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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Premium Camping In Indonesia: TanaKita Camping Ground at Situ Gunung, Sukabumi

Premium Camping In Indonesia: 
TanaKita Camping Ground 
at Situ Gunung, Sukabumi
By: @ClaraNovK

Credit: Harko
PT Central Cipta Murdaya
CCM Holding

Hello Peach!
If you want to challenge yourself with very extreme activity.
You should come and visit Premium camping at TanaKita Camping Ground.
Just a week ago on 3rd - 4th October 2015, i went there and had so much fun with my office mate.
I'm so glad they let me joined to their adventure.

Prepare your needs right

You won't believe this place is exist in Indonesia (literally).
And the employee in Tanakita camping ground having a very excellent service, and really care to their guests.
Local people around the camping ground is very friendly and welcome to you.
It's so impressive for the first sight.

Tanakita Camping Ground

If you have any plan to visit and looking around Curug Sawer Waterfall in Tanakita Camping Ground.
Warning: for my suggestions, please don't bring your kids going there with you.
The field of trekking is extremely hardcore for your kids. *crying so hard*
Or if you have extra energy to carry pickaback your kids, everything is up to you.
But i prefer to not.. *devil laugh*

So if you curious about the place, view, and my others experienced.
You MUST keep reading my post.
Enjoy <3

1. About, Place, & Facility

View at Tanakita
- About
Tanakita camping ground is located in front of the National Park Gede Pangrango, Kadudampit, Cisaat, Sukabumi. At the foot of the mountain, Tanakita altitude of 1,100 above sea level. With average weather conditions of 20 ° - 22 ° C (day), 18 ° - 20 ° C (night), and the humidity 85%, Tanakita is the ideal place for camping.

With comfortable facility, Tanakita offers the experience of being outdoors without having to bother with supporting equipment (tents, warm mattress, sleeping bag, etc.), because everything is provided. Besides camping, a number of activities is available, ranging from the morning when wake up until at night before bed.

Great Place to Calm and Relax your mind
- Place
Tanakita camping ground is located in front of the National Park Gede Pangrango, Kadudampit, Cisaat, Sukabumi.

My Tent Spot
Credit: Harko
Capacity: 200 people
The area: 2 hectares
Showering hot and cold water in the toilet with shower
Mattresses to sleep in a tent, equipped with sleeping bags and pillows
Function hall available, tents and buildings.

Evening Snack
Porridge Green Beans

Self-Made Pancake
Credit: @atanasiasp

View at night
In Front Of My Camping Spot

2. Activity
I spent my weekend in there for 2 days 1 night.
I wish i can extend to stay over there. haha
Mini outbond prepared by our member.
In Tanakita we just Trekking to the Curug Sawer Waterfall, visit Lake in Situ gunung, and bonfire night life. :p
Here is the details activity we are doing there.

- Trekking to the Curug Sawer Waterfall

Trekking field to waterfall is extremely hardcore

Waterfall at Curug Sawer

- Free Time
In our free time, we make our own schedule.
With playing a few of games, already prepared by our beloved officemate.
Because we choose our own private bonfire field.
You can playing football or anything down there. <3

I played guitar and singing
Thank you Mr. Harko For taken the picture <3

This is what we called team work.
We work together to move a rubber band to other member in each group.
only using a straw.
No cheating! only use the straw, without your hands involved. haha
Credit: Harko

On our second game, we need to move the rope from our body,
and move it to other group member.
No Cheating! don't let go of your hands from your group member while you move the rope.
Credit: Harko

Imitation from famous Quiz Show Eat Bulaga.
We need to sacrifice our smartest group member to be a person guess the word on his/her forehead.
and the others group member help to giving a clue to his/her.
Credit: Harko

We need a lots trust for this game in our group member.
Move the ping pong balls from the glass on our head to others group member.
Without seeing it, we just listen the instructions from others group member.
Credit: Harko

Tired but had SO much fun! hahaha
Credit: Harko

A game pen
Credit: Harko

Conclusion for this game.
We need to listen our leader clearly.
Because sometimes when we work, we just using our perception to accept the job from our leader.
And the message might be changed while our leader giving the instructions.
Credit: Harko

And now, last but not least, as your can see there is a paper hanging on our back.
all you need to do is, write a positive word on a person own his/her paper on their back.
The result is amazing. :) This is such an emotional moment and great time we had.
Credit: Harko

We need to back home? :')
Credit: Harko

- Bonfire Night Life

Live Music & Dinner
Credit: Harko

We having so much fun here!

- Visit Lake in Situ Gunung

Situ Gunung Lake

3. Budget

The fee for individual and family (non-company) IDR 550,000 / person
The price includes 3 x meals (1 x lunch, 1 x dinner and 1 x breakfast) and 2 x snacks
The above costs do not include the cost of the activity (high ropes, river tubing)

Me and My Friends Documentations:

look how happy we are.
can't describe with any word.

Selfie Time
At Situ Gunung Lake
Video On Curug Sawer Waterfall

Pardon to my selfie haha

Selfie with @atanasiasp

we arrived at Curug Sawer Waterfall

Trekking field so worth it with the view <3
Credit: Harko

Before Trekking, we took a couple of picture
Credit: Harko

Thank you for everything, Pals! <3
Credit: Harko

Keep Contact with TanaKita Camping Ground:
1. Official Website:
2.  Location: Situgunung, Kadudampit, Cisaat, Sukabumi, Jawa Barat
3. Reservation: Jl. Lamandau IV No.17, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan 12130
4. Phone +6221 7200469
5. Fax +6221 7269761
6. Email:

so what do you think?
drop some comments on my post below..
let me know about your very honest opinion..

Thank you for reading my blog!
and good luck everyone ..

Clara xxx


  1. Looks like you has great time. The place looks amazing and worth visiting.

  2. it's been so long since I last camp....this look like so much fun!

  3. wow, looks like so much fun! you brought your make up to camping as well? you still look like you can film a make up tutorial in your camping selfie! the night shot was really dark, wasn't it scary? or did the camera made it look darker than it really was?

    1. yes thats true i brought my makeup with me to the camp. is that wrong? hahaha
      we are women needs to touch up any time and anywhere. :p

  4. Looks like everyone had wonderful time. I haven't been camping in ages :-(

    1. you should try this camping.
      and you wish never want back to your place :p

  5. The activities seems like fun and the waterfall is very pretty. How I wish I could go camping or some of these outdoor activities, but I'm super terrified of bugs and insects! T____T

    1. haha you can go to apply body lotion, so nothing will touch your skin. :p

  6. Nature is the place to be and you had awesome company to unwind. I have never been camping and it seems like so much fun. You look amazing as well, your make up is on point in your selfies!!
    I would love to try that green pot porridge in the earthen pot.

    1. haha i shouldnt put my make up on while im camping.

  7. Wow this place look amazing!! And you look very pretty with all your selfie!

  8. I really agree with Cynthia! you really look pretty with all your selfies <3 and that waterfalls is gorgeous! I'm taking note on this one in case my feet will take me to Indonesia, soon.

    1. haha thank you honey.
      if you come here, please let me know. and we can meet up! <3

  9. is been a decade since my last camp! always love camping and you guys picked an amazing venue for it!

  10. I've never been to camp before but this looks amazing and sounds like you had a great time! I love doing out door activities

    1. yes we need more like this one activity.
      its so refreshing and make your mind relax again.

  11. I cant play guitar :( ...i wish i could and I love everyone who can play that mystical thing!
    anyways, seem you had hell lot of fun.

    1. if we are meet up, i can teach you how to play guitar :p
      yes we are!

  12. Lovely Pics and glad you had fun at the Camp. Tanakita has indeed some great views.

    - GIG Love - Chaithra - Style.. A Pastiche

  13. Camping is fun and definitely one of the best ways to bond. This made me miss doing outdoor activities though.

    1. aww once a year to do this, is something great to relax again your mind and soul :D

  14. Camping is fun and definitely one of the best ways to bond. This made me miss doing outdoor activities though.

  15. Thank U very much You and friend visiting and staying at Tanakita Campsite, I hope you are enjoy and satisfied at Tanakita.


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