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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Event Report: IOMA Paris Skin Care At Sogo Kelapa Gading Mall

Event Report:
At Sogo Kelapa Gading Mall
By: @ClaraNovK

Hello Peach!
so by the last a week ago, on saturday 20th September 2014.
i had invitation from IOMA Paris Event at Sogo Kelapa Gading Mall.
event made to celebrate IOMA Paris 3rd counter at Sogo Kelapa Gading Mall.
and just 8 bloggers chosen one that being invited to the event!

so if you wanna know more about what is that IOMA Paris..
please keep reading my post below!
stay tuned <3

i was come a bit late, its about 5 mins after the event just start.
so i dont take any moment of opening the counter..
but i didnt miss any discussion talk with Dr. Eddy Karta.
it was pretty amazing.

MC and Dr.Eddy Karta
he shared a lots of things about beauty and how the properly way you must take care of your skin.
and tips to not being put too much skin care on your face.
basically if you are having irritation to your skin or get burned.
the only one way simple solution is just rub your skin face with baby oil..
and will getting better by itself..
no needs such a massive skin care to take care of it..
so you will save your money for other things.

Discuss about Beauty and Ioma Product

so this is the situation at 3rd counter of IOMA Paris at sogo kelapa gading mall.
so classy, elegant but simple!
a lots of people come participated to this event..
try the product and experienced themselves how futuristic the product they have.

IOMA PARIS 3rd Counter
Ioma spell backwards is a moi which means for me in french. and a moi it certainly is with ioma bespoke youth rituals which delivers tailor blended skincare that is as personal as you can get.
every woman's skin is unique. a woman's skin also has different needs at different stages of her life. hence IOMA created a bespoke line.

the bespoke youth rituals set consists of two bases- an active day base and an active night base and eight serums in dropper bottles. from this, an ioma skin specialist will compose your bespoke formulas after your skin diagnosis with ioma high tech devices.
bespoke youth rituals: the ultimate luxury for your skin!

Bespoke Youth Rituals

Beauty Pro Line IOMA PARIS
7 Beauty Pro Line

Try Me Zone!

the best things you can get is, try 7 beauty pro line of IOMA Paris..
its provided!

Personal Discussion with the experts

Products of IOMA Paris

the product beauty pro line from ioma paris:
IOMA skincare products are developed with one key objective to be measurably effective for every skin and every woman. these are rigorous skincare products that guarantee to perform as they claim. thanks to its MEMA-Based emotional technology (EMOTECH), IOMA provides personalized solution that have exponential benefits as they are tailor made for every woman's unique skin.
they contain no parabens, silicones or mineral oil.

Each Specialized line is classified by a number and an easy to recognize color code:
1. Dehydrated skin
2. Fine Lines
3. Wrinkles and lack of firmness
4. Redness
5. Bacterial Activity
6. Oily Skin
7. Hyperpigmentation

Ioma does not believe in one magic ingredients but in a combination of optimized ingredients and products that have exponential benefits due to the concentration of active ingredients and the combinations between products.

7 Beauty Pro Line IOMA PARIS

skin check with futuristic machine..
discover exact your skin needs!
and this machine is more objective to check about your skin condition..
rather than you got from the expert..
once again machine is can't lie about your skin condition and needs..

IOMA Check Skin

just scan your face put in this machine
and it can automatic tells about what is your skin needs.

and after that you got the picture of yourself is changing.
and revealed all about your skin problem.

and the experts will accompany
and leads you how works this futuristic machine.
(too bad, i havent try it by myself, because the long line in this counter makes me crazy
so i'm lazy to waiting and just went home)

beverages and food..
being beautiful and hungry at the same time..
all these sweet food temptation are waiting for you to eat!
let's go eat them! <3 yummy..

Cute Mini Cakes <3
made my stomach so hungry..

Tiramissu and Mango cake in mango mini glass
small but taste is dope!

Fresh Drink with Soda <3
looks so healthy and yummy at the same time

me and bloggers..
was so much fun and amazing day i got from IOMA PARIS and also Friends!
thank you once again.
very big thanks..
Selfie <3

Me and other 8 bloggers <3

goodies bag <3
i got beauty pro line full size for number 1.
Optimum Moisture Cream Day and Night (Hydration)..
and they said worth it for 830k IDR (Indonesia Rupiah) / 80-85$
and dont worry if you want to know more about this product, im gonna make a review..
so stay tune..
i'm so happy can get this experienced from IOMA PARIS..

Thank you so much IOMA for gave me the invitation come to this event..
such a beautiful experienced i got with IOMA PARIS..
success always for TEAM OF IOMA PARIS!
keep it up your work and drawing journey for making all the women in this world is more concern with theirs skin..

Ioma Paris Product and Fylers

IOMA PARIS Goodies Bag

Luxury Samples From IOMA PARIS

Officially website IOMA PARIS:

so, i think that's all about my review..
let me know what you think..
please drop your comments on my post!

good luck everyone!



  1. Looks like a great event :)

  2. hihihi great report!!
    waiting for the product review :)


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