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Monday, March 14, 2016

Makeup Tips: 3 Different Ways To Wear BB Cream With Nature 24

Makeup Tips: 
3 Different Ways To Wear 
BB Cream With Nature 24
By: @ClaraNovK

Hello Peach!
There is a new arrival product from Nature 24.
I had ever wrote about Nature 24 product before, and i ever mentioned that i love their BB Cream.
Now, they are having a new family member in their collection.

BB Whitening Cream From Nature 24.
The new packaging is nice and more elegant with that silver tube.
The formula in their new collections of BB Cream become greater.
Full coverage into your skin and fit for you who has sensitive skin.
Recovery Sun with SPF 50+PA+++.

I am not gonna make a tutorial review how i use BB Cream from Nature 24.
But my post is gonna give you some tips and trick how to use BB Cream in different ways.
I hope you guys like it and useful for you <3

If you are curious about my post.
Please Keep Continue Reading!

3 Different Ways to Wear BB Cream With Nature 24:
- BB Cream as Highlighter
All you need:
1. Powder Eyeshadow (Shade: Golden)
2. BB Whitening From Nature 24

- Make a Cream Blusher
All you need:
1. Lipstick In Any Shade You LIke
2. BB Whitening From Nature 24

- Make Your Own CC Cream Makeup Based
All you need:
1. Moisturizer/ Day Cream
2. BB Whitening From Nature 24

Product Details:

Nature 24

BB Whitening Cream

Product Swacthes:

Apply on my hand

Apply on my Face:

Apply BB Whitening From Nature 24
& Final Looks!

What I Like?
1. Coverage my skin face so well
2. Don't make breakout on my face
3. Natural Finish looks

What I Hate?
So far until now i love this product.
I hope to see this product in more shade of bb cream.
Somehow it is so difficult to find darker shade products.

How Much Does It Cost For BB Cream Nature 24?
It does cost around $USD 20 or 214K IDR (Indonesian Rupiah).
Full size 50 ml.

Where You Can Buy Nature 24?
You can find it on their official website.
for more details click the link below.

Nature24 Social Media For More Info?
Official Website:
Facebook Fanpage: Nature24 ID
Twitter: @nature24id

so, i think thats all about my review..
let me know what you think..
please drop your comments on my post!

good luck everyone!

Clara xxx


  1. Good post. I really liked your tips.

  2. These are some great tips to use BB creams. I did not know we can use BB creams to make cream blushes. I haven't heard about this brand but it surely is worth a try :)

    1. now you know and can apply it on your face :)
      hope it help!

  3. Those are some great tips! I would love to try them on my own BB cream next time! =)

  4. Never heard about this brand too!
    Anw your eyes look nice on the video :D Just watched it!
    Keep going <3

  5. such a great tips thank for sharing!!very nice eyelook as well!

  6. Great Tips babe specially for summer weather that's when I tend to wear BB creams more because I feel like foundation is pretty heavy to wear out in the sun. I do still wear foundation to go out or on occasions in the summer.

    1. well thats some good tips from you!
      thank you for sharing here with my readers :)

  7. never heard of this brand before! but i've moved on from the conventional bb creams now. too much cushions to finish before they all dry out on me!

    1. haha yes now is much happening about bb cushions.
      but i never try it before tho :p

  8. I think one of the downside of BB creams is that not many brands provide a variety of shades, making it hard for people to switch between brands.
    great review post btw!

    1. yes the dark color is not able on bb creams shade.
      im not so happy about it :(

  9. I have been away from BB cream since last year but recently getting back to it. This one sounds cool. Probably will give it a shade match check.

    Much Love... GreenStory

    1. yes maybe you have changed your mind to back with bb cream things? :D

    2. This BB cream is fantastic! You look gorgeous dear :)

  10. I'm so sorry but I really can't get behind any whitening products.

    1. haha its just a bb cream.
      not really for whitening and brighter skin :D

  11. I'm so sorry but I really can't get behind any whitening products.

  12. Thank you for sharing those 3 ways that I could put my BB to be a multi-tasker. Haven't heard of this brand though, but seems like its a great one.

    xoxo - Chai - GIG Love - Style.. A Pastiche!


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