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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Sponsored Review: Powerful Pudding Mask with Booster Powder C LAB

Sponsored Review:
By: @ClaraNovK

Hello Peach!
I'm not really biggest fans of Korean make up or even for Korean serial drama.
but I must say this, I really love their mask product!
eye mask, face mask, v shape mask, and everything!

Plenty of Korean Makeup From Wishtrend.
thank you so much once again! <3

and today I want to introduce another unique mask from Korean.
that is Powerful Pudding Mask!
what a cute name right! pudding we usually eat for dessert, but right now we using as a mask?
I got this product from

if you interest to read more my review.
please keep continue reading.
enjoy! <3

Here is the product:

Before open the box

After Open the box

Product Design More Details

Details Pudding Mask With Booster Powder

Flyer Powerful Pudding Mask
Written In Korean :')

How To Use And Mixed

Swatches about this product:

Swatches Pudding Mask & Booster Powder

Swatches After Mix

and here is the final looks picture:

Hmm, it's so yummy

Final Looks
Goiemorgen allemaal!
Good Morning Everyone!

Description Product & Directions:
Descriptions: Powerful Pudding Mask to tighten up pores while offering nourishment. Peppermint ingredient will bring about refreshing feeling to tighten up pores. Powerful Pudding Mask specializes in clearing pores and controlling oil production. Offer refreshment to the skin with ingredients extracted from nature. The effective skincare can start from taking care of pores properly. Just simple cleansing and removing the dead skin cells may not be enough !

Quick Overview:
+ Powerful Pudding Mask.
+ Peppermint to tighten up pores.
+ Face shaping function mask pack.

Brand : C LAB
Volume : Pudding Mask (50g),
Booster Powder (4.5g)
All Skin Types
Made in Korea

How to use:
1) Mix up pudding mask with booster powder for 30 seconds.

2) Apply on face area, from cheek to forehead and chin.

3) Apply once again in the same direction.

4) 20~30 minutes after, remove the mask pack from chin to forehead.

What i love?
1. I love the fragrance. is so yummy
2. makes my skin face softer and smoother
3. cute packaging
4. makes my face relax and calm

What i hate?
the smell is too strong.
but, so far until right now i love this product.

How much does it cost Powerful Pudding Mask?
it does cost USD6.90.
for more details you can click this LINK.

Where you can purchase this?
at this moment, if you want to buy Pudding Mask With Booster Powder product you can purchase it on wishtrend website.
just in case if you interesting to see more product, you can check on their website.

so what do you think?
drop some comments on my post below..
let me know about your very honest opinion..

Thank you for reading my blog!
and good luck everyone ..

Clara xxx


  1. itu gel nya dicampurin sama serbuk gitu? hahahah

    1. hooh jess di campurin. wkwkw
      lucuuu yaa. tapi mahal :')

  2. I so wanna try Korean Products and this masks looks yummy... #giglove

  3. This looks great! I really like how the texture looks. I'd like to play with it haha. Shame about the smell though!

    1. yes the smell is too strong.
      but over all its good product! :D

  4. I didn't know that peppermint tightened pores! I can't stop thinking of dessert because of the name :p x
    | Life as a Petite || Fashion, Crafts & Lifestyle Blog |

  5. I have heart a lot about Korean beauty products. I wish to try some of them one day.
    Fatemah Sajwani | What Fatemah Says

    1. go on purchase it on wishtrend. shipping world wide :D

  6. This surely looks interesting.. never seen something like this before, may be will give it a try if I come across this!

    1. yes you should try it! because its absolutely amazing and 100% recommended :)

  7. Pudding Mask? Sounds like a delicious idea on my face. I'd surely love to try it :) But sad that I don't get this brand here. :(

    GIG Love
    Chaicy - Style..A Pastiche!

    1. you can purchase it by online.
      it does shipping world wide for free.
      so don't be worry :D

  8. It sounds to yummy to become a mask! I would love to try it =D

  9. ohhh this seem fun...what a unique mask..wish i can try this..

  10. This sounds so interesting.. You always have Really nice posts up.. Beauty blogging looks like fun

  11. The pudding masks sounds really yummy :P It seems like a great product. Would love to try it :)

  12. 'pudding mask' the name really sounds delicious :P and the name really making me interested to try the product.

    GIG Love,

  13. i wouldnt mind trying this out. i can imagine the texture of this

    1. the pudding texture. <3
      you will love this product..

  14. Hmm, pudding mask makes me hungry haha. It sounds so wrong but so right at the same time. I love masks that have that jelly like texture. And peppermint is a favorite of mine too!

    1. if you interested you feel free to purchase on :D

  15. Sounds very moisturizing! I'd definitely try this out. I'm your opposite! I love Korean skincare. :D

  16. I also love Korean telenovelas hahaha

  17. After receiving some great Korean products from wishtrend I'm loving them and looking to try more brands. Giglove.
    - Heena,


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