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Friday, June 2, 2017

Event Report: Grand Opening Fairytale Aesthetic and Wellness Clinic at Gading Serpong

Event Report: Grand Opening 
Fairytale Aesthetic and Wellness Clinic at Gading Serpong
By: @ClaraNovK

Hello Peach!
On 27th May 2017, I went to the Grand Opening of  Fairytale Clinic at Gading Serpong
The place is so sweet, i feel like i am going inside in the Alice In Wonderland World. haha
The owner is friendly and beautiful, i feel like i see the fairy for real :D
Fairytale Aesthetic and Wellness Clinic located in Gading Serpong.
Not too far neither not too close from my living place hahaha

Congrats for Grand Opening of Fairytale Clinic
The treatment in Fairytale Clinic is so complete
From the head to toe, Fairytale Clinic will treat you better with their treatment services.
I bet it all girls will love this place.
It such a wonderful place for a beauty clinic! 

If you curious about my post.
Please read more on my post below..
Enjoy! <3

Doctor Handle For Revlite Laser Treatment
What is Fairytale Aesthetic and Wellness Clinic?

Welcome to Fairytale Aesthetic and Wellness Clinic.

We are a beauty clinic located in Gading Serpong, Tangerang.

The name Fairytale is taken from the English word meaning fairy tale. We want to be in the Fairytale customer feel comfortable as in the fairy tale world, where all his needs are met in plenary. We have the slogan: Miracle Is YOU, because we believe beauty and health are rights and can belong to every individual. However, the type of care needed by everyone is different.

Fairytale tries to be the friend of every individual who wants to improve his appearance, we are ready to listen to your every need and advise the best kind of treatment you can do, then we will serve you personally with our professional team and advanced tools.

Fairytale also believes that beauty and health are one indispensable entity. Therefore we choose safe and healthy ways to improve your appearance and confidence. At Fairytale you will get health services as well as facial and body beauty treatments are integral and comprehensive.

Our service focus is skin whitening and rejuvenation. In addition we also have a series for acne treatment, slimming, antiaging, hair loss, and much more.
We also serve health acupuncture, adult vaccination and inject able / pill.
I come to the event is so early hahaha
I decided to go out from my place is about 3 PM, because i don't know the location, i am afraid get lost. The event start at 5 PM.
But its beyond my expectation, i arrived at Gading Serpong at 4 PM hahaha
I am so surprise and awkward at the same time, because still nobody around.
Well it's ok, I can do something else to looking around the clinic while waiting the event start.

Fairy Lounge and Goodie Bag

Staff Still Busy With The Preparation 

All Is About Blue

Dinner Is Almost Ready
Presentation From Dr. Silvia

She is sharing anything about skin and beauty treatment.
I had new knowledge about skin.
Even the presentation only for 1 hour, but she explain it with fun way and easy to process the information.
Because my background is not from school of medical, so this presentation is really useful for me. She is very communicative to send the message.

Dr. Silvia Doing Presentation

Dr. Silvia Profile

Slide Show Presentation

Beauty Demo: Revlite Laser Treatment

After the presentation from Dr. Silvia, we are divided into 2 groups to go to the next session.
Group 1: can having enjoy the dinner, that already served by Fairytale Clinic
Group 2: See the beauty demo about Revlite Laser Treatment.
Off course i choose to see the beauty demo first, and then eat :p
So I don't need to wait the line when i wanna eat.

I will try to explain in easy way.
I will share it more detail after i got this treatment next week!

Stage 1: The doctor applied the Anesthesia into your face
Note: It is safe if you wanna see with naked eyes
But if you wanna see with naked eyes more than 15 minutes
You should wear this glasses for your own eyes safety

Stage 2: The Doctor Is On Duty
Laser Treatment In Action

Revlite Laser Machine

Laser Treatment Helps to Reduce Your Acne Scars

Stage 3: Cooling Down

Oxygen Machine

Stage 4: After Treatment With The Oxygen
Now Your Skin Face Is Ready For Mask
Smooth and Moisturise Your Skin

After we finished dinner and beauty demo, we back again to the Fairy Lounge for Lucky Draw.
This is the moment everyone is waiting for.
Sadly, i didn't won anything. But it's ok, the event is quiet fun tho!

Lucky Draw Winner

Congrats Fairytale Clinic
Dr. Silvia with her husband

I have met with so many new people in there!
I love to make new friends.
New friends for me means new experienced.

Me & Caca (Beauty Blogger)

With Loyal Client at Fairytale Clinuc
Me and Doctor 

Treatment List at Fairytale Clinic:
You can check it our for more details treatment at Fairytale Clinic.

Where Is The Location of  Fairytale Clinic?
Ruko Sparks A no. 16. Gading Serpong.
(Next to Chrysalis daycare)

Keep In Touch With Fairytale Clinic:
Facebook Fanpage: Aesthetic Fairy
Instagram: @fairytale_clinic

So, i think that's all about my review..
Let me know what you think..
Please drop your comments on my post!

good luck everyone!

Clara xxx


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