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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sponsored Review: Radiance Vitality Oil From JUARA Beauty Skin Care

Sponsored Review: 
Radiance Vitality Oil From
JUARA Beauty Skin Care
By: @ClaraNovK

Hello Peach!
Well! today i have got big responsibility to review this product. haha
Never feel so nervous like this before. *been so long i'm not feel this fear*
Because JUARA Brand is one group company with where i am working right now.
I can make sure you, all what i write on my blog about Juara Beauty Skin Care free of bias.
I will tell you my very honest opinion, and you know that!
Because here we talk about the quality and result.

I'm gonna say a product good, if it work on me so well.
and the otherwise, i will gonna say a product bad, because its all based on my experience after using that product.

Besides that you should now JUARA has many loyal customer, and all satisfied with the product.
Champion your natural beauty with a new award winning product.
JUARA launched in New York City, JUARA is a skincare inspired by indonesian botanicals used in traditional herbal medicine and ancient royal beauty rituals.
JUARA believes beauty is finding the natural balance of your skin, where your skin can be its strongest and healthiest. JUARA has received trendsetter and best product awards from the beauty industry and has a celebrity following in the US.

So if you curious about my post,
Please keep continue reading <3

What is JUARA?
Recognizing that present skincare offerings did not have solutions that were rooted in history and simple to use, four young friends sought to bring back the traditions of the past by creating products that fuse the active botanicals of Indonesian herbal recipes with Western science to create products that represent the best of both, the east and west.

Utilizing active botanicals such as rice, tamarind, turmeric, candlenut oil, healing teas and red sandal- wood, JUARA combines time-honored recipes for skin health and well-being with the best in modern technology and innovation to deliver efficacious and elegant treatments of the highest quality.

Who is the founder?

Metta Murdaya, Yoshiko Roth, Jill Sung and Tami Chuang, four creative, culturally- diverse young women with a follow-your-dream mentality shared a vision to build a brand that combined their Western upbringing with their Asian ancestry and turned it into a passion for results-driven skincare. Together, they founded JUARA, an east-meets-west Indonesian line of treatments, reminiscent of the ancient spa experience, relevant to the savvy, conscientious person of today.

Metta Murdaya, She is my boss at the office.
I feel so proud write something about her on my blog :3
Here is her Instagram account: @mmurdaya
Follow her, she posts amazing daily activity, motivational quotes, and inspirational woman carreer.

Here is the product:

Radiance Vitality Oil

JUARA Beauty Skin Care

JUARA Packaging 

Swatches about this product:

Swatches Radiance Vitality Oil From JUARA

Mixed with Foundation


and here is the final looks picture:

Final Looks

JUARA Is My Favorite! <3

Description Product & Directions:
Brand : JUARA Beauty Skin Care
Edition: Radiance Vitality Oil
This powerful treatment oil is super nutritious for the skin, it features a unique concentrated blend of the 12 finest natural oils and botanical extracts, with a surprisingly smooth, silky, non-greasy feel to address all signs of aging, boost skin vitality and help skin with its own natural regenerative process.
Inspired by JAMU and the ancient beauty rituals of Indonesia, JUARA’s RADIANCE VITALITY OIL is a light and elegant treatment oil that contains a powerful complex of the purest, most precious oils including Plumeria, Passionfruit, Candlenut, Coconut, Macadamia, Jojoba, Avocado, Turmeric and Rice Bran Oils with stabilized Vitamin C and a firming Five-Flavor-Berry Extract to immediately hydrate, brighten, firm and restore skin elasticity.  This botanical youth elixir provides powerful antioxidant protection while addressing all signs of aging leaving you with brighter, firmer, smoother and noticeably healthier looking skin.
Good for all skin types because of our unique ingredient complex, we used a balance of precious oils that help to regulate sebum production and vital nourishing oils to provide essential hydration.

Firms & Enhances Skin Elasticity
Brightens & Boosts Radiance
Smoothes & Softens
Provides Antioxidant Protection
Helps Protect & Repair with powerful antioxidants
Nourishes & Hydrates
Ultra pure formula good for all skin types, especially aging skin.

Apply 2-3 drops, morning and night, on cleansed skin or after applying a toner or serum. Excellent also as a Skin-SOS-Remedy, whenever skin looks red or feels taut and stressed. Because of its non-greasy, silky texture, this oil can also be applied over make-up to instantly boost skin glow and radiance. MAKE UP ARTIST TIP: Blend with your favorite moisturizer or foundation for instant radiance.

What i love?
1. Absorb quickly to your skin face
2. Not sticky at all
3. The fragrance giving you relax sensation
4. I can feel my skin face is smooth and firms

Sometimes im using this product as my night skin care routine, but most of time i use this for my foundation mixture. I love to blend this radiance vitality oil with my foundation. The result is really amazing. I think word can not enough to describe how amazing the result. My skin face is glowing and flawless finish looks. you gonna love it as well! <3


What i hate?
So far until right now i love this product.
For me the price is so expensive. *crying in the corner*
But back again with my experience, "this product is worth it every penny".

How much does it cost Radiance Vitality Oil?
It does cost 998k IDR (Indonesia Rupiah) or USD$ 95 - 98
For more details you can click this LINK.
Or check it out the official website.

Where you can purchase Radiance Vitality Oil?
You can find it on store or Online shop.
Below is the list:
Counter: SEIBU Grand Indonesia, Glow Living Beauty Beach Walk (BALI), Glow Living Beauty Plaza Indonesia, SOGO Pondok Indah Mall, SOGO Kota Kasablanka, &Sephora Kota Kasablanka.

Online Shop:,,,,

For your information, brace yourself and keep your eye on luxola Indonesia. because they always having special offers to all skin care product. So you can get Juara Skin Care 25-40% off. It's OK to Thank me later :p

Keep In Touch With JUARA Beauty Skin Care:
Officially Website:
Facebook Fanpage: Juara Girl ID
Twitter: @JUARASkincare
Instagram: @Juaragirlid
Youtube: Juara Skin Care

so what do you think?
drop some comments on my post below..
let me know about your very honest opinion..

Thank you for reading my blog!
and good luck everyone ..

Clara xxx


  1. Makasih buat ulasannya kaka,
    Kira2 harga nya berapa y?

    1. Hallo Mutiara.
      Radiance Vitality Oil harganya 998k IDR (Indonesia Rupiah) atau USD$ 95 - 98

      Terima kasih sudah berkunjung ya :D


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