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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Review Hair Treatment: Rub and Rinse Cocoa Delish

Rub And Rinse
Cocoa Delish
By: @ClaraNovK

Hello Peach!
today im gonna review about hair treatment product..
that is Rub and Rinse Cocoa Delish.
i think this is made from organic ingredients (i dunno if its true or not, because there is no description from this product) and less dangerous chemical.
the smelling so good, and my hair is so smooth after using this product..
really falling in love at the first sight <3

so if you want to know more about this product, please keep reading.

Variants and Functions 

There is 4 variants offering from this product, and each flavor has own function:
1. Strawberry Swirl : rich vitamin c which is good as anti oxidant, smooth, good solution for thin hair and fall out, and also solution for dandruff hair.
2. Slusshy Papermint: scalp treatment for dandruff problem, refreshing and give a cool sensation to the scalp.
3. Cocoa Delish: smooth, shining, more elastic and stress relievers.
4. Heavantly Matcha: controlling less hair falling out, contain anti oxidant, stimulation follicles hair and give the nutrition for the scalp.

so before you buy, better you know your own problem hair. so you can get the right solution for your hair!

here is the product i'm talking about:

Yummy Dessert! but nah! 
this is Hair Treatment Cream instead of Choco Jam..

Rub and Rinse Cocoa Delish

and here is about the swatches:

Rub and Rinse Jar From Top

Swatches Rub and Rinse Cocoa Delish

Rub And Rinse Logo

here is the picture before and after using rub and rinse cocoa delish:

Before and After

Final Looks!

Final Looks!

Description of Product:
less instruction and description from this product! </3
so i cant tell you guys more description of this beautiful product ..

How is the texture and what is the function?
Rub and Rinse Cocoa Delish: the texture is like a butter mixed with the body lotion.. i dunno how to explain *lol* .. but the texture is definitely not sticky at all and soft like a conditioner.

What i love?
Rub and Rinse Cocoa Delish: the smelling is so good. i love the chocolate smell.. i wish i can taste it and spread it on my bread.. lol and making my hair is so smooth and shining so natural.. to be honest my type of hair is really damage and dry. but im so impressed with this product, can get it back to my normal hair <3

What i hate?
Rub and Rinse Cocoa Delish: so far i love this product. but it less with instruction and description from this product. maybe they can make it better with adding some information on the bottle/jar :)

Rub and Rinse In Jar

How to purchase this Rub and Rinse Cocoa Delish?
order by nudeinshop officially facebook fanpage!
Click Me

How Much Does It Cost For Rub and Rinse Cocoa Delish?
it doesn't cost much, you just need to 70k IDR (Indonesia Rupiah)
or it does cost less than 10$/ 7$
very big deal right?
so what are you waiting for ? go on order and try it the experience by yourself.

Contact NudeInShop for further information?
Facebook Fanpage: NudeInShop
Instagram: NudeInShop
for fast respond just go straightly order by bbm or line :)
pin bbm : 769C7AE6
line : monicaliusanti
wa : 0812.8023.0786

so, i think that's all about my review..
let me know what you think..
please drop your comments on my post!

good luck everyone!



  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Ini ada variant grape nya juga say, aku pake yg groovy grape ^^


    1. ooh ya? wahh baru tau aku..
      fungsinya buat apa ya yang grape?
      cuman tau yang ini aja.. ketinggalan banget ya :')

    2. Yg grape buat memacu pertumbuhan rambut, mencegah kerontokan.. *will review it soon*

      Cocoa ini menggiurkan banget ya buat dimakan :p


    3. ooh gitu sama aja dong kayak yang stawberry.. buat rambut rontok juga.. wkwk
      ditunggu ya reviewnya :) ..
      thank you for dropping by! <3

  3. rambut siapa sih ituuu??? (masih penasaran) hahahaha

    1. sumpah jesss lu masih ga percaya itu rambut gua??
      mau pinjem rambut siapa lagi gua..
      masa kingta atau travie :')

  4. That is quite the dramatic difference! Happy SITS day!

  5. ahahaha,,kirain dessert beneran looh,,,duh kalau aku yang punya bisa2 aku makan dech,,xixixixi
    Tapi keliatannya bagus ya hasilnya,,,rambut jadi wangi cokelat <3

  6. the packaging is cute and is kindof appetizing haha! it looks like a chocolate spread instead of a bathroom essential. i personally wouldn't want it like that because the bathroom is a wet area therefore that kind of lid is going to suffer. >XS - GigLove

    1. yes indeed!
      i love the fragrance as well!
      so yummy ..
      thank you for dropping by..

  7. It should come with a label saying 'Not suitable for eating' :P
    Does a good job of taming your hair though :) GigLove

    1. hahah i think so..
      this is so seems pretty delicious <3
      thank you for dropping by hon! ;)

  8. Wow they look like Nutella spread! Seems yummy even though its not for eating!
    Gig love

  9. Thanks for the sharing. To be honest, I have yet to use product for hair treatment. I think it's the time I should use it.

  10. The chocolate scent must be a great addition to the product. :)
    All products sound promising.

  11. Duh mak, ga pernah tahan ama wangi coklat,,, selalu pengen makan! Hahaha. Anw, kayaknya patut dicoba ni!


  12. Super cute packaging! And it looks really yummy! Maybe it is organic.. because it looks homemade!

  13. For a moment I thought it was to eat! Then read further and got that it's a hair treatment! LOL!! Looks pretty though and since its home-made would love to try it!

    GIG Love
    xoxo Chaicy - Style.. A Pastiche!

  14. OMG thinking of putting chocolate on your hair! Sounds so yummy =D

  15. Great Review dear and the hair looks amazing. The name sounds yummylicious.


  16. it look so so yummy..but i wonder it wont make the hair feels sticky like chocolate do?

    1. the hair will gonna stick for a moment before you wash your hair..
      but after that, your hair is gonna be so smoothly and great!
      nothing to worry about :D

  17. Wow, it looks great. I sure could use a treatment like this.

  18. i love the sound of those scents *.* i wish the uk had this

  19. i love the sound of those scents *.* i wish the uk had this

  20. I love their names! I bet I would be too busy sniffing their fragrance before I eventually get around to using them. Love your review dear. gig :)

  21. Oh wow!! I've never seen anything like this for the hair! It def looks like some type of dessert.

  22. Looks like it worked well for your hair! I am not sure I would like the smell of chocolate in my hair, as much as I love to eat it.

    1. yes its really good one and make my hair so smoother ..
      go on try it! you won't regret :p
      thank you for dropping by ..

  23. Wow! It improved that fast?! Wow feels like, I want to try it! Is there something that can help ease the dandruff? :)

    1. yes for the dandruff problem you can try the blue one (peppermint)..
      thats special for dandruff issues! :)


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