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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Letters To God

    Do u wanna see the handsome guy ? i hope he will become my next boyfriend or my HUSBAND . lol :p here we goo ...
Figure 1. Michael Christopher Bolten. 

      Ooh my gosh , thats not all i wanna talking about in my own blog, actually i wanna say to my god I should be  greatfull and thankfull to my god whom gave me this life go on. whatever they talking about you, i dont care what people talking out loud about you , "he is nothing, who is god ? i think god already death been so long time ago. what is god exactly, is he alien?" i dont care with all this shit opinions. this is me , you created me only one in this world, even though i have my cloning but nobodys can be me.

Figure 2. Clara smile.

     You just open my eyes and hearts with the one especially movie , the title is Letters To God . at the first i read the title i was so impressed and curious with the movie. its just warming up about who is my real god exactly ? and its hear so ridiculous when u know , " how u can send all the letters to your god ? it is imposibble, isnt it? or u must die first just for send thats stupid things to heaven?" hahah , i just laugh and laugh if i get that one answer. there is always the way if u want to try and try until u cant do it anymore.  but the kid did it, he make of it come true. he make all of the people write some letters to god and believe that god is EXIST .. 

Figure 3. Cover Letters to God.

      it is sounds so bad and unfair if u see the kids or baby just was born already has very dangerous sickness... i cant stop drop my tears on the ground when i am watching that movie,  very touching and meaningfull. the kid survive with his brain cancer and keep writing the letters to god. only hope and miracle that kid has .. and only you god the last wishes he was praying all the night came. i just cant imagine if the boy thats my young brother .. T,T .... i think i cant stand by that condition. 

Figure 4.  Benjamin, Sam and Dearest Tyler.

     No one in  this life want to become the trouble in their family rite? thats just was the kid feels to. he is feels so useless and just make his family spent a lots of money for him medicine. his brother has very difficulty time, his father was passing , and his young bro is sick. then his mom must earn too much money to pay all the living cost. 

Figure 5. Pieces of letters to God.

     well , i know it is not movie based on true story, it is so dramatically , but wait!!!! dont u realize that actually people daily life in the real is harder than you imagine.  too many people dying , crying, lying and watever u call that as a pain. and then you blame to god , thats your life is not fair ? and i remember about one thing , Tyler ever say "somebody was born to replace somebody die." i hope i am not wrong quotation this word. :p i hope u get wat i am saying ,, lol

Figure 6. Barley and Tyler.

Figure 7. Sam and Tyler laughing together.

Figure 8. Tyler mother :D.

     If u feel attracative to know or u wanna get and watch the movie. i have the link for that ,, just check it to this one website .. :D

Figure 9. One Tyler hand. 

Have a nice day everyone .. :D God bless you all the time..


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