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Monday, April 21, 2014

I am not really a career person, I AM JUST A BLOGGER!

I am not really a career person,
by: @ClaraNovK

Historical footprint!

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Why did i made blog? How do i choose name and theme for my blog?

actually i start review about beauty things on my youtube channel:
check the link below and you will find out..

to be honest, i start blogging because there is sponsors who interest to give me chance make a review for their product.
you can see my very first post on my blog..
here is my very first review:
i got very exciting so i start to writing them on bilingual languages.. lol

i love writing so much..
especially writing on blog is just like piece of cake.. teheeee
but its epic true very easy.. you don't need to analyze with based on theory.. human being, life span or whatever.. sick of it :p
or make a journal and phenomenal..
research or somethings else..

i also write about random things on my blog..
i won writing competition as runner up winner..
i got android as the prizes..
kinda cool huh?

keep calm and show off your achievement..
people will wordless admire you and hate you at the same time..

i start blogging on 2010.
i wrote about many things, most of all about my relationship with past ex..
but its all over, i already move on :) (been 6 years ago btw)

and i love writing about psychology things, because i'm a psychology student.. lol
learn about human being, attitude and conscience ..
so my parents send me to college for something because i can shared my knowledge to someone's else..

i have no idea how to choose my blog name and theme..
it took over 3 years to choose theme and my blog name..
because actually i made blog for fun, not for being famous and get fame...

What is the advantage during blogging i get until now?

i got free cosmetic from sponsored..
freebies never always be bad..
blogger is like a human nature selection.. who is stronger than anyone else, that Man's is gonna survive..
so if you keep complaining and judge about "that blogger just wanted having a free makeup things"..
you just are totally wrong..
you have no rights judging.. 
lets the nature speaks.. lets the nature decide, until when that blogger keep expecting to get a free stuff from sponsorship..
i love free stuff ! :) still judge me?
no matter how hard you try being a good person, there is always people who is dislike you around..
life is full with pro and contradiction opinion..

but most important are:
-new experience: i got new experienced from blogging.. i love learn the new things in my life.. experience is the best teacher in your life.. so if you still young don't waste your time for nothing.. your time wasted, when you just wasted your time to do nothing.. learn as many as you can in your adulthood age... and you will be growing up to be a better person..
-new friends: i am absolutely love having new friends... i'm easily adaptation with any condition where i live.. and we are as a human living as social creatures.. so go get your life beside blogging hanging out with people around you! :)

Tips and Trick being a blogger?

if you wanna know deeper about technical and format for your blog, you can google it...
but here i just wanna tell you from psychological side being a good blogger ..
there's no tips and trick being a good blogger or expert or else..
just be yourself..
better your have a ugly post but its yours, rather than you stolen from someone else..
plagiarism is more ashamed than a thief...
i should underline this word, stop plagiarism!.. because its cheaper than a beggar..

i just so being overwhelmed with blogger who is love to cheating copy paste our posted and claim as theirs.
i know writing needs more effort to thinking..
but please respect our work with write down our source as if you are using our article on your blog post..
there will be obstacle, there will be doubters, there will be mistakes..
but, with hard work there are no limits for you to get inspiration on your blog..

word are the voices of the heart..
your words is reflection from your personality..
so if you are copy paste from another blogger post, some people might realize that's not yours typical of writing..

ORIGINAL Quality is which i try so hard to provide every single post on my blog..
just not about to fulfill my post every month..

wanna be the winner?
learn from the champion, not stolen idea from the champion..

hope you get my point.
that's all i can only say..
so may you learn something on my post :)

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so what do you guys think?
drop some comments on my post below..
let me know about your very honest opinion.. :)

good luck everyone!

Clara xx

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  1. I love blogging; it's so fun. :) I'm passionate about cosmetics, so that's the reason why I started blogging about it.

    1. yes same reason with me..
      do wat you love, and love wat you do :)

  2. Right on! Being true to yourself is one of the greatest tips in being a blogger. Nothing beats that! :-)

    Love from GIG,
    Sol Felice of The Belle Of A Boulevard

    1. yes indeed !
      be original is worth than a copy :)
      thank you for visiting xxx love

  3. Interesting take on things and what honesty youre displaying. Frankly i started blogging just because writing is my passion. Then came the support from brands and readers that i know i just had to keep at it. Its about doing what you love, not what you get outof what youre doing

    1. yes very true..
      and noted just be yourself.. :D
      keep positive..
      thank you for visiting xxx

  4. I started blogging originally to go alongside my colour business and then when I started reading other blogs I got really into it and found it almost addictive.

  5. I started blogging because I love to write. And then I learned all about blogging with a purpose, which I think is very important. It's good to know your purpose for blogging, and everything else will follow.

    1. aww we have the same hobby i think.. we are writing lovers.. haha
      thats so cute..
      hope you doing well with your blogging life..
      good luck always for you xx

  6. I started blogging because I wanted a hobby and it's still true up to this day. Whatever I get out of it, such as perks or bonuses, were the last thing on my reasons for blogging. But I'm very thankful that I get recognized for what I write online and that brands or companies are willing to work with me. Apart from that, it's a great way to connect with people who share the same interests as you :)

    1. what a great experience!
      thats so nice of you ..
      keep it up your work..
      hope everything goes smoothly ..
      thank you for dropping by ! :) xx

  7. I've started blogging to keep all my passions together: fashion, architecture and nature. Writing, collecting images and feelings is what makes me happy everyday to have started this adventure.

    1. thats such a nice experienced you have ..
      keep it on your work .. xx
      thank you for sharing girl xx

  8. your post does shows that u love writing :)its great to know these random things about u ... and i am also against plagiarism .... ::)

    and i started blogging because i wanted to share my experience with my friends :)

    1. yes i hate copy cat blogger that used our article without permission.
      so ashamed of all them !
      haha just so irritating when we do hard work for hours and hours, but the others just copy and paste which need time less than a minute .. :p
      good luck always for you xx

  9. I started blogging so that I can rant, vent and share my feelings and experiences, but its grown so much and like you said, sponsors are always a good thing!

    1. thats so sweet shasha.. well done!
      email from sponsored is the one iv waiting all day long .. :p
      my love letter <3 haha
      thank you for visiting my blog :)

  10. Such a good post! I started blogging because I read other lifestyle, beauty and mix posts and I wanted to do this as well, but still with my kind of style :D

    GIG love <3

    1. ahh nice then !
      hope you doing well also with blogging..
      good luck ! x

  11. i love blogging too.. i've been doing it for almost 7years already.. keep on blogging! :)

    -from gig
    Swirls and Scribbles

    1. wowwww really? 7 years?
      thats not short time dude..
      your blog must be very famous now...
      so proud of you ..

  12. i love writing and sharing all my experience to my readers..and when they tell me the info is really helpful i feel very happy!

  13. ahh, ternyata aku tau blog kamu dan instagram kamu dari group GIG ya :" haha. tulisannya inspiring loh. hehe. senang bertemu dengan mu di event cosmekita kemarin hehe

    GIG Love,

    1. haha iya ternyata saling follow dari gig dan ketemu pertama kali di event cosmekita :p wkwkwkk
      dan ternyata bodohnya lagi aku ga tau kalau kita duduk sebelahan gitu .. hahahha ngakak deh.. jadi malu... XD
      nice to meet you too nella :D

  14. i think personality really needs to shine through on a blog - good on you girl :)

  15. To be a blogger with quality is not simple. You should proud with your self
    Gig Love

    1. yes you need a lots of experienced.. and knowledge to sharing..
      so you will not take a shortcut by copy and paste others blogger post ! :D

  16. Blogging is so fun if you have fun product to try ! :)

    1. yes so much fun and got a lots of memories from it ..
      thank you for dropping by .. xx
      good luck always for you

  17. Thanks for sharing openly about your thoughts on how you became a blogger. Blogging is really fun and fulfilling hobby to have.

    1. yes maybe you can also have it the same topic as mine to share on your blog..
      that would be good ..
      well done monica, you also doing a great job in blogging life :)

  18. I love blogging as well. I started blogging because I'm alway the go to person with family and friends when they want to know if a certain product is good. gig

    1. ahh thats really nice experienced yu have.
      keep it on girl ! :)

  19. Well I blog because I love recording my life and sharing stuffs with readers :D!

    1. we are exactly the same..
      me too..
      hope you doing well as always..
      good luck ! :)

  20. I agree about being yourself when blogging. Too many people try to copy one another's style and it just comes off as desperate in the end. Plus, you'll just be labeled as unoriginal.

    1. yes indeed..
      so ashamed on them who doing that..
      such a criminal lol..
      thank you for visiting me ! :)

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. I actually start blogging not as a beauty blogger. I started it as just a blogger. talking about things. And My other blog was nominated as the best blog national wide. And got 3rd place. But then something happen I got a writers block, poofff. it disappear. hehehe...

    Nice post...


    1. i feel so bad about you ..
      ahh im sorry to hear that..
      may your new journey is done well like used to be in the previous blog ! :)
      thank you for sharing ..


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