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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Review: Shopping Experience + iBéau Beauty Box Unboxing!

Shopping Experience 

iBéau Beauty Box Unboxing!
By: @ClaraNovK

Hello Peach!
May the new year bring joy, peace, & happiness to you and your entire family! :)

Anw, today i am gonna review about my unboxing beauty box from iBéau.
And i will share with you my shopping experience at iBéau.
Maybe it might help you when you start to shopping at iBéau.

iBéau sell beauty online such as skin care, cosmetics, and fragrance.
Startup online shop based in Hong Kong, but they will shipping your order worldwide.
So you dont have to be worry about the distance and far away from your living place.

iBeau is founded by 2 seasoned Internet entrepreneurs that is John & Josh.
John & Josh who have co-founded companies in the media classifieds industry as well as consumer marketplace businesses.

If you interested with my review.
Please keep continue reading below.
enjoy! <3

Watching My Youtube Channel For Unboxing Beauty Box Video:

My Shopping Experience with iBéau:
(Note: It's gonna be long review, 
because i like to share with you for the small details)
Please click the images, to enlarge.

1. Welcome to iBéau

2. If you are never shopping iBéau, Please register first.
Follow all the standar regulation as new member.
And if you are the loyal customer, please sign in.

3. Log In (type your email and password)

4. There are so many categories, Looking around for your favorite.

5. But i like to shopping by the brand name, it's easier for me to find my favorite cosmetic.

6. Quick View Help you to review again your order before you add to cart

7. One of my tips when you shopping at online shop.
Add to wishlist first the cosmetic you want to buy, just in case help you to compare with the other product.

8. After that, i will open my wishlist to see what is gonna be my favorite.

9. Review your wishlist, Easier to compare (price and quality)

10. i will add to cart for my order, for my last decision.

11. and now its time to check out process.

12. Review again your order, and the proceed to checkout

13. If you have voucher code or the other promotions, 
don't forget to put your voucher code.

14. after proceed your order, then it will show shipping options.
for customer who applied voucher code will get the standar international shipping.
Because the fast shipping need more cost again. 

15. Leave your message about your order for the special case.
So the messenger understand what they must to do, when your are not at home.
Example: "Throw the package, if the house empty"

16. Because i send the package into my office, so write the details about my identity.
Hope the messenger don't get wrong send my package.

17. Can't wait to get my box! <3

18. They will send you the status purchase into your email as well.
So you can keep tracking your order.

19. Keep my eyes on the status shipping

My Order Arrived Safely:

Yay! it's finnaly here.

Thank you iBéau !

How much does it cost iBéau?
I have bought three different cosmetic at iBéau, below here is the details:
1. Crabtree & Evelyn Evelyn Rose ultra-moisturising hand therapy 25g: 68,600IDR or $5-6
2. Innisfree it's real squeeze mask Rose 20ml: 25,060 IDR or $1-2
3. Laneige Water bank double gel soothing mask 1pc: 61,300 IDR or $5-6

Where To Buy?
From now on buy your favorite cosmetic on iBéau.
Shipping worldwide and get 20% off for your first order.
Enjoy all the benefit offered by iBéau that you won't missed it.

Keep In Touch With iBéau:
Facebook Fanpage: iBé
Twiter: @ibeaucom
Instagram: @ibeaucom
Official Website:

so what do you think?
drop some comments on my post below..
let me know about your very honest opinion..

Thank you for reading my blog!
and good luck everyone ..

Clara xxx


  1. Seems like a fabulous website for all your beauty needs. I'd surely try it soon for C&E products at least.

    - GIG Love - Chai -

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Unboxing beauty box is very fun!~ Lovely shopping experience..

    -gig love -

    1. indeed! it was very surprising, even i already know what its inside :p

  4. It's getting much easier to get Korean beauty products to our region these days. Love are your post!

    Mira |

  5. I always love reading post about unboxing beauty boxes. Although I don't invest much about it I still find it interesting. We have local beauty boxes here too.

    1. hahah i always love to make a post about my unboxing beauty box :p

  6. I'm exactly getting super curious with iBeau. I will try to buy at there very soon!

  7. The website sounds amazing! Would love to discover and buy some great products from here :)

  8. Yay another fun place to explore and shop! =) Thank you!

  9. Sounds like a great website and the best part is unboxing to see all the goodies. I always feel like a kid opening a Christmas present when I have a box in front of me!!

    1. hahaha the feel unboxing and open the beauty box cant be replaced :p

  10. This seems to be a fun box Clara. That white top looks beautiful on you dear.

  11. Good to know about this site in details. I'm definitely going to check their perfume section. Thanks dear :)

  12. always love surprises from beauty boxes! nice to know that we can get our korean makeup fixes from there ;)

  13. I'm always a fan of beauty boxes but there are so many out there these days I don't even know where to begin haha. You picked some great products there, though. Enjoy!

  14. I love beauty boxes I'm definitely going to check their skincare section


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