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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Review: Grand Opening Celebration Master Wok At Supermall Karawaci

Grand Opening Celebration
at Supermall Karawaci

Hello everyone,
by the date 19 april 2014, i got "shocked" invitation from admin Indonesia Food Blogger..
which they said i can join to the event grand opening master wok at supermall karawaci (because they consider see me as beauty blogger not as a food blogger) :'D
but anw, if you wanna know deeper about Master Wok please keep reading my review :)

What is Master Wok?
Master Wok Counter
master wok with concept modern fast food and unique..
master wok offering Chinese Cuisine with halal food (non-pork) with the high quality..
cooking with the wok (pot), good presentation, fast serving and also with the good price..

Variants Menu at Master Wok?
they got 24 menu involved 12 meat cuisine and 12 veggie cuisine..
deep fried appetizer and dessert (pudding)..
dessert: - Mango
             - Chocolate
             - melon
Master Wok Motto is Self Serving
but with the rule is 1 scoop only
note: i took one big scoop haha :')
so greedy woman..

I want eat them all :') 
waaaaaa nom nom ! Lekkah (means Delicious)

and here is my lunch!
Master Style 2
1 meat + 2 Veggie + deep fried appetizer or dessert + Free Drink

Fish Ala Thai + Enoki Mushroom Tofu + Capcay

Deep Fried Appetizer

Free Drink (Ice Tea)

i got Sneak Peak New Menu at Master Wok..
that you may also like it ..
coming soon ! :D
Beijing Chicken

Udang Madu Jahe (Honey Prawn Ginger)
and this is 100% Halal!
No pork :) so dont worry, its open for everyone who want to try taste it ..

Favorite Customers Menu?
1. General Tso's Chicken
2. Blackpepper Beef
3. Mixed Veggie
4. Enoki Mushroom Tofu
5. Prawn with Salted Egg

How much does it cost?
it depends on which packet do you choose..
i got the picture that you can see it by yourself ..
Packet and Price Master Wok

Variants Menu Master Wok

Packet include Free Drink and Appetizers or Dessert

Where you can find out Master Wok Counter?
1. Mal Kelapa Gading 3
2. Ciputra World Kuningan
3. Senayan City
4. Supermall Karawaci

Follow And Like Master Wok at Social Media?
you can find out here:
Twitter: @masterwokjkt

before we go home, master wok give us a beautiful gift ! :)
here we are the picture..
Mug Master Wok ! <3

and my last word thank you once again to:
Master Wok and Indonesia Food Blogger
you guys success to give me very nice experienced and also made my day!

Admin Indonesia Food Blogger and

i come with my friends at college..
they are also blogger about food and travelling..
so if you interest you can come and visit their blog..
Me, Agustin, and Vina..
check their post about travel and food

so what do you guys think?
drop some comments on my post below..
let me know about your very honest opinion.. :)

good luck everyone!



  1. Replies
    1. iya :D
      tapi sedikit ga enak juga sih kalau kita ambil sendiri..
      takutnya maruk haha ..
      thank you for visiting :)

  2. wow! this post made me hungry! :) by the way, found you on GIGbloggers dear! :) followed your blog now via GFC & Bloglovin' :)


    1. hahhaa you should come holiday at my place..
      taste it by yourself, its so good.
      ooh yes, i already follow you back rica !
      :* xx

  3. Thank youuu Mba Maria...nice post, nice review..thanks Mba..

    1. thank you kak anne :)..
      terima kasih juga sudah di undang ..

  4. Thanks udah ikutan review Master Wok. Good luck, semoga menang !

    -admin idfb-

    1. thank you kak tika !
      wahh aku ga tau loh kalau review tentang master wok ini di lombakan.. haha
      thank you for visiting kak :)


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