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Monday, May 5, 2014

EVENT REPORT: Launching Cosmekita with Beauty Bloggers and Vendor

Event Report:
Launching Cosmekita
With Beauty Bloggers and Vendor

Sponsored by Cosmekita

By the date on 27 April 2014,
Placed in the Akmani Hotel Wahid Hasyim. The event start on 1pm - 4pm..
Cosmekita Launching Premier open event to celebrate their new website promotion about beauty product shopping online..
Cosmekita Invitation and Flyer <3

Cosmekita hold their expert beauty from Japan and Indonesia Makeup Artist International.. Beauty experts came and shared about beauty tips and trick.. and also how to make simple hair do for Indonesian girls..
and also invited 50 beauty bloggers and vendor who is having collaboration working with Cosmekita..


What is Cosmekita?
Cosmekita is beauty community website which having collaboration with bloggers, readers/ users, online shop and vendor. The aim from cosmekita is to building community having connection one and the others, make it easy to all users to find out about product, review, and even online shop. so let's together spread this community and giving information to others with cosmekita concept: CREATE. BEAUTY. TOGETHER.

How was the event going?
1. Lunch
so before we start the event, we having lunch first.. ahhh its so great, because im so hungry and i could eat a horse.. so many cuisine place on plate..  most of all Indonesian cuisine.. <3

and so salad complete the lunch break...

beauty bloggers having lunch

2. Opening
we are so full now.. and then we back to the ballroom to start the event..
this is what im waiting for.. finally! <3


cosmekita invitation so cute and adorable for sure!

opening start it by the master of ceremony or A.K.A MC..
and then continue with Ms. Kamila who is the owner of Cosmekita Website.. 
and another speech from Mr. Kenny about explanation more details Cosmekita Website..
and video from Ms. Sanny lie who is cant joined with us with one and another reason..
so she is just made the video which we can watch at the event...

 Ballroom Akmani Hotel 

3. Makeup tutorial and hair do by Beauty Expert
and the next event, we continue with makeup tutorial and hair do by beauty expert..
or you can call it as workshop beauty makeup class..
Cosmekita invited beauty expert from indonesia and also japan..
they are Olga, Mr. yamano and mr. yazawa..
Makeup Artist From Japan: Mr. Yamano Mitsuo and Mr. Yazawa Shoichi
Makeup Artist From Indonesia: Olga Agradia D.

first olga agradia open the beauty demo in front of the public..
she is taught us how to make a beautiful eyebrows and also another beauty tips for beauty bloggers..
its so great tips from her..
and also olga is working at Anastasia Beverly Hills as a makeup artist..
so cool !!! :(

after olga agradia finished her demo!
and then we got another beauty expert from japan!
FYI: as long the event start it, they are not talking in english.. but talking with japanese T..T
and mr. kenny translated that.. haha

there is rini as the model here.. so cute <3
rini is also beauty bloggers :)

what is these bottles?
this is bottle is the most famous hair shampoo and treatment from japan..
with the good quality always sold out in japan..

After mr. yamano and mr. yazawa done with makeover the models..
they are standing around the beauty bloggers closer..
to showing off their works

as you can see over there, there is gold tatoo shining from the models..
they said its made by 100% gold..
and easy to apply it..
and once again it most popular tatoo at japan..
but i still surprised it made by 100% pure gold :o
i cant imagine how much does it cost..
its really must be very expensive...
they are not even mentioned the price..

Aurum Gold Jewelry

More details about the picture

Flyer Aurum

4. Door prized and Grand prized announcement
and by the end of event, cosmekita having a grand prized.. thats samsung note 8..
ah what a pity they are not picked my number ..
but its ok, maybe another chance i will get it from cosmekita.. ^^

5. Closing
 so sad we must go home.. but we still connected each others on cosmekita officially website.

6. Goodie bag time!
absolutely crowded and long line queue..
everybody so happy and open theirs one by one..
and so do i.. :p
it's so amazing event and opportunity can joined with Cosmekita Launching Party Event..
sooooo lovely ! 

Captured by Cosmekita..
My OOTD: Blue and red jeans with the long dark hair..
candid so natural... :p

How to contact Cosmekita Further?
Cosmekita Website: Click Here
Cosmekita Google+ : Click Here
Cosmekita Twitter: Click Here
Cosmekita Fanpage: Click Here
Cosmekita Instagram: Click Here
Cosmkeita Email:
Cosmekita Line: ask.cosmekita

Create. Beauty. Together.

and before we go home..
Cosmekita with generous gave us the gift thanks for us ..
look at those cute little baby..
girls, you are gonna jealous for this ..
hahaha :3

Handed Gift From Cosmekita

and soon or later i will and must make the review all this beauty product..
so stay tuned on my blog!
you wont regret it .. :) <3

My Last Word:
Congratulation for Launching Premier Website Cosmekita..
for the experienced and also learning from the expert make up artist international ..
KEEP IT ON guys to make all the girls over the world beautiful..
keep it up your work crew team from Cosmekita.. stay together! together we can do!!
I'm so happy and so proud being the part of this COSMEKITA event ! :)

so what do you guys think?
drop some comments on my post below..
let me know about your very honest opinion.. :)

good luck everyone!



  1. wah banyak banget dapet product nya >.<

  2. why gambarnya kecilllll... digedein dong... kan gambarnya bagus2 :(
    nice report!!! i wish i could be there with you *ihiyyy*

  3. a great event!

    Come visit PanamaAsti
    post comments or reviews... Me will be very nice :)

    1. thank you ..
      sure i will do it for you as the return :)


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