to dream to become top idol. in this occasion, Bandai presents its new project in indonesia, namely, tv animation series of AIKATSU (By RCTI) and its completely interlocked digital card game of Aikatsu (By Bandai).

AIKATSU start broadcasting as premier
on 20 September 2014
Every Saturday. Time: 6.30 AM (WIB)
West Indonesian Time

Aikatsu is the digital card game of users to be aspired to be top idol by coordinating their clothes and challenging rhythm game of various auditions by scanning digital card. in japan, an accumulated numbers of 110 million digital cards of AIKATSU are shipped out in one and half years since the release date, and the size of sales amount of whole related goods of aikatsu by Bandai Namco holdings is 15.9 billion japanese yen (approx. 1600 billion indonesia RP) as of the march 2014.

in the result of questionnaire of favorite character of children which bandai conducted to the parents holding children of under 12 years old in the may of 2014, aikatsu won the first position in the category of girls most favorite character. it shows that the character is widely popular and known in japan.

in the press conference JKT 48 as a special partner to collaborate with aikatsu they talk about the tv commercial that they appear on as well as about their aikatsu (idol activity) as an absolutely popular idol of Indonesia. and the picture above is JKT 48 with card entertainment machine of AIKATSU.

Entrance AIKATSU Launching Event:

so this is what you see after you are inside:
so cozy, crowded,, ahh i smell alots of fun here!
so many friends blogger and also press.
wooooohoooo.. so great! lol
Audience, bloggers and press
and yes this is the machine game gonna be released on next month (October 2014)..
but this is actually for the girls, but as you can see over here, mostly boy :') haha
but its ok, just for fun..

AIKATSU Machine Game
and this is i saw a few of picture for the main character of Aikatsu <3
so lovely and cute right! :D

Picture of Main Character from AIKATSU
i'm so hungry and i wanna eat!
so just gooo eat them all <3
Fresh Fruit, Japanese and Indonesian Cuisine
and the picture below is additional picture you can see for further about merchandise, accessories and more all about AIKATSU:

Aikatsu Machine Game
Boys again -_-

soooooo heaven <3

More Merchandise <3


Let us start discuss about the event!
this is the important part :D
the heart and the soul from this launching event..

Stage Aikatsu

Event beginning with performance from JKT 48 representated from Aikatsu Idol Academy icon..
sounds system, lighting and also starring performed on that event was totally hypnotized all audience that afternoon..

Opening Performance
By JKT 48
JKT 48 was not singing about theirs own song, but they are singing for the theme song from Aikatsu Idol Academy.
if im not mistaken, the title of the song is " Idol"..

but after translate in Bahasa i have no idea if it is changed..
sorry in advance to the readers if got wrong..

here is the music i found on youtube, so you can get the reference fresh from japan! :)

and opening speech from RCTI..
also, a bit presentation about the anime/cartoon will gonna showing on RCTI..


and second we got speech represented from Bandai..
he is can't speak english, but he got translator..
the translator is also japanese but fluently speak Indonesian..
im so impressed <3
Bandai Speech
and the translator start to describe about the game card.
the translator is represented from Bandai..
so she is describe all about game machine and also game card.

Bandai Represented
and after that JKT 48 is coming out again to dance as ICHIGO..
Ichigo is the Main Character..
so it's gonna have 4 main character..
1. ichigo hoshimiya (Red)
2. aoi kiriya (Blue)
3. ran shibuki (orange)
4. mizuki kanzaki (violet)
JKT 48 Performance
with the red costume is role as Ichigo Hoshimiya..
so cute, fresh and young..

JKT 48

and the last we got Q&A means Question and Answer..
mostly the questions is comes from press..
thats why they are attended on aikatsu launching event..
asking around the technical and also process how to make this idea..

Full Team Aikatsu

and yes, we have to say good bye :(
ahhh so short we meet and we must go home..
so sad :(
Photo Shoot

before i went home, 
took couples of picture with my other bloggers friend <3
i'm so happy can meet up with them again..

It's Me! :D

Agustin, Me, Raden and Bunga

Agustin and Me

Raden And Me

Again :p

Ok sorry this is for the last :p

so my last word:
congratulations AIKATSU. welcome to Indonesia!
spread all the japanese "viruses" all over the world !..
and im so proud being the part of AIKATSU LAUNCHING EVENT..

and if you wanna see the Anime/Cartoon from AIKATSU..
You can watch it only on RCTI (wohooo)..
and here is the schedule for AIKATSU  ANIME/CARTOON on screen.
1. Premier airing: Saturday, 20 September 2014 at 06.30 AM
2. Every Saturday on RCTI. at 06.30 AM

Because you gonna regret it..

ooh yes almost forgot, before we go home we got something from Aikatsu!
so kawaiiii .. :p
Read: kawai means cute/beautiful in Japanese word.

slide show print out material, name tag,
cards, binder, CD, pin up and flyer.

and here is the card you can play with.
and you can purchase it in the spot which is sell it
near with the machine game.

Proud to be the part of BLOGGER <3
I'm a blogger, and i know it B-)

Aikatsu Motto:
"For the idol, card is the soul"
and this is the card save your life, to continue your game and everything..
so keep it safe and don't broke it..

Trias Katerina
Vector Indonesia
Telp: (021) 579 30722
Fax: (021) 579 30721
Officially Website: 

so, i think that's all about my review..
let me know what you think..
please drop your comments on my post!

Nama KlienBandai Company, Limited
Nama ProdukAIKATSU! Launching Event

AIKATSU! Launching Event

good luck everyone!



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