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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Today Featured Blogger On SITS Girls

Today Featured Blogger 
On SITS Girls
By: @ClaraNovK

So 2 months before until my featured blogger schedule..
i got this email..
to be honest i'm so surprised i got this email..
omg! im so happy, because SITS will featured me on their website..
SITS girls is community blogger website based in America..

My Featured Blogger Schedule

i got very excited, and i can't wait until my turn come..
my turn is on 26th august 2014..
i'm a featured blogger of the day..
yay! thank you so much SITS ..
waiting this so long <3
i feel so honor got this opportunities

and i'm on their frontpage website..
here is the picture:
My Photo on their Frontpage website

i can't even believe it happen..
you know because most of all bloggers featured on their website is American.
and i am asian who living in Indonesia.. *crying in the corner*

this is such a good opportunities for me so a lots of people will know my blog..
maybe for you this is not a big deal (not yet earn good income or get famous).
but this is a little step for me to get more viewers and also readers..

even just for a day as featured blogger.
but i feel so blessed i can be the part of it..
and i feel so amazing which is i cant even describe my feeling about this..

Check it out on:
if you click the link, you are gonna find my page on sits website :)
Thank you so much SITS GIRLS you made my day! <3

so, i think that's all about my review..
let me know what you think..
please drop your comments on my post!

good luck everyone!


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