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Monday, February 17, 2014

Review: Event WAKUWAKU JAPAN Music Festival on 15 February 2014



Beyond my expectation the event went so really great and awesome ..
actually i'm not the one of those Japanese lovers. 
but for this time, i really in love with music festival presents by wakuwaku japan tv..
sounds system, lighting and also starring performed on that event was totally hypnotized all audience that night ..

so im gonna take you travel time on that night at event wakuwaku japan music festival..
fasten your safety belt ! ready go..

start with the entrance door will bring you going to the event..

and here is what you got after success to passed entrance door..
ultra man welcome photo shoot ..

 me with double Ultraman ..

 Bunga, Raden and Me
(Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger)

wakuwaku japan tv start broadcasting as premier
on 22 februari 2014
in Indovision and Okevision ONLY!

what is wakuwaku japan tv?
Wakuwaku Japan Tv is the first Japan TV Channel in Indonesia.
Wakuwaku Japan TV have program tv that presents all the information about the Japanese.
Program TV involved all about japanese food, drama, film, music, cartoon/anime/tokusatsu, sport, entertainment, documentation, and also the japanese traditional culture.
Wakuwaku Japan TV will be broadcasting as premiere on 22 February 2014 in Indovision and Okevision only.
all the program tv from wakuwaku tv channel airing or can be seen in local language (Indonesian).
and all the popular tv program in japan will be showing during 24/7 hours in a year (365 days).

and so, back again to the event review:
after im done finished with take a picture outside the concert room ..
then i decided to enter the concert room ..
and here is the stage view before the music festival starting...

music festival starting on time..
at 7 pm and opening music by JKT 48..
JKT 48 performance singing about 4-5 songs.

and the next is afgan..
afgan performance about 4-5 songs..
and his music genre is slow beat mellow..
was very amazing performance by him..

and coming up next performance by Bunga Citra Lestari..
her music genre is slow beat mellow same with afgan song as well..
she is so looking very great that night..
so beautiful with that mini black dress..

and the last performance from the one and only artist come from japan..
they are FLAMPOOL..
in this wakuwaku japan music festival is their very first performance singing in Indonesia..

the event end at 11 pm ..
almost midnight but very great performance from all the artist sponsored by wakuwaku japan tv.

owww almost forget.
before back home, i took a couples of snap shoot..
here is the picture..

 Raden, Me and Bunga
(Fashion, Lifestyle, and Beauty Blogger)

i wanna showing you snap shoot  Bloggers
with the CEO BBlog and staff... 

because one is not enough..
so we took another picture again :p

so my last word:
congratulations wakuwaku japan tv. welcome to Indonesia!
spread all the japanese "viruses" all over the world !..
and im so proud being the part of wakuwaku music festival..

and if you wanna see the music festival on tv..
first you need to subscribes Indovision and Okevision Tv Cable..
and here is the schedule for performance wakuwaku music festival on screen.
1. Premier airing: saturday, 22 February 2014 at 17.00-19.00
2. repeat airing 1: Saturday, 22 February 2014 at 23.00-01.00 
3. repeat airing 2: Sunday, 23 February 2014 at 05.00-07.00
4. repeat airing 3: Sunday, 23 February 2014 at 11.00-13.00

a little bit sneak peak..
live performance by JKT 48..
click the link below ..

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  1. cie cie udah di post nih hahah!
    banyak fotonyaaa...

    1. aw aw aw hahahha ..
      ciye udah balik eksis di blog .. uhuk ..
      makasih ya udah mampir jess..
      semoga next event kita bareng gitu kekkkk ..

      *gw selama ini balesnya bukan di reply* baru sadar ..

  2. aw aw aw hahahha ..
    ciye udah balik eksis di blog .. uhuk ..
    makasih ya udah mampir jess..
    semoga next event kita bareng gitu kekkkk ..


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