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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Skincare Review: KuikKu Quick & Fresh Facial Wash

Skincare Review: 
KuikKu Quick & Fresh
Facial Wash
By: @ClaraNovK

Hello Peach!
I have new product and i'm so falling in love with this product.
Because its totally make it easier my job. hahaha
My job every night to swipe away dirt after wearing makeup.
It's so hardest job ever in my life every night before bathing.

But now i have no worries.
Right now i have Kuikku Facial Wash.
Just spray and swipe away with tissue, all of my dirt on my face is gone.
Great one with affordable price <3

So if you curious about my post,
Please keep continue reading <3

Here is the product:

Kuikku Facial Wash

Product More Details:

More Details Kuikku

Swatches about this product:

Swatches Kuikku

Great Product to clean dirt on your face

and here is picture:


Descriptions Product & Instructions:
Brand: KuikKu
Edition: Facial Wash

Kuikku can lift the dust or dirt small attached to the skin of the face, so that the skin remains clean and feels fresh. besides, Kuikku also can keep my skin moisture

How to use:
Spray Kuikku into your face and swipe with hands or get maximum result with tissue.

Be careful with eyes area. suggest to close eyes before spray the product, so can protect the eyes.

What i love?
1. Affordable Price
2. Easy to apply and bring
3. Moisturise my skin face

What i hate?
So far until now i love this product.

How much does it cost Kuikku?
It does cost around IDR 35.000 (Indonesian Rupiah) / USD$ 3.

Where you can purchase Kuikku?
You can only buy it online.
Read on their bio for order details.
Click Me

Keep In Touch With Kuikku Indonesia:
Official Website:

So what do you think?
Drop some comments on my post below..
Let me know about your very honest opinion..

Thank you for reading my blog!
and good luck everyone ..

Clara xxx


  1. Salah satu product yang aku penasaran ingin coba :D

    1. yuk dicoba! bagus kok karena simple kalau lagi ga sempat cuci muka sedang travelling tinggal semprot aja :)


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