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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Review: March Beauty Product favorites collaboration with (Jessica Jeanne Simon)

March Beauty Product Favorites 
Collaboration With 

Hello guys,
the last 2 weeks ago before the end of march..
one of my very besties and my classmate at high school! 
Jessica Jeanne Simon visited my house and we are going to filmed together our march beauty favorites..
super awesome moment.. because we are long time no see each other and busy with our life at college..
sucks! :p

and my beauty march favorites are:

1. Giordani Foundation from oriflame
use it as my galaxy makeup tutorial  review: click here
product number 2..
and the swatch number 1..
Giordani Mineral Therapy Foundation
Beige color

2. 55 Kissful tint chou .. 
review for this one product: click here

3. Pixy Cleaning Express
still haven't any review for this one..
sorry maybe soon

Pixy Cleaning Express is Local product from Indonesia
best cleaning express i have ever known..
very mild on your eyes..
because its alcohol free..
and also cheap.. the big bottle one you can get less than 20 thousands rupiah.. ;)
love it <3

Pixy have 3 variants:
Purple: matte and bright
Green: for acne problem solution
Blue: brightening

and for more details about my favorites product you can check our video..
and you also can see jessica simon beauty march favorites :)

Hope you guys enjoy our video and like it ..
this is our very first time video doing together .. :p

for youtube video link:

*note: having problem to put video on my blog..
wondering why :/ have no idea *Teheeee*

Thank you for reading my blog!
and good luck everyone..

Clara xxx


  1. kenapa ga bisa masukin videonya :( huhuhuhu

    lip tint nya di foto rada ungu gitu ya warnanya.... :p

    1. iya gw ga tau jess..
      gw cuman bisa tarok linknya doang... hikss

      hahaha ga tau dah, efek kamera sepertinya..
      kurang fokus ..

  2. Hi hi hi....

    Foundation yang dari oriflame itu bagus nggak yah??? udah lama kepengen nyoba deh... hehehehe...
    Main-main ke blog aku yah... :)

    1. bagus kok nin ...
      hasil akhirnya ga berat di muka..
      jadi warnanya natural ! :)

      sip nanti aku visit balik ya.
      thank you


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