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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Culinary Review: Aromanis Restaurant | Fine Indonesian Resto & Bar

Culinary Review: Aromanis Restaurant
Fine Indonesian Resto & Bar 
By: @ClaraNovK

Hello Peach!
It's been very long time i didn't post about culinary and resto review.
On 5th May 2017, My colleague's was celebrated her birthday.
So we were invited to her birthday lunch.
Not so many people come, only closest friend and family.

We came to an Indonesian restaurant, and it was the best one.
The place located in Menteng - Central Jakarta, near with my office.
Restaurant atmosphere is very classic and truly Indonesian.
You gonna love the place, and it's very recommended to celebrate your special day.

If you curious about my post.
Please keep continue reading!
Enjoy <3

What is Aromanis?

Indonesia’s culinary heritage is known for its unique herbs and authentic recipes. Aroma is a cuisine’s fragrance and taste. Aroma defines culinary experience not only from scent, but also from visual, taste and experiences. Indonesia’s cuisines is a must try for culinary aromatherapy.

What We Eat At Aromanis Restaurant?
I'm so full and almost fell asleep at office after eat too much.
The taste is so delightful.
Het is zo lekkaaaah!

SO Yummy!
Rice and Brown Rice

Hotplate Kangkung Udang Tauco

This is My favorite!
Gurame/ Bawal Sambal Kecombrang <3

Look Ayam Kremes in the middle <3

Bistik Lidah

From Left To Right:
1. Hotplate Kangkung Udang Tauco
2. Cumi Kunyit
3. Bawal/ Gurame Sambal Kecombrang
4. Oseng Kecipir Koyor

I Love all the food here <3 
Now Dessert Time:
1. Es Sarang Burung
2. Es Putih Salju
3. Es Mangga Jelly

Es Duren <3

Here is the lists what we had eat in Aromanis Restaurant:
1. Rice/ Brown Rice: IDR 10K/ IDR 12K
2. Bawal Sambal Kecombrang: IDR 40K
3. Gurame Sambal Kecombrang: IDR 100K
4. Hotplate Kangkung Udang Tauco: IDR 40K
5. Ayam Goreng Kremes: IDR 150K
6. Oseng Kecipir Koyor: IDR 40K
7. Bistik Lidah: IDR 80K
8. Es Teh Manis/ Es Teh Tawar: IDR 15K/ IDR 13K
9. Es Duren: IDR 58K
10. Es Putih Salju: IDR 40K
11. Es Mangga Jelly: IDR 40K
12. Es Sarang Burung: IDR 40K

Aromanis Indonesian Fine Dining Place:
The place is really nice, almost amazing.
It's perfectly to take a picture.
Every corner in that restaurant is great spot for your instagram! hahaha
The natural lighting from the sun and also decoration is beautiful.
Here is the picture of Aromanis Restaurant place.
We took a lots picture in there! the waitress is lucky don't mad at us hahaha
Because he helped us to take the moment with my camera.

Really Nice Place

My Office Matte

Birthday Woman

Lunch Together

Selfie With The Birthday Woman

Great Moment

HRD, Legal, & Finance 

Lovely Friends

After Eat Too Much

Happy Face

Bu Lily's Birthday Lunch!

Free Style

Thank you Bu Lily! <3

Aromanis Pricelist:

We had best lunch ever!
For the pricelist: Click Me
Menu Aromanis 1

Menu Aromanis 2

Menu Aromanis 3
For the final word,
Overall, I would like to give this restaurant 4.5 out of 5!
For the price is worth it every penny.
For the place is nice and beautiful!
Truly Indonesian, not too out of date place or too "cheap" food.
Tasty and delightful!

Aromanis Restaurant Location:
Jl. Johar no. 1, Menteng, Central Jakarta 10350
For Reservation please call:
(021) 2239 0550 / (021) 2239 1555

Keep In Touch With Aromanis Restaurant:
Official Website:

So, i think that's all about my review..
Let me know what you think..
Please drop your comments on my post!

good luck everyone!


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