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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I hate being fool in front of you .

This is not your fault being very rationalist and smart person .

sorry i can not be the perfect like u want .

we are experts in our respective job.

do u ever had the same experienced with me readers ? :(  i am speechless .

what should i do ? :P

i love music , but u are not . music is my life , i love sing , but u are not .

i am not politician , i do not love politic news  , that is not means i do not care with politic , but i just feel that very boring topic we are talking .

sorry . i do really sorry

Woman are thinking with their right brain , you know what is Right brain exactly ??

that is means woman are very touching , sensitive , and 99% use their emotional for every case they have .

and Man are thinking with their left brain , you know awhat is left brain exactly ??

that is means men are very rationalist and logical person . so that is why they can be very seriously one or become a beast when they are thinking and talking .

i am very speechless talking with the rationalist man , i do not why . XD

i do not mean that woman cant be the rationalist person , but we are just different with man  . -..-"

i cant explain about this one . errr

i do not give up for my weakness , no more .

"ill show ya" opps . :P

if your type of the girl is rationalist woman ? ok man , i will do that .

i am try to impressed you by now ! ..

Better late than never

i take this as a feedback to be a better person . :)

Love is just  not enough talking about the feeling, sacrifice and hurting  . that is just happening in the movie -..-" LOL .       i do understand now ...

i have to be the a better person for him ..

to be continue ..


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