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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Review: Garnier Color Natural Beauty Box Unboxing!

Garnier Color Natural 
Beauty Box Unboxing!
By: @ClaraNovK

Hello Peach!
Im so excited to telling you guys my new favorite hair color.
It's been so long time i'm not coloring my hair.
Since i remember how damaged my hair at that time, it's so break my heart.
Because bleaching process is not that good for your hair.

But right now i am convinced myself to open the new page for new product from Garnier.
"Coloring hair without damage your hair" its been their motto.
Garnier Color Naturals knock out the market with new innovation and improvement.

If you interested with my review.
please keep continue reading below.
enjoy! <3

Here Is The Product:

Garnier Color Naturals

Garnier Color Naturals Collection

Product More Details:

Beauty Box Unboxing From Garnier

All about Black

Coloring Time!

Step by Step Hair Coloring:

Step By Step

After Coloring:
My Black Hair~

My Healthy Hair Is Back
Final Looks:

Pardon My Selfie!

Keep Smile 

Descriptions & Directions:
Color Naturals (1 - Natural Black)
Get nourished hair, and better, long-lasting colour

Garnier Colour Naturals rich cream formula gives you 100% Grey Coverage; Rich, Long-lasting colour; Silky, Shiny hair.

1. Preparation
Mix the product in a non-metallic bowl. Follow the instruction leaflet inside the pack.

2. Easy Application
Apply the mixture to dry hair. It's creamy texture spreads easily and doesn't drip.

3. Final Step
Leave on for 30 minutes. Then wash your hair with your shampoo.

What I Like?
1. All variants Garnier Color Naturals have it really suits Asian hair color.
2. No Bleaching process which is means not damage your hair at all
3. The price is really affordable
4. Easy to find and get it
5. The ingredients is so natural and easy to apply

What I Hate?
So far until now i love this product!
I really love the color!

How much does it cost Garnier Color Natural?
If im not mistaken the price is about Rp. 31.500,- (Indonesian Rupiah) or $USD 2-3
Hurry up and grab yours now! :)

Where To Buy?
You can buy this product at supermarket near your home.
Below is the short listed, involved are:
1. Alfamart
2. Carefour
3. Giant
4. Guardian
5. Hypermart
6. Indomart

Keep In Touch With Garnier:
Facebook Fanpage: Garnier Indonesia
Twiter: @GarnierID
Instagram: @garnierindonesia
Official Website:

so what do you think?
drop some comments on my post below..
let me know about your very honest opinion..

Thank you for reading my blog!
and good luck everyone ..

Clara xxx


  1. Kalau aku cobain Garnier yang Light Brownnya, lumayan lah warnanya apabila ada cahaya yang cukup :)

    Lily Widjaja | Glowlicious.Me

    1. takutnya pakai yang light brown keterangan warna-nya. jadi ga berani deh :(

  2. daridulu aku pengen nyobain yang burgundy, tapi takut keterangan heheh..

    nice review^^^

    1. kayaknya for the next colour aku bakal cobain yang burgundy.
      sepertinya sih hasilnya ga terlalu terang ya :D

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. aku juga pakai yg brown dan kelihatan sehat banget^^

    1. iya betul, ga bikin rambut bercabang ataupun rusak :D


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