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Sunday, August 3, 2014

DIY: Bun Doughnut Hair Home Made

Bun Doughnut Hair
Home Made
By: @ClaraNovk

Hello Peach!
for this August i do a bit more DIY review on my blog!
to be honest its easier make a review DIY than a product :p.. (because you need to write details and see how the progress when you review for product)..
today im gonna make DIY for Bun Doughnut Hair..
curious how it looks like?
go straightly continue reading until the end. :p
hope you guys like it !

Here is the tools you must prepare:

 photo c11e7759-b369-4729-be68-c9bc8fdf6ed7_zps329e2a2b.jpg
1. Old socks
2. Scissors
Note: old or new socks its not big deal..
but i suggestion you use the old one..
so you don't have to buy new pair of socks..

Step By Step!

Step 1:
Mark the end of socks you wanna cut.
so we gonna have the hole for the both side of socks

Step 2:
I do it like this one..
so you can have hole/space to roll the socks..
which is important for the next step!

Step 3:
rolling socks upward
until it shape like a doughnut
and you are done for the first socks!

Step 4:
doubling the second socks into first socks 
and then rolling together with first socks.. 
now continue and repeat it again with the same step..


White: Small Size
Black: Big Size

Use bobby pins make it perfect

Note: more socks that you add/roll for making Bun Doughnut Hair
The bigger final looks for your bun hair..
considering it :)
The bigger, The better :p

and you've got perfect bun pretty hair!
here is the looks!

Bun Doughnut Hair
Note: sorry a bit blur

Bun Doughnut Hair From Behind


Note: You can order it (bun doughnut hair) at the online shop..
generally online shop sell for 2$ or 20k IDR (Indonesia Rupiah)..
yeah i know that is not cost much..
it's optional you wanna order it or you just wanna do it yourself ;)
but i prefer to do it by my self..
so i can use the money to buy other things..

spend your money wisely, and reuse the things from trash.
go green!

so what do you think?
drop some comments on my post below.. 
let me know about your very honest opinion..

Thank you for reading my blog!
and good luck everyone ..

Clara xxx


  1. thank you sharing diy-nya aku dulu pernah beli yg kecil tapi karena gak bisa makenya malah ilang gak tau kemana.errr jadi pengen bikin sendiri sekarang.

    1. sok atuh di coba ajah nih tutorialnya..
      murah meriah, pakai barang bekas juga bisa :D

  2. this is such a brilliant idea to recycle socks :D thanks for sharing!


  3. i love hair bun especially on bad hair day hahahahah

  4. Wow, a very nice idea, thanks for this tip :)


  5. kereeen!

    salam kenal ya. aku nominasiin kamu di Liebster Award nih, monggo mampir ke blog ku yaaa

    1. thank you intan..

      hallo salam kenal juga ya..
      thank you banget atas nominasinya .. segera meluncur ke TKP.. haha

  6. nice post dear :)) pengen pakai gituan tapi pipiku bulat x.x
    anyway i've followed you. Mind to fullback? :))

    1. haha aku juga tambah bulet pake ginian rambutnya .. XD
      kita satu nasib..
      oh ya udah di follow back ya :)

  7. I tried to repeat it, but my hair is not long enough...


    1. ahhh wat a pity..
      maybe you have to wait your hair growing longer..
      then you can use it this bun :D

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