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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sponsored Review: Kracie Naive Cleansing Oil From Japan

Sponsored Review:
Kracie Naive Cleansing Oil 
From Japan
By: @ClaraNovK

Hello Peach!
today i'm gonna review about cleansing oil, or we better known as makeup remover...
in the previous review, i ever wrote about the same product, but made in Indonesia.
i am so amazed with this product, because the quality is good as product made in Indonesia.
because you know what, much easier to clean all makeup on your face...

For your information: kracie naive cleansing oil is from Japan.

i am so complicated on business to cleaning my face after using makeup.
too many steps i have to do just to clean my face from makeup.
First, i usually apply baby oil to clean my foundation.
Second, after that i start to clean my face again with makeup remover.
i just wanna make sure everything is totally clean, and nothing dirt left on my pores and acne after using makeup a whole day.
but since i knew this product, i am never using baby oil again..
because this naive cleansing already contain oil.
which is save much better my time, faster and cleaner..

absolutely amazing and great product..
didn't make you crying while apply this product..
and if you curious about my review, please keep continue reading <3

Here is the product:

Naive Cleansing Oil

Product Design more details:

Details Kracie Naive Cleansing Oil

Bottle sealed.
Note: if you wanna use it, pull out the bottle sealed.
and after you use it, place the sealed in the first place.
prevent cleansing oil is overflow.

Bottle Pump Details and Closer

it prove that Kracie Cleansing contains oil
(i pour the cleansing on face paper oil)

Swatches on My Hand:

Swatches Kracie Naive Cleansing Oil

Step By Step Before and after used:

Before Used Number 1 (apply super thick and bold eyeliner)
After Used (3 steps)
actually one swipe is enough, but i just wanna make sure i do properly clean.

Naive Cleansing Oil Descriptions, Directions and Warning:
Descriptions: cleaning face after using foundation, powder, makeup and mascara getting simpler and faster. and also moisturize and nourish the skin face. contain sunflower oil and olive oil help to maintenance moisturize for skin.

Directions: pump 4 times cleansing oil on your hands for 1 time use. apply and massage gently on your face, cleaning all make up (mascara on your eyes area). washing with the clean water.

Warning: stop using naive cleansing oil if get irritated. if exposed eyes, directly washing with the clean water. save it in the safe place, avoid put in place nearby with fire.

What i love?
super express to cleaning or remove the makeup on your face..
your face is so clean and dirt all gone..
and it does really mild on your eyes..
not making any irritation on your eyes..
express because it contains oil, and safe for your skin.

What i hate?
so far until now, i love it this product..
no reason to hate.. :')

Thank you so much to Kawaii Beauty Japan~
Kawaii Beauty Japan further information on social Media:
Officially Website: Click Me
Fanpage Facebook: kawaiibeautyjapan
Twitter Account: @KawaiibeautyJP
Instagram Account: @kawaiibeautyjapan

so, i think thats all about my review..
let me know what you think..
please drop your comments on my post!

good luck everyone!

Clara xxx


  1. personally don't like any cleansing oil but I have tried Kracie cleansing gel instead and it is really effective as well :)

  2. Oh looks like a great product! I really like mild ones :)

  3. waaaaa lucky banget ini yg dari kbj yaaaaa, nice review:) giglove

  4. i stopped using cleansing oil. cleansing water/liquid are better as you don't need to emulsify it before washing off!

    1. i also using cleansing water after i am using cleansing oil..
      so i used it double treatment..
      just to make sure my face is all clean :D

  5. wow it's really effective! I love Kracie masks and hair products :p

    1. have you ever been try kracie product?
      wow thats so great :D

  6. nice review. cleansing oil is important to thoroughly cleanses

  7. I prefer using cleansing water instead of cleansing oil. Anyway, thanks for sharing the review. giggle

  8. I love the idea of using a oil to cleanse your face instead of a cleanser! What a great review!


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