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Hello my name is Maria Clara Novita Kusumahati..
I come from Indonesia
and i live in Jakarta..
My ethnic is Javanese ...

I am really proud to be my self, because i have perfect tanned look skin and also i have big eyes with dark brown color. (that's most of all girls are wishes to have my skin and also my big eyes).
and i really love to speak up my mind.
i am just sharing what "i think is right". i am not forcing people to follow what i believe is right. i don't care with others people talks about me.. because i just get enough of surrounding by fake peoples.
life is choices right? you want being hated or be loved. the key is just be yourself. never be afraid to be yourself, remember an original is worth more than a copy..

I am Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger..
Beauty Blogger: i write review about make up product and also how to make up..
so don't be hesitate to give me request about make up ;) .. my pleasure to teach you ..
Lifestyle Blogger: because sometimes i also got some invitation come to the event.. so i will make a review about the event i attended .. (mostly that event is come from my sponsored)
and sorry if i also wrote something random on my blog..
i love writing so much, so whatever come on my mind at that time, i will writing it on my blog..

I am Bachelor Psychology..
my graduation on 4th October 2014..
so i already officially get my bachelor degree and got my first job :)

i can speak 4 languages :
1. Indonesian
2. Javanese
3. English
4. Dutch

wanna ask me something ?
just contact me... see menu "contact me" on the menu bar :)
Click Me

Thank you/ Danku/ Terima kasih/ Matur suwun sanget...

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