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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

How To Make Eyebrow Brush By Yourself

How To Make Eyebrow Brush By Yourself
by: @ClaraNovK

Hey guys must be so many questions on your mind when read this blog! :p
"why you have to make eyebrow brush by yourself instead of you can buy on store?"
hahaha beside you can save your money, its super easy to make.. so why not? :p

my collection make up brush..
not many, but i can survive with these babies .. :p

i love make up, but i'm not typical of the girl who spent of a lots money to buy something not necessary ..
so i decided to make my own eyebrow brush..
start with the re-use and recycle my old mascara..
if you have old mascara and its already empty, don't trash it :)
we can re-use the brush again..

all you need to do:
prepare for oil and dishwasher gel soap or maybe body shower gel..
and also don't forget the tub or cup glass..

Left: oil virgin
Right: dishwasher gel soap

 Center: a cup glass

all you need to do is super easy re-use the mascara brush..
1. pour the oil and dishwasher gel into the cup glass..

2. and you mixed it up together until the foamy pop out..
and make sure you clean the brush well..
because you don't want ink mascara still left on it ..

3. after 5 minute busy with cleaning brush, and now wash it with the clean water ..

4. waiting about 15 minute to dry by itself, or you can dry it using tissue or hand towel..

5. Wallaaaa ... its done ! now you have your own eyebrow brush ...

you can use this "eyebrow brush" to make and shape your eyebrow ! :)

 Like mine ! :)

Thank you for reading my review .. hope you guys like it ...

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  1. What a great way to repurpose the mascara wand! Thanks for the tip!

    1. thank you for visiting me and read my post!
      good luck for you always :)


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