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Sunday, March 2, 2014

My skin care routine story for acne, blemishes, and pimples face ..

My skin care routine story 
for acne, blemishes, and pimples face ..


                                                          Pasjel Cherry Tender Night Facial Cream
sponsored by: Pasjel Indonesia

hello everyone.. how are you today?
and just what you see on my blog post, this is not giveaway..
but this is my skin care routine for against my acne everyday...
so many product i already try..
and nothing is really work on me..

just like what i wrote before on my blog, im having a thousand and million problem on my face..
so right now im such a crazy woman who try every product with acne problem solution on it ..
and still zero..
scars and pimples stay still on my face.. :')

mask, day cream, night cream, blemish cream, foam face wash and etc..
start from the cheapest product until very expensive product..
i already paid much for these skin care routine..

as you can see over here, most of all i'm using traditional skin care routine from mustika ratu (sariayu)..
also ponds for my day cream and night cream..
Estee Lauder for my serum routine ..

and this is my skin looks ..
pimples and scars is way too scary if you see it ..
even i already apply so many product on my face..
but still, it wont go away from my face..
i just having problem with my left and right cheeks..

my right cheeks              my left cheeks
 photo 2ca7c098-8382-4190-ba58-45de3b10da06_zpsf2d5ae0e.jpg
 photo f8f5ff04-d077-41c3-b54a-105a5b0bfc2c_zpsa2489279.jpg

but i have no problem with center face area
and also my forehead ..
except my left and right cheeks..
i'm a bit giving up to make my face back to normal again..

My center area face                                                          my forehead area

 photo 7c92c4a7-1d5d-47e9-8652-fe8494e367fb_zps7f63cd0b.jpg photo 3b2cc960-e376-41a7-9f92-f9d310bc53de_zpsd24e3efe.jpg

it's been from my first college life since 2010 until now i'm fighting with my face problem..
so its been 4 years i'm having this problem on my face..
even though i already apply for my day cream and also night cream..
but this pimples wont go away from me :')
i paid much for my skin care routine..
and this is ridiculous, nothing work on me..
   Pond's night cream                                    Pond's day cream

and just yesterday i saw someone blog, her name is Xiao vee..
she made free giveaway on there with a few sponsored..
one of her sponsored include Pasjel Indonesia..

Pasjel having a few product:
and its come from Thailand and most famous skin care product in Thailand .. <3
blue: for whitening
yellow: stretch mark solution
violet: skin armpit
and the last pink for Pimples problem solution..

i wish i can try it for once ..
here's the picture..

Pasjel Indonesia

why do i need this product?
because i already saw so many testimonial which is very positive from their customer.
and also their face is getting better every single day..
so if i can win and get this giveaway..
so maybe i can prove it by myself about the truly function from this Pasjel product..
and then i will share with all the women in this world..

wish me luck
thank you for reading my blog :)

 I'm joining Xiao Vee's 2nd Blogiversary Giveaway


  1. thanks for joining! :D
    Good luck!

  2. nice product! your blog is very lovely and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too <3


    1. hey thi lan, thank you so much having a time reading my blog..
      for sure i will come to visit your blog back ..

      thank you once again :D


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