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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Welcome Aboard: (Seetizen Expert, a recognition that will bring you lots of fun!)

Welcome Aboard:
(Seetizen Expert, a recognition that will bring you lots of fun!)
By: @ClaraNovK

Hello Peach!
today i'm gonna writing in English and Indonesian.
but i prefer to writing more details in English..
and just a little overview write in Indonesian..
you will love it when you know it about another new application gonna launching open for public very soon..

not so many people know about
because have not open for public yet..
they are currently still improve their own website to be better until its ready open for public..
if you want to join, you can read more my post below..

now, i already be the part of seetizen expert for Indonesia..
(yay, i feel so proud of it)
This is My Account: ClaraNovK
CLICK ME to find out more about mine..

lately i got exclusive invitation to join
want to know deeper about
ok here we go i will explain it..

What Is That
The Seetizen Expert Program is a special initiative designed to recognize the recommendations of local Seetizens who love and care for their neighbourhood and city. The categories we have now are Arts & Crafts, Beauty & Fashion, Food & Drinks, Kitchen Recipes, Outdoors & Attractions, and Performing Arts. We hope to expand the categories over time.

In Seeties I can communicate my passion in writing, and sharing my passion with other bloggers, connect with bloggers from Singapore, Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand. And its more exciting again, we can share your recommendations with easy and fast from the mobile phone, with location based services.

Seeties missions are to brighten the lives of our city, connecting people with the best things to happen in our city, simple but meaningful!! targets for the bloggers is expert in recommending the exciting things happening in our city, share your recommendations about your city, and make the reader feel warm/euphoria recommendation of your city.

I am very happy to be part of a great community that mission for the happiness of the people living in the city, met with people who have a passion for writing as I was experienced it to share theirs very precious moment. If I can, you can also be local expert for your town !!

and if you feel interested to join with
you can get your exclusive invitation by put your email CLICK ME
and they will send you invitation code join to their website by email..
dont forget to join with us..
see you there and i can't wait to read your experience from your country..

Hei, Sekarang aku uda jadi Seetizen Expert untuk Indonesia
Baru-baru ini aku di undang secara eklusif untuk join 

Mau tau Seeties itu apa?

Seeties platform baru buat para bloggers untuk share rekomendasi tiada batas, aku bisa share banyak di Seeties, mulai dari Traveling, Food & Drink, Beauty and Fashion, Staycation, Kitchen Recipe, dan masih banyak lagi, Sound so cool!! Di Seeties aku bisa salurkan passion aku dalam menulis, dan sharing passionku dengan bloggers lainnya, terhubung dengan blogger dari Singapore, Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia dan Thailand. Dan lebih seru nya lagi, kita bisa share rekomendasi kamu dengan gampang dan cepat dari mobile phone, dengan location based service. 

Seeties bermisi untuk mencerahkan kehidupan di kota kita, menghubungkan orang-orang dengan hal terbaik yang terjadi di kotanya, and its simple but meaningful!! menargetkan untuk para bloggers yang expert dalam merekomendasi kan hal-hal menarik yang terjadi di kota kita, share rekomendasi kamu tentang kotamu, dan jadikan pembaca rekomendasi kamu merasakan hangat nya kota mu. 

Seneng banget bisa jadi bagian community besar yang bermisi untuk membahagiakan hidup orang-orang di kotanya, bertemu dengan orang yang mempunyai passion menulis seperti aku  adalah salah satu pengalam yang sangat mahal, kalo aku bisa kamu juga bisa untuk jadi local expert kotamu !! 

so, i think that's all about my review..
let me know what you think..
please drop your comments on my post!

good luck everyone!


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