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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

who is your husband in the future ?

     Hello , do you ever worry about your future ? who are you in 10  years later ? and What is kind of job you have in the future ? and so do i ... That's question always in my head , in my dreams , and in my mind. i need to figure out that question. ok That's not very big problem in my head , but the real problem for me is that talking about "who i my husband in the future". u can laugh if u want , but i am seriously arguing about this. this is not joke and whatever u call it.

     i am almost 19 years old and i am getting bigger and bigger everyday . what exactly i am looking for ? in the fact until now i never in relationship with any guy in the world . yadda . and how about u the reader ? i hope u are not have the same experience like me . :p

     If i wanna have boyfriend or crush or dating friend actually i can make it, but the problem is the guy who love me , they are not my type -..-" .. i love WESTERN GUY  especially Europe man . :p they are just so amazing in my eyes .. very very different in my eyes . :( any body can help me ? :p

     i have so many many western friends , but just the only one very special in my heart ! :p he is ........... *i dont wanna tell his name* sorry . :p just call him Bread eater. i want to attach his picture in this post but i think i cant do that , i am affraid he is getting mad at me . :P

     He is come from Holland . :D i love his eyes , his voice , and everything about him . god damn ! he knows that i love him . but i dunno what is the responds from him .. i think he doesn't love me back . he already has Girl friend , i saw it from his facebook . :( but when i ask him about that relationship is that true or not , he answered " thats kinda joke, not the seriously one".

     What ? that's JOKE ? the worst Joke i ever heard . am i right reader ?  why he doesn't want tell me the truth  , so i don't really expecting about his love . :( because i am CRAZY , so i love him . i am never touch him , hug him and smell his body .i just  WEB CAM with him and heard his voice . :(  if u ask me "why do you  love him ? " i cant answer the question because i just dont know the right answer.

      To be continued ....


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