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Beauty Review: Experience After Revlite Laser Facial Treatment For Acne Scars at Fairytale Clinic

Beauty Review: Experience After Revlite Laser Facial Treatment For Acne Scars at Fairytale Clinic
By: @ClaraNovK

Hello Peach!
To be honest, I am so afraid to do this laser treatment.
I don't know if this Laser Treatment will be doing good or not.
But all i heard and i read from the internet and friend, the result after the treatment may vary.
Why the result may vary? Because the skin face condition for each person is different.

If you are wonder why i am so afraid, because i am afraid this laser treatment is not suit for my skin.
Once again i repeat, if this treatment is having problem on my face, It driving me nut. haha
Because i had ever have worse experienced about my face fight acne and big pores.
That time was disaster for me, and i don't want that things happen again with my face for second time.

If you curious about my post.
Please read more on my post below..
Enjoy! <3

The experienced i have got is beyond expectation i can imagine.
Nervous and excited at the same time.
The step is take so long but i don't feel get bored in there.
Because the Blue Fairies is so friendly and communicative with their customer.
The Doctor known as Owner of  Fairytale Clinic is so nice and warm.

Fairytale Aesthetic and Wellness Clinic
At Gading Serpong

Welcome Drink

Complimentary Drink After Treatment
Hot Chocolate <3

Fairy Lounge

Facial Treatment Room

Sliming Treatment Room

Faiy's Closet Room

Revlite Laser Facial Treatment

Step 1: Cleaning Face
The first treatment will be held on the first floor
I suggest you to not wearing any makeup if you wanna come here for laser treatment
Because at the end, it will be removed
Lucky i just wore my moisturiser and powder

Cleaning Face Before Laser Treatment

Step 2: Anaesthesia Face for 30 Minutes
I can't feel my own skin
Its not hurt, but a bit hot in the lips area
You feel like your lips is getting bigger

Anaesthesia For 30 Minutes

Anaesthesia Selfie LOL

Step 3: Visia Skin Analysis
Skin Check to see your face problem
My most problem is wrinkles

Visia Skin Analysis

I'm Doing Skin Check with Visia

Doctor Seeing My Skin Analysis

Result Print Out My Skin Analysis 

Step 4: Laser Treatment
This is the main part of this treatment
Never had experienced before for the laser treatment
When the laser is touch your skin, it feels like Exposed fireworks
The skin smells burnt.
Like the smell of mosquito racket hahha
Laser Treatment only for 15 minutes

Revlite Laser Machine and Laser Treatment Room

Laser Treatment Process

Step 5: Cooling Down
After the laser treatment, on some part of my face is getting so red
I feel like apply blush on my face
The cooling down part process is helps to cold the face
So the redness is decreased slightly

Cooling Down Treatment

Step 6: Oxygen Therapy
After the laser and cooling down treatment
We moved to the second floor
They will giving the oxygen into your face
So your face is smooth and ready to apply mask

Oxygen Therapy Machine

Cooling Down Again
Giving Oxygen Into My Face Skin

Step 7: Collagen Face Mask
This is the last treatment of Revlite Treatment
I love this part so much
Because the face mask is so nice on my face
It's so cold and feeling comfortable

I am doing Face Mask

I Can't Open My Eyes 

My Face Mask

After the treatment, the doctor giving me SR Serum.
The function is for my redness skin.
I applied before i slept in the night.

SR Serum Form Fairytale Clinic

SR Serum More Details

Remember: Your face are not allowed touch directly by the sun for 3 days ahead
If you wanna go outside, better using moisturiser with SPF 30 - 50
Or bring the umbrella together with you to protect from the sun

I will explain more details and write it on for each day progress.
So you can see how it goes on my face!
I will show you few days later progress after the treatment.

 Later After The Treatment

After Collagen Mask

Day 1

Day 2

Treatment List at Fairytale Clinic:
You can check it our for more details treatment at Fairytale Clinic.

How Much Revlite Laser Facial Treatment at Fairytale Clinic?
Here is the details treatment:
1. Administration and Membership: 25K IDR / $ 2
2. Consultation Doctor Fee: 75K IDR/ $ 6
3. Revlite Laser Facial: 2 Mio IDR / $ 155
4. SR Serum: 50K IDR/ $ 4

Where Is The Location of  Fairytale Clinic?
Ruko Sparks A no. 16. Gading Serpong.
(Next to Chrysalis daycare)

Keep In Touch With Fairytale Clinic:
Facebook Fanpage: Aesthetic Fairy
Instagram: @fairytale_clinic

So, i think that's all about my review..
Let me know what you think..
Please drop your comments on my post!

good luck everyone!

Clara xxx

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