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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Event Report: Launching PAC Contouring Kit 2017 With Sociolla

Event Report: 
Launching PAC Contouring Kit 2017
With Sociolla
By:@ ClaraNovK

Hello Peach!
I am so happy can be the part of Launching new PAC Contouring Kit on Sunday, 23rd April 2017.
The event held on The forum Kelapa Gading Mall 3.
So many people, and beauty bloggers come to enjoy the event.
It was pretty big event and so glamour.

I want this PAC Palette Please XD

Theme for event Launching Contouring kit was PAC Beauty Battle " Contouring vs. Strobbing" with Professional MUA  Rama Jee and Beauty Influencer Star Irawan.
The dress code for this event was black and white.
And there is special guest Rendy Pandugo, singing and melting our woman hearts.
His voice is so amazing and manly haha

If you curious about my post.
Please read more on my post below..
Enjoy! <3

PAC Event Situation at MKG Mall

I'm late 30 mins come to this event.
The event start on 3pm - 5pm.
So i almost missed the time when Star Irawan makeup battle with Rama Jee.
This event was held to celebrate the new product from PAC. Also, brand awareness for their new contouring kit and makeup demo.

Red Dress Makeup Result By Star Irawan
White Dress Makeup Result By Rama Jee

PAC really appreciated their costumer, so they are making this event. Because without customer, PAC is not growing this big until right now. They want woman in Indonesia is stay beautiful using PAC. True Indonesian Beauty with Healthy skin and beautiful from inside.

Star Irawan, MC, and Rama Jee

Sorry i forget her name! :')
But She was so stunning.

Event Opening By MC

I bet every woman can do makeup, either it's simple looks or glamour looks, but at least they are understand how to apply lipstick or just using compact powder.
Technique Contouring in makeup is really familiar in our ears. That makeup techniques is so famous.
But not so many people understand how to do Shading and Highlight.
Maybe there is tutorial and makeup tips on internet, but i think it's not really effective to learn makeup. It's totally different when you learn from the master personal and experienced it by yourself.
You can read more on my blog about Shading & Highlight: Click Me

Group Contouring

This is announcement for the winner...

Group Storbing

Shading is giving you skinnier makeup effect
Highlight is giving you healthy glowing skin face makeup effect.
If you ask me which one i prefer to do?
I prefer with the Shading makeup technique, because my face type is square and chubby.
So i don't let people notice that i am fat hahaha

Beauty Battle with Star Irawan & Rama Jee
Contouring Vs. Storbing

Star Irawan Vs. Rama Jee

In this event i learned so much new makeup technique from Star Irawan and Rama Jee.
Star Irawan said, Shading is help your face look more beautiful in any ways.
It works for your flat nose, looks higher. or your chubby face will  be look skinnier, because we can draw the fake cheeks bone.
But at the same time Rama Jee said, Sometimes shading makes your face too dark and not heath (glowing effect).
With using Highlighter on our face with the storbing effect, our skin face is looks more natural and healthy.
Keep shining like star in the sky. haha

I didn't expected there was a makeup battle to between the beauty bloggers.
I am shocked because i am not prepare my self for the makeup battle.
Just like getting in the war, i didn't my weapon so well. haha
I am bleeding to the death bro...

My Group Storbing Makeup Result

The makeup battle is divided into 4 groups.
2 groups makeup battle for contouring
2 groups makeup battle for storbing.
I was in the storbing group.
I know in the end we will lose, but we still don't lose hope haha

PAC Palette

We Use This Palette For Makeup Battle

Rama Jee Professional Makeup Artist

Result Storbing By Group 4

Her Cheeks Sun bright Like A Diamond

After the makeup battle finished, special guest is coming out and entertain us.
Rendy Pandugo was the guest star for PAC event.
I am so happy can hear his voice and he is playing guitar so perfect.
Love it his performance so much! <3

Guest Star: Rendy Pandugo

Information about PAC:

PAC is a cosmetics brand from Indonesia created by Martha Tilaar. Premium cosmetics with international standard quality, deliberately made to meet the needs of Asian cosmetics with a wide selection of colors that can be matched by Asians. Another goal is, PAC provides cosmetic products for professionals in the field of makeup that can be free to work in accordance with the imagination for the skin of Asians. PAC has bold and expressive colors suitable for edgy, fashionable, and adventurous personality. 

With Martha Tilaar's idea of making artistic and quality products, PAC grows into a brand that is popular with makeup artists, celebrities, and also makeup lovers. PAC has a vision to pioneer Asian professional makeup brand that creates quality products with an international standard, which provides decorative cosmetics for professional makeup artists.

Here is the new product Contouring Kit:

Entertain With Dancer

Model Showing Us New PAC Contouring Kit

Can't Wait Play With This New Baby <3
PAC Contouring Kit

PAC Contouring Kit in 8 Set

Short Review about PAC Contouring Kit

I Love PAC!

I have more networking with others beauty bloggers from this event.
I met with a lots of people here, i really enjoy the event and enthusiasm.
Precious memory with PAC Indonesia.

Me & Rama Jee (Professional Makeup Artist)

Group Storbing


Thank you so much PAC Indonesia and Sociolla for having me!
That event was great one.
I will make a more details review about PAC Contouring Kit.
Stay tuned always on my blog! <3

Keep In Touch With PAC Indonesia:
Instagram: @pac_mt

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Instagram: @Sociolla
Official Website:

So, i think that's all about my review..
Let me know what you think..
Please drop your comments on my post!

good luck everyone!

Clara xxx


  1. Waaahh seru yaaaa acaranya. Nambah ilmu bisa belajar makeup sama rama jee

  2. seru iniii dapet free goods ga?


    1. dapat kok. pac contouring kit-nya itu goodies-nya :D


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