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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Special Offers: Get Celebrity Dress Look only with

Special Offers:
Get Celebrity Dress Look Only With

Hello Peach!
Fashion is always change century by century.
the trend fashion change too fast.
but i believe how far we get "new trend fashion" its just gonna repeat to the oldest one.
nothing is really new in the fashion circle.
is all back decade to decade.

exposed by the media and influenced by the artist/actress/actor, trend fashion become something so important for them.
fashion is the media for artist/actress/actor, help them to find their identity in the fashion industry.
how weird you get for your fashion taste, get easier for you to be the number one in the fashion industry.

people will notice you by how the way you dress in the public.
many vendor and famous brand in the fashion industry, will collaboration with the artist/actress/actor who has the "strong characteristic" to be their model.
the public figure we all known as FASHION ICON!

and today i am gonna discuss and make a review about fashion icon.
i am not really understand about fashion things.
because for me, my fashion is my rule. i am so rarely follow the up to date fashion nowadays.
for some fashion is not fit for me, so i decide to wear what make me comfort and be my self.
i will make Top Three Fashion Icon on my own version.

if you interested with my review.
please keep continue reading below.
enjoy! <3

TOP 3 Fashion Icons Version of

1. Taylor Swift

For this occasion, she wore the red dress and A-line sweetheart satin with sultry long gown that still landed on the right side of sexy.

I loved seeing Taylor sweet this short hair, more elegant and glam look—worn with a super-smoky eye and textured, messy bun—which was all suited to the event and continues to see her inching away from what was once her standard country style.

Taylor Swift

Here is the references dress you can steal from Taylor Swift.
You can get her look only with
Dress: Fantastic Sheath-Column One Shoulder Floor Length Chiffon Evening Dress with Beading and Draped

2. Katy Perry

Katy Perry’s fashion is extravaganza. Um hello gorgeous Katy Perry.

It's no secret that the pop star is absolutely beautiful, she always takes it to a whole new level in every special occasion. she looks so stunning as always, in her music video, concert, and grammy award beautiful gown.

we are all know katy perry fashion taste is so charming, cheerful, and energetic. it caused from her personality and how the way she wear that dress.

in the picture, she is looks so beautiful with the white dress and flower fabric hanging column one shoulder. with the rose design in the bottom. she is got the mermaid dress which is show her hips perfectly and sexy.

Katy Perry

Here is the references dress you can steal from Katy Perry.
You can get her look only with
Dress: Queenly Trumpet-Mermaid One Shoulder Sweep-Brush Train Tulle Wedding Guest Dress with Pleating

3. Kate Middleton

you better watch out for style royalty coming their way!
From high street to designer, see the Duchess of Cambridge's soaring year in style.

It was a rather different story when Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge arrived in Red Carpet. She chose a prim elegant turquoise flower pattern and a box clutch matching color with her gown.

Kate Middleton

Here is the references dress you can steal from Kate Middleton.
You can get her look only with
Dress: Fairy-tale Sheath-Column V-Neck Floor Length Chiffon Cap Sleeves Evening Dresses Lace Back Bridal 

How much does it cost Cocomelody?
the price is so relative.
depends on what kind of the style dress you choose.
but only pay a dress below USD$ 100 you already get very finest dress.
Normal it does cost: USD$ 200 - USD$ 300
you can find out the References Celebrity Inspired Dresses  &  Celebrity Dresses For Prom.

Where To Buy?
at the moment you can only shopping at Cocomelody.
you can order it on their online shop.
what are you waiting for? get your beautiful dress right now. <3

Keep In Touch With Cocomelody:
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so what do you think?
drop some comments on my post below.. 
let me know about your very honest opinion..

Thank you for reading my blog!
and good luck everyone ..

Clara xxx


  1. Taylor swift with a super-smoky eye and textured, messy bun is sexy :D Love her so much! My Idol!

  2. I have never heard of this website before but they do have such lovely dresses! Kate Middleton's style is always so classy! x
    | Life as a Petite || Fashion, Crafts & Lifestyle Blog |

  3. not too sure if I want to dress weirdly just to get attention for fashion though! but i always love taylor swift's fashion!

  4. I think the only dress that works for me is Kate Middleton's, it's stylish sophisticated with a peek-a-boo factor.
    - Heena,

  5. ahh pretty dresses ! but i feel classy and simple is always the way to go!

  6. Kate Middleton = Ethereal Beauty!!
    The only dress I liked was hers!

  7. Looks like a good place to buy dress same as you favorite celebrity.

  8. wow the dress is so beautiful and the price is fantastic!

  9. I love Taylor Swift and Kate Middleton's style simple and elegant, love it!! =)

  10. Coco Melody sure has some amazing clothes. Do share your review with us dear so that we can know whether the quality is equally good :)

    1. no i dont have a product to review and share with you guys.
      i am sorry :(
      i wish i had.

  11. ive seen this idea before but I'm not sure about the quality as they tend to made poorly :/

    1. aww really?
      i dont think so. because it depends on how much you pay and what kind of fabric it made.
      i see a lots of customer happy about their collections.

  12. Looks like a great site, I've seen sites like this before but they never do my size

  13. never heard of this site yet looks they have some great collection. Love kate's dress, she rocks always!

    do drop by... GreenStory

  14. ooh Kate looks so sexy! She is one of the most graceful women i see in media .

  15. Oh what a nice place for some style steal inspiration.. Thanks for the heads up.. Now I need to find a glam event to wear dresses like these to xx

  16. OMG, lovely Stylish Dresses for a steal that is worth every penny. I'll surely check this one out.
    Style..A Pastiche! - Indian Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

  17. Ok, no shame in admitting here I am a die hard Katy Perry fan! She looks stunning in her red carpet outfit, wow.

  18. oh gosh. that kate middleton dress~ I'm a sucker for turquoise color outfit! >_<

    xo, Sarah Chrisya


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