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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

How To Cleaning ALL Your Make-Up Brush At Home ! Super Easy ..

How To Cleaning All Your 
Make-Up Brush At Home! 
Super Easy ..
By: @ClaraNovK

My face is super sensitive and easily pop out pimples if my make up tools dirty ..
i have a thousand and millions problem with my face ..
and so i decided to prevent it by frequently cleaning all my brushes make up tools..
not often but at least its clean from the dust .. haha

and you need to prepare are:
1. dishwasher gel soap
2. oil
3. a cup glass
 Left: Olive Oil
Right: dishwasher gel soap

Center: A Cup Glass 

all you need to do:
1. first step:
pour the oil and dishwasher gel into the cup glass..

2. second step:
mixed the oil and dishwasher gel together until the foamy pop out..
make sure that all your brush clean well..
don't let the dust and other bacteria still stick it up on brush .. haha :p

3. third step:
let soak all brushes with the foam until 15 minutes..
and position all brushes down and the handle brush up
like this picture..

 4. fourth step:
after 15 minutes, now wash it with the clean water ..

5. fifth step:
grab another clean a cup glass ..
and put all the brushes down and the handle brush up same in the third picture as well..
it prevent damage the glue in the handle brush..
which might be falling and separated from the brush..
i cant make sure how long it takes waiting all brushes to dry by itself (maybe about 1 day). 
or you can dry it using tissue or hand towel. (but this way also take so long time).

6. sixth step: 
taraaaaa ... its done ! now all your brushes are clean so well and looks more beautiful and hygienist ..

and thank you for reading my blog !!!

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