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Friday, October 21, 2016

Skin Care Review: 6 Body Care MUST-HAVES in Your Closet

Skin Care Review: 
6 Body Care MUST-HAVES in Your Closet
By: @ClaraNovK

Hello Peach!
How many times do you open your closet and realize you don’t have what you were actually looking for? Well, we all face this problem from time to time, especially when it comes to body and skin care products.

We are spoiled for choices when we are out for shopping and more often than not, end up picking the products which we don’t really require. 
In disguise, we tend to miss out on some of the essentials that otherwise, we must have with us all the time.
Some of us may not have daily commitments but we do spend time occupying ourselves with things, even when we stay back.

Here are 6 Body Care Must-Haves to help prevent dry skin and dead skin clear them up as fast as possible:

1. Hand Cream 
The hardships during the day make our hands and feet dry, for which a hand cream is a must.

2. Body Polishing 
Body polishing is equally important, especially to exfoliate and help repairing the damaged skin. It brings back the shine and the lost radiance to the skin.

3. Body Butter 
Good body butter helps dealing with dryness as it usually comes in a rich tone. People with dry skin should ensure that they apply it regularly to keep the skin intact.

4. Bar Soap 
Hydrating bar soap is naturally moisturiser, accumulation of dirt for long periods may cause the skin to form dead cells.

5. Shower Cream 
Shower cream should always be there because our body needs constant clean up so that day to day dirt doesn’t damage the skin. 

6. Body Lotion 
The elasticity and softness of the skin can only be maintained if you make it a habit to apply a first rate body lotion. 

Not just it keeps the skin safe but you can easily carry out tough tasks without any worries.
Take a look at this info graphic visually depicting the body care must haves <3

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